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In a world where the internet prevails and controls almost everything, it is essential to stay relevant and be a part of it. In the previous times, people used to carry their portfolios in their hands and go from door to door in search of jobs. However, times have changed now. You can prove yourself professionally to the world with the help of an online professional portfolio

Now the employers can contact you after seeing your work and samples online. Furthermore, there are not just one but several reasons for creating an online platform that includes your best work. It can be anything from attracting customers to proving your worth to the employers, enhancing your personal brand, to making yourself known on the web. 

No matter the reason, creating an online portfolio is a work of art, and if you want to make the most astounding one, putting your heart and soul into it is a must. Moreover, you do not have to visit so many sites to collect the relevant information regarding it. Here are the five most essential points that you need to take into consideration in order to create the finest one.

Top 5 Checklist for Building a Professional Portfolio

Choose the Best of the Best

Creating an online portfolio is not a hard nut to crack. Anybody can do it these days. What makes the real difference and separates top-notch professional online portfolios from regular ones are the samples that you choose to display. 

People are always in a hurry, and they are not ready to sacrifice their time to find the best pieces in your portfolio themselves. It is your job to display your best work already so that you can save their time and your dignity. 

You may have done a lot of work in the field you specialize in, but not all of it can be labeled as the best. Hence, it is your responsibility to ensure that everything you put on your professional online portfolio is one of its kind.

Structured Navigation

When you put so many things in a single place, it can end up creating a hotchpotch and confusion for the visitors. If they do not find the samples required for their fields, they may exit the website without scrolling any further.

Let’s elaborate on it with a simple example. Suppose you are a content writer and have written on various topics, including fashion, health, business, real estate, and many others. In this case, it is best to categorize everything appropriately. This can help the visitors navigate easily through the topics that interest them. 

They won’t have to waste their time and energy in looking for required samples. Therefore, while creating an online portfolio, you must pay proper attention to the easy navigation of all your work. When things look neat and tidy, attractiveness automatically becomes a part of it. 

Make Yourself Known

Most people are not familiar with how to create a website for free that contains an exquisite professional online portfolio. They just assume that a website is all about good pictures and some articles. But the reality is most certainly very different. 

One thing that is necessary to keep in mind while generating your portfolio is “You.” You, yourself are one of the chief features of a significant online portfolio.

Anyone viewing your online portfolio is not only interested in your work but is also curious about you and what kind of person you are. He wants to know whether you have a good background, which is why it is requisite for a portfolio to have all this information. 

In just two to three paragraphs, you can introduce yourself and all your strengths briefly. You can also add a portrait of yourself in order to make things more interesting. In short, this technique can help you add personal as well as professional touch to your portfolio.

Noticeable Contact Information

One of the most apparent reasons for creating an online professional portfolio is attracting those who want to hire you. People are tired of sending resumes to hundreds of organizations, and now they want the employers to reach them and consider them worthy enough for their tasks.

Therefore, it is imperative to include your contact information in such a way that it is readily observable. You do not want your potential clients to get irritated and leave your website.

They will only reach out to you if you let them. Hence the ideal way to reach you should be convenient for employers to find. Add the email id that you use regularly in a good font and style.

Fresh Content

Do you know what Google loves the most? Fresh and crisp content that comes straight out of the oven. To build an outstanding online portfolio, you need to put some pressure on your head and let that creativity pour out. 

The fresher the content, the more recognition it receives from Google. Creating a blog relevant to the work you do is the best way to improve your website’s search ranking or portfolio. In addition to a blog, you can create a video and upload it on your website. 

Suppose your video is engaging and portrays your approach effectively. In that case, everyone who opens your portfolio will love it and attract good employers in a small period. The point is that creativity and innovation are the keys. 

Your work needs to be up to date with the Google policies; it must be new and relevant. If all these attributes are a part of your online portfolio, it will gain recognition in no time.

To Cut a Long Story Short

You can create a sparkling life for yourself if you succeed in building a remarkable professional online portfolio. You can prove how creative and hard-working you are simply by putting your best into it. 

A collection of top-notch samples, an amalgamation of your creative blogs and videos, an easy navigation system, and something about yourself; all these things contribute to making your portfolio radiant and full of life. 

Even if you have to put hours into building the desired portfolio, you must not stop. Continue the effort, and the reward will be beyond your imagination for sure.

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