It’s no longer a surprise that Instagram is getting closer to the throne for the King of social networks. With a user-friendly interface, this platform plays an important role in helping consumers decide what they want to buy. Connecting Instagram to the website is the new trend of store-owners.  Why ignore such a lucrative route to growing your business?

In this article, we’ll show you the amazing advantages of adding an Instagram feed to your online store as well as 4 simple ways to make this come true.

But first, how Instagram gain such a powerful influence? Let’s have a quick look at its development.

People are drawn to use Instagram based on its simplicity and focus on visual impacts. Instagram allows people to post photos and videos which can be edited with various filters and tools. They can also tag their friends and mark the location in the posts.

An account can be private or public, personal or business. Instagrammers can show love to their favorite posts by hitting the heart button and leave comments at the section below each post. They can choose who to follow to regularly see the uploads on their feeds.

Through time, Instagram has been adding more and more extraordinary features to create the best experience for users such as multiple photos and videos in one post, Story, Live or IGTV.

At first, Instagram did not support many business activities on its platform. Nevertheless, with the expanding of eCommerce, Instagram becomes one of the most advantageous networks to promote brands among businesses. Keeping with the trend, this giant platform with nearly 1 billion users monthly has stepped in the game with updates facilitating online shopping.

Impressive data about Instagram’s influence on eCommerce

4 Easy Ways To Add Instagram Feed Into Your Website facts

According to statistics, there are approximately 25 million business accounts on Instagram, from start-ups to big names in the industry. Within the top 100 brands in the world, 90% of them own an Instagram account to engage with their customers.

The help from Instagram has been creating a favorable environment for businesses to advertise their products and for buyers to research everything before deciding to purchase. 60% of users find out new brands on Instagram and 75% of them take further actions like visiting the website after looking at a store’s account.

Those numbers have strongly proved that Instagram holds a major key to open the gate to higher revenue of a business, especially when 80% of users follow at least one brand on Instagram. So it’s normal sense to plan the integration of Instagram with your online store.

Why being an outcast of a simple way to elevate the status of your business?

Integrating Instagram to your websites brings lots of irresistible advantages.

#1 Come closer to the consumers

In order to develop and expand the influence sphere, it’s crucial for stores to create a strong relationship with customers. How to tell buyers that ‘I’m good and you can trust me’? You need to show them evidence that your store has what consumers need, with high quality and positive feedbacks. Instagram can help you with this tricky task.

Potential buyers take a look at your account then decide to visit the website to finish buying sessions and vice versa, come back to Instagram to read comments and research real products through the tagged section in your profile.

4 Easy Ways To Add Instagram Feed Into Your Website User engagement

Instagram attracts more and more people to your brand.

Instagram gives users a closer look at the store and a platform where they can discuss relating goods with other shoppers sharing the same interest. These interactions can help retailers to evaluate the sales and marketing strategy as well as getting inside the mind of their targets.

Including Instagram to the website also creates a seamless journey for customers. It’s frustrating to change between platforms whenever buyers want to see more details about the products. One of the best ways to avoid this situation is by integrating Instagram to online shops.

#2 Drive engaged traffic

Instagram’s content is focused on visual factors. Humans love things that can quickly catch their eyes but still convey a meaningful message. This is when images and videos show their strength over words. A striking emotional photo can engage more people than a long text since many people don’t have enough patience to read everything online.

Optimizing Instagram can help you increase the flow of customers more than following traditional marketing methods.

Getting more followers also means that your brand has more chances to feature on consumers’ Instagram feed. This is a great way to gain awareness about your store and persuade customers to come back for another purchase.

#3 Build your own marketing campaign

Most stores struggle to know what trends are suitable for them, so they go the wrong road and unfortunately hit the bottom.

Instagram with many interacting methods such as like or comment can provide store-owners an overall analysis of what’s right for the store. Taking the advantages of Instagram to research the market is a smart choice to reduce tiring and tedious workload and save lots of time.

Adding Instagram to the site is also an excellent way to recycle. Your team is running out of ideas to promote the brand? Don’t worry since Instagram is here to save the game. Re-using material from Instagram saves lots of resources for you, and it changes the direction of your marketing campaign since you have another platform to advertise.

Besides, sometimes customers feel left out in the relationship with the stores. It’s necessary to make them feel comfortable and satisfied with your service by including them in the marketing plan.

Instagram gives you a present of various user-generated content. Their feedbacks, amazing review photos and videos are precious content that helps you prove your quality and gain the trust of future buyers. This is also a way to thank your buyers and serve them a flawless experience.

How to integrate Instagram feed into a website?

Now you know how greatly Instagram can change the status of your business. It’ll be a terrible strategy to abandon the existence of social networks in the eCommerce competition. So combining Instagram with your site is the next step in upgrading your store, and this process should be ASAP.

There are many convenient tools to help you solve the problem rather than writing the custom code yourself. Let us show you 4 simple ways to add an Instagram feed in your online shopping platform.

4 Easy Ways To Add Instagram Feed Into Your Website tools

#1 Embed tools for Instagram

Instagram has its own embed tool so you can link individual post to your website. With some easy copy-and-paste steps, you can attach photos to your site. However, there’s a huge drawback: It only embeds a specific post. If you want to put new updates one the front-end of your store, you have to come back and edit the embed links.

Still, it’s a useful and simple method to add Instagram photos to your site, especially when you want customers to focus on a particular post.

#2 Widget generators

For WordPress users, there are widgets which are the areas that allow admins drag and drop contents to advertise brands or encourage CTAs. You can add Instagram posts here to show the hottest trends at your store. With other platforms, you can find third-party websites that help you create and personalize an embeddable Instagram feed widget.

#3 Feed plugins

Another choice for WordPress users is Plugins. Downloading a third-party plugin lets you embed either specific posts or the entire profile. You can create a gallery of the latest photos to show new changes in your store. It also includes a page and a sidebar area of your site.

#4 Instagram integration extensions

For Magento-based stores, retailers are getting confused since there are hundreds of extensions relating to Instagram integration. We think it’s best for you to try Magento 2 Instagram Shop by Magenest.

This is an amazing extension for the integration with Instagram. It helps you attract more customers through your Instagram posts that directly linked to the website.

There are numerous useful features that can help you decorate your pages such as customizing slider and gallery, creating CTA options, putting social sharing button at the place you want or giving reports about your performance.

You can know more about this excellent product here.

In conclusion

In a world where people connect with each other through social networks, taking the most advantages from these platforms is beneficial to the growth of brands.

Instagram is taking the throne of Facebook in marketing for businesses and store-owners are quickly adapt to the new situation by integrating Instagram with their sites.

There are numerous helpful tools that let you integrate Instagram feed into your site. So don’t hesitate to try one of them, you definitely see the positive changes for your online stores!

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