Default Magento already provides mass action in admin grid. The obvious purpose of this mass action to perform mass operations for selected items in less time. Some of the most popular mass actions in Magento 2 are delete, change status etc. Want to add mass actions in Magento 2 Admin grid? You can easily do this with UI component. Many times you want to add mass actions in Magento 2 sales, customers, orders, products grid. Here, I will be sharing code to add mass actions in Magento 2 admin grid.

First of all, create a grid in admin using UI_Component. In order to add mask action, you need to add following code.
Open file app->code->Company->Extension->view->adminhtml->ui_component->YOUR_UI_COMPONENT_NAME.xml and find section, and put the below code there.

By adding above code, “Delete” option will be added in mass action drop down in grid. You need to also create
app->code->Company->Extension-> Controller->Adminhtml->Controllername-> MassDelete.php file to handle this action.
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