We all are aware of the most trending social media “Instagram” also known as the “Queen of all Social Media Apps” is the new obsession of our generation. It’s a social networking app been around since past few years, quietly picking up interest for sharing visuals from their mobiles.

Instagram is a simplified version of Facebook, where you can interact with other users by following them, being followed by them, commenting, liking, sharing, tagging and messaging through your smartphones. With its stories feature you can publish your story that will last for 24 hours and then removes automatically. There’s so much more Instagram offers its users to make their posts and stories more happening and exciting.

And if you are a digital marketer, you would have heard the buzz of Instagram marketing over recent years. It has entirely changed the concept of social media marketing. Thousands of marketers have created Instagram Business accounts to reach out to their customers because it has more than 500 million active users every day. Ultimately your success depends on your audience, your offering and most importantly your planning.

It was a brief about Instagram and its offerings, and as I have mentioned earlier, there’s a bunch of functionalities you can take advantage off. You know what the benefits of making an Instagram business account but now let me tell you something about Shoppable Instagram. Have you heard it before?

Your answer may be Yes or No.

So, let me give you a thought on Shoppable Instagram.

Shoppable Instagram, the name itself, sounds interesting, isn’t it? Using your Instagram Business profile, you can create your shop on Instagram. Yes, you heard it right a shop on Instagram where you can look for your products and buy in just a few clicks. MageComp offers you a service to transform your Instagram into a shoppable store and provide your customers with a new shopping experience.

Here you gain more social interaction and popularity for your brand by notifying users about new releases and offers and converting them into your potential customers. So, why miss the golden chance of providing your customers with a platform to purchase your products directly from your Instagram without visiting your store.

Make your Instagram into a Shoppable store in simple steps:

  • First, draw your store products to Instagram

Initialize by setting up an Instagram shop which will fetch products from your product inventory, and you can tag your products in stories and posts which will help you shop without any hassle without leaving the Instagram page.

  • Second is the extent of Product Page

On tapping the product tag, a user gets directed on the same product details page that contains all the information right from the name of the product to the details of Instagram feed.

  • Last, the path to checkout

If a user is genuinely interested in purchasing the product, they can click on the ‘Shop Now’ button displayed on the post/story and will be redirected to the Magento store for checkout without the prior knowledge of the user.

These are the steps to shop from Instagram directly and to know more do visit Our Shoppable Instagram Page.

So, now if you have decided to sell your products on Instagram get ready to know the tips that will help you get the maximum sales from this social media.


7 tips to increase your selling on the Instagram store:

  1. Display live images of your products:

Don’t just click a picture of your product and upload it in your post/story. It will not give an attractive impact on users to go in depth of products.

Instead, click pictures when the product is in use. The image should depict the real context of the product. It will create a solid impression on users and can help them in decision making.

  1. Describe the story of your product:

The first and second tip relate to each other. How? When you show the pictures of the products in working condition, define what actually happened during the photo session.

Humans tend to relate themselves to the stories they read or hear. The image will impact the users more as it describes the ideal scenario for them. So, this would help them to connect with the product and make their mind in purchasing products.

  1. Proper use of hashtags

A hashtag denoted by the pound or number sign (#), allows users to apply user-generated, dynamic tags with the images through which your users can find your content easily.

For example, the hashtag #greensea allows users to find all the posts that have the #greensea hashtag.

You should know what your competitor’s use. Do not apply more than 5-10 tags. Because it creates a mess and after a single, those tags would get hidden automatically.

So, as per your priority make use of tags. Tags will help you reach to a large number of audiences.

  1. Organize contests and offerings

A contest is an easy and most effective way to increase the number of Instagram followers. You can run a contest, where users will follow and tag their friends for joining in the contest.

For joining your contest give them and their friends a type of consolation to build trust. This will help you get a high number of followers and also increase your brand awareness.

  1. Influencers to promote your contest and offerings

To advertise your contest, you need to have a team. Collaborate with a bunch of people who will help you to target a massive audience.

You can ask influencers to encourage users to join in your contest and get the best offers and deals. This way you can get a much large number of followers which will ease you to make a stance in the competition.

  1. Use Ads to promote your brand

Ads is a paid version of promoting your brands and getting a large mass to your account.

Displaying Ads on your relevant user accounts will get you more likes and audience.

Ads can reach a more significant number of the audience which you can’t reach through stories and posts as they are only visible to your followers.

This will definitely get you more followers.

  1. Upload pictures of products purchased by your followers

Consumers decide whether to buy or not, depending on the opinions of other users. If user A & B are friends, and if A purchases a product there are more chances that user B will also purchase the same product or different product from your store.

Seeing the experience of others will help develop confidence in customers to make a purchase. Encourage your customers to upload photos of your products with discounts or special promotions in their profile.

Make the complete use of photographs and the Queen of all social media and start your selling.


MageComp is here to serve you with the best we can. Our Magento extensions and Magento services will provide you with ease to integrate your Magento store with your Instagram account or to make your Instagram into a shoppable one.

We have two Magento extensions for each Magento store version. Magento Instagram Connect for Magento 1 versions and Magento 2 Instagram Integration for Magento 2 version.

Transform your Instagram account into a shoppable store Now.

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