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I am here with another full-fledged blog tutorial and this time I have compiled about How to Manually Add a Facebook Pixel to Magento 2

When you apply the Facebook pixel to your Magento 2 store, you can easily track the movement of customers in your store like when they add an item to a cart or wishlist, and also when they make a purchase. Also, monitor significant information of site visitors. Also, Configure your Facebook API.

So let’s get straight in!

What is Facebook Pixel?

Facebook pixel is a tracking code, basically, a Javascript code that can be added to the head section of your Magento store’s website and generated from a Facebook Ad Account.

It is useful to seize the actions performed by the users in your site and can help you purify the Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns to improve performance. You can easily target the audience based on the Facebook pixel code and can also retarget the audience in lookalikes and by tracking their actions on your store.

How to get Facebook Pixel Code?

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook Business Account. Navigate to the Events Manager from the left side. Click on Connect to Data Source 

data source

Step 2: Of the available choices, select Web. Next, Click on Facebook Pixel. Click on the Install Code Manually.

install code manually

Step 3: Click on Copy and get the code.

copy code

So, That was it to get the Facebook Pixel Code. Now we will look into how to manually add the Facebook Pixel to your Magento 2 Store. Let’s dive!

How to Add a Facebook Pixel to Magento 2 [MANUALLY]

Step 1: Log in to the admin dashboard. Navigate to Content → Design → Configuration. Select the Store and Store view you wish to add pixel code of and click on Edit. 

design configuration

Step 2: Now, Navigate to HTML head →  Scripts and Style Sheets and you can readily paste your pixel code here.

html head

Step 3: Save Configuration and flush the cache to apply the changes.

To Conclude With:

Now it is clear that Adding Facebook Pixel in your Magento 2 store will help you amplify your customer base and getting the code and adding it in your Magento 2 admin panel is easy too, Right? I‘m sure you won’t have any problems while performing the steps. Still, if you face any, reach out to me through the comments segment underneath.

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