Shopify Mobile App Builder
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Shopify Mobile App Builder

Shopify Mobile App Builder by MageComp creates a featureful Shopify Mobile App for your Shopify Store without any requirement of code. With Shopify Mobile App Builder, you can grow your business by adding a new shopping channel for your customers.

  • Automatically sync website products and collections to Shopify Mobile App
  • Promote your products with a banner slider, brand slider, and featured products
  • Boost sales by sending unlimited push notifications
  • Increase customer engagement with excellent UX
  • Multiple themes to choose from based on your store type
  • Attract global customers with multi-currency and multi-language support

Do you know that 83% of customers use a shopping app on their mobile phone and 54% of users expect a mobile app from their favorite brick-and-mortar store? That is why online and offline eCommerce store owners are entering the M-commerce world. Having an eCommerce mobile app is not a choice but a necessity to sustain in the competitive world.

Shopify store owners should not worry about creating a Shopify Mobile App for their eCommerce Store because MageComp is here with Shopify Mobile App Builder. No matter how extensive your product catalog is, you get your Shopify Mobile App in minutes with all the products available on your website. The Shopify App is built on the latest technology, React Native platform. Whether you want an Android or iOS Mobile App, MageComp Shopify Mobile App Builder is the correct choice. The Shopify Mobile App Builder does not require any coding skills or technical knowledge.

MageComp’s Shopify Mobile App Builder comes with powerful features to create a beautiful mobile app that helps increase sales, traffic, and customer engagement. With the banner slider, you can showcase your latest launches and discount offers on the Mobile app home page. Various brands can be highlighted on your Shopify mobile app with the use of a brand slider. Let your featured products set out in a separate section on your Shopify Mobile App. Send push notifications to your customer’s mobile, informing them about new launches, offers, abandoned carts, and more. The Shopify Mobile App Builder supports multi-language and multi-currency to make your store global.


: Mobile App Builder for Shopify Features Highlights :


Easily manage mobile app options from the admin dashboard

Shopify Mobile App Builder enables merchants to add brand sliders, banner sliders and featured product sections on the Mobile app homepage to highlight products. These options can be easily managed from the Shopify Admin panel.

Well-favoured Homepage

An appealing home page helps to attract users to your Shopify Mobile App. The Mobile App Builder for Shopify comes with the following features to build an attractive home page:

  • Banner Slider: Show attractive banners on the homepage with a slider view. Use home page banners to display discounts, new launches, or any other updates.
  • Brand Slider: Show different brands on the homepage separately to help brand-centric users easily reach their favourite brand.
  • Featured Products: Show your top-selling products separately on the mobile app home page to encourage customers to purchase.

Faster login using Social Login

The login and signup process is the most time-consuming process for customers. They have to fill in every detail in order to create an account. Social login options can quickly help customers login to your stores. The following social login options are available in Shopify Mobile App Builder:

  • Facebook: Users can quickly login to Shopify mobile app through their Facebook account.
  • Google: The Shopify Mobile App also provides the option to login through the Google account of users.
  • Apple: iOS users can even login through their Apple ID to the Shopify Mobile App.

Multiple Payment Gateways Supported

Providing multiple payment options to customers is very necessary to enhance their shopping experience. Shopify Mobile App Builder allows the integration of multiple payment gateways to your Mobile App. Multiple payment gateways offer the following benefits:

  • Attract global customers to your mobile app by offering their desired payment method.
  • Let customers quickly and easily complete the order process using the payment method they are comfortable with.
  • Increase user experience by offering reliable payment options to customers.

Boost Sales with Push Notifications

Push notifications are used to easily catch the customer’s attention towards your business when they are not using your mobile app. The notification pop ups on the customer’s mobile screen when you send them. The Shopify Mobile App allows sending limitless push notifications at once. Use push notifications for the following reasons:

  • Send push notifications to customers to inform them about new launches or discounts.
  • Bring back lost sales by reminding customers about their abandoned carts with the help of push notifications.
  • Ask customers for reviews and feedback on their purchases through push notifications. 

Choose the desired theme for your Shopify Mobile App

The Shopify Mobile App has various theme options to select from based on the brand requirements. It will help to attract more customers and stand out from your competitors.

Send unlimited push notifications to customers

Using the Shopify Mobile App Builder, the store owners can create various push notifications for new launches, flash sales, reminders for abandoned carts, and customer feedback and send them quickly to customers’ mobile.

Why choose the Mobile App Builder by MageComp?

  • Shopify mobile app for Android & iOS build on a powerful platform, React Native.
  • Ready-to-use Shopify Mobile App for Shopify merchants.
  • Shopify Mobile App Builder does not require any coding skills.
  • Brand slider, banner slider, and featured product to promote more sales.
  • Multi-language and multi-currency supported by the Shopify Mobile App.
  • Support all types of payment gateways for a smooth shopping experience.
  • Send unlimited push notifications to customers.
  • Various mobile app themes are available that resonate with your brand image.
  • Automatic syncing of products and collections with the mobile app.
  • Boost sales by attracting new customers to your Shopify Mobile App.
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