The eCommerce market is undergoing a tremendous expansion. Shopify has reserved its huge fanbase of highly satisfied eCommerce business admins by providing them with the best eCommerce store-building tools. From the huge fanbase, over 1 million eCommerce store admins completely count on Shopify customer services. And even Shopify constantly keeps on advancing its system to help its admins with their changing needs.

With the increase in Shopify’s popularity, the need for Shopify developers has also skyrocketed. Hence, this is the best time for developers to seize their opportunity to become a Shopify certified expert. In this digitally evolving world, if you want to stand out from the crowd and earn a handsome amount, then becoming a Shopify certified is the only way to do it.

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What Does Shopify Certified Mean?

Shopify certification is an official document issued by Shopify highlighting your development skills as a Shopify expert. In this recent time, where anyone can become a Shopify developer, Shopify certification acts as proof that even Shopify crowned your website development services with their certifications, enhancing your chances of earning a high payout and getting hired instantly.

A Shopify certification concludes the fact that you have undergone the hard work that has sharpened your website, application and theme development skills. To start your journey toward becoming Shopify certified, you develop and improve your skills with different development projects, challenging you to explore your development talent and later prove your talent, passion and knowledge with a test.

Types of Shopify Certification

Before starting your path of becoming Shopify-certified, you need to decide which certification you want: a direct Shopify certification or a Shopify certification offered by a third-party educational firm.

1. Direct Shopify Certification

A direct Shopify certification is the one that is provided by a Shopify Partner Academy, offering an exclusive selection of Shopify courses. As a Shopify partner academy provides this certification, the credibility of the certification you will acquire will be higher than other certifications.

2. Third-party Shopify Certification

A third-party certification is granted by external educational institutions such as Coursera or Udemy. These courses serve to impart supplementary knowledge and expert insights beyond the boundaries of the Shopify ecosystem. While the certification may not originate from Shopify directly, it bestows a valuable credential worthy of inclusion on your resume, thereby augmenting your attractiveness to potential employers.

How to Become a Shopify Certified Expert?

Becoming a Shopify certified expert is no rocket science unless and until you are willing to invest your time and effort in developing exceptional Shopify development skills.

Now, getting to the topic, here are the basics needed for becoming a Shopify certified.

1. Choose the route of your certification

As you learned the two types of certifications for Shopify developers, direct and third-party, it’s time to decide which to choose. For a strong resume that stands out from the competition, it is recommended to do both, but for that, you need to accept that both the routes have their respective course time and need for focus. Take your time to research, think and decide because having it all at once will take a toll on you.

If you are focusing on Shopify development services, it is advised to go for a direct Shopify certification, as it will build your profile’s credibility. You can get direct Shopify certification courses from a Shopify Partner Academy or Shopify Plus Academy.

The Shopify Plus Academy offers its courses, especially for the Shopify Plus plan users. Instead, you can build a free Shopify partner account to learn development skills. You will need to have a Shopify account for your registration in the Partner Academy to browse the available Shopify courses offered by them.

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2. Choose the course you want to learn

As previously discussed, Shopify provides a diverse array of courses that you can undertake over time. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to steer clear of enrolling in an excessive number of courses concurrently, as this might lead to a fragmented focus. Instead, consider directing your attention toward the areas where you’re most eager to unearth new job prospects.

The Shopify Academy presents a comprehensive selection of training solutions complemented by a variety of supplementary choices available through third-party educational institutions. Here is the list of courses provided by Shopify Partners:

(a) App development certification

The Shopify App Development Certification empowers individuals with a comprehensive understanding of app development within the Shopify ecosystem while showcasing their distinct skill sets. Through this program, participants acquire insights into industry best practices, honing practical skills that directly apply to their projects.

Moreover, upon successful completion, you’ll receive an official certification that validates your expertise and serves as a compelling asset to impress and reassure potential customers.

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(b) Theme development services

If you’re considering a career in Shopify theme development, whether that’s as a professional employed by companies or as an independent freelance creator, this exceptional certification is designed for you.

The comprehensive theme development course evaluates your expertise in Shopify themes and provides valuable guidance on custom styling, the Liquid language, front-end tools, SEO optimization, accessibility considerations, and seamless integration of theme-specific apps. This certification offers a golden opportunity to enhance your skills and establish yourself as a professional Shopify theme developer.

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(c) Store operations and management fundamentals

This Shopify course is the best for ones preferring to work with freelancers rather than hiring full-time Shopify developers. With this course, you can learn the basics that are required to set up and manage Shopify stores. This course can be very beneficial in helping you start a Shopify consultancy service for those Shopify admins facing troubles in maintaining their Shopify stores.

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(d) Fundamentals for partner programs

The Fundamentals Course of the Partner Program guides you through a comprehensive exploration of the diverse opportunities and exclusive perks available within the Shopify network. This course equips you with the knowledge to optimize your development within the Shopify Partner Program and empowers you to harness your skills effectively, leading to substantial business growth.

3. Keep testing your skills

After obtaining certifications in the vital areas relevant to both you and your business, the subsequent stride involves an ongoing commitment to enhancing your expertise. Shopify constitutes a dynamic and constantly evolving geography for eCommerce owners. Mastery in navigating and adjusting to this ever-changing ecosystem stands as a pivotal skill.

Here are some extra perks offered by Shopify’s Partner Program:

(a) Project Management Challenges

This is a video collection from experienced Shopify experts who have done well. They give you practical advice to help you tackle common problems you might face while using Shopify. You can discover ways to grow your team and handle projects better.

(b) User-friendly design for better conversions

This extra course in the Partner Academy teaches you about making things that encourage more people to take action. It covers useful topics like making things easy to use, setting things up cleverly from the beginning, and using design to help people make decisions more easily.

(c) Business Fundamentals

This certification teaches you valuable things about marketing, sales, and project management. It also gives you tips on how to collaborate with Shopify sellers. You can pick up some skills for effectively presenting ideas to potential clients.

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Get Certified

Before becoming Shopify certified, the most important thing to remember is to keep challenging your knowledge (keep testing it) by working with various projects belonging to different industries. This will help you acquire the Shopify expert certification and enhance your portfolio with lots of “projects worked on”.

The more projects you get your hands on, the more grip you will have with Shopify development services and the more you will earn by developing. Also, you can always learn from third-party Shopify course providers to learn more about Shopify development.

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