Cash on delivery, as the name explains that the payment is made via cash when the product is delivered. It is a simple and traditional way of payment and is still preferred by many customers.

64% of orders are placed using COD in the year 2022. While 90% of first-time buyers prefer to pay through cash instead of advance payment.

The above statistics show that the Cash on delivery payment method is unavoidable for online store owners. eCommerce stores that do not offer COD payment options will lose potential customers for a lifetime.

People are afraid to pay in advance when they buy a product from a newly launched store. Not being willing to share their bank card details is also the reason why people choose COD. If a user is in a hurry to place an order, they select COD to avoid entering the card details.

Why is COD Extension Helpful?

With the rise of digital payments and mobile wallets, most people still prefer to pay through cash when purchasing any product online. To operate a successful eCommerce business, store owners must provide a Cash on Delivery payment method.

COD extension can help to easily manage and provide cash-on-delivery payment options to customers of your online store. The COD module helps eCommerce merchants to add the customer’s preferred payment method and increase the number of orders, grab new customers, and enhance revenue.

Quick Overview of Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Extensions

Merchant Name Product Name Price Purchase Link
magecomp logo Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Suite $99.00 Buy Now
amasty logo Cash on Delivery for Magento 2 $99 Buy Now
Tigren logo Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Pro (Multi-COD) $99.00 Buy Now
module bazaar logo Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Pro Extension $99.00 Buy Now
Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Marketplace Add-on $199.00 Buy Now

Best Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Extensions

Let’s see what the Best Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Extensions have to offer so that you can select the perfect one for your Magento 2 website.

Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Suite – MageComp

Cash On Delivery Suite for Magento 2 is a complete package to manage COD payments on Magento 2 stores. Improve the user experience of the store by offering a COD payment method. The COD module helps to verify customers via SMS, lets the user check for the availability of COD in their area, enables the admin to set the COD charges, and manages COD orders from the backend.

Salient Features:

  • Offer Cash On Delivery payment methods to Magento 2 store customers.
  • Allow customers to check for the COD option via zip code.
  • It also shows the estimated delivery time when the user checks for COD availability.
  • Admin can upload a CSV file of zip codes that are eligible for COD.
  • Admin can also set the Cash On Delivery charges from the backend.
  • To avoid fraudulent orders, Cash On Delivery verification is done via SMS by sending OTP.
  • Admin can manage COD orders from the backend Zip Code Manager.

Pricing: $99.00

Cash on Delivery for Magento 2 – Amasty

Cash on Delivery Extension for Magento 2 benefits in gaining customers’ trust by offering payment on product arrival. The module helps to convert first-time visitors into regular customers by providing cash payment for goods and services. Gain new customers and increase the revenue of the store. Offer convenient payment method to customers and build customer trust. 

Salient Features:

  • Easily add Cash On Delivery with other payment methods.
  • Admin can limit the Cash on delivery option based on Zip codes.
  • Set COD extra charges on a fixed or percentage basis.
  • Customers can quickly check the COD availability from the front end.
  • Set custom label for Cash on delivery payment method in frontend.

Pricing: $99

Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Pro (Multi-COD) – Tigren

Magento 2 Cash on Delivery (Multi-COD) Extension offers six types of COD options to customers instead of the traditional COD payment. The COD options can be generated based on delivery time, payment method, and extra charges. Increase customer trust and satisfaction by providing various options for Cash on Delivery. Also, set the maximum and minimum order total amount to be eligible for the COD payment method.

Salient Features:

  • Ability to generate up to 6 Cash On Delivery options.
  • Admin can set the conditions for each COD option and add a description for better understanding.
  • Set COD options based on delivery time, payment type, and extra COD fees.
  • Set a custom name for COD options.
  • Set the order subtotal range to use the Cash on delivery payment method.

Pricing: $99.00

Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Pro Extension – Module Bazaar

Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Pro Extension converts potential customers to loyal customers by offering them a convenient payment method. Customers can check the availability of the COD option through the zip code. With COD, customers have to pay the shipping carrier when they receive the products in their hands. Admin can comfortably manage COD rates, COD orders, and COD products from the backend.

Salient Features:

  • Customers can check COD availability from the product and checkout pages.
  • Quickly add COD price rates with the help of a CSV file.
  • Provide an option to track COD payments from the My Orders section.
  • Custom message to inform customers about the availability or non-availability of the COD option.
  • Manage COD rates, allowed locations, and orders from the backend easily.

Pricing: $99.00

Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Marketplace Add-on – Webkul

Magento 2 Cash on Delivery Marketplace Extension is available with the marketplace. The sellers can offer the COD payment methods to customers and the admin receives the commission. The sellers can manage the COD options and give the commission to the admin. The Magento 2 Marketplace module is essential if you want to use this extension. Customers can quickly checkout using the COD option as their time is saved in entering the debit/credit card details.

webkul - Cash On Delivery

Salient Features:

  • Manage the charges applied on Cash on delivery payment mode.
  • The extension supports all Magento product types.
  • Seller and the admin have the right to set COD for specific products.
  • Seller pays the COD payment commission to the admin.
  • Track COD reports in order to avoid fraudulent orders.

Pricing: $199.00

Wrapping Up

Cash is king and cash will rule! So, if your Magento 2 store is lacking to offer a COD payment option for customers, now is the time! Select the best Magento 2 Cash on Delivery Extension from the above mentioned ones and improve the conversion rate, customer trust, and store revenue.

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