Magento 2 Shop by Brand Extension

Magento 2 Shop by Brand extension helps customers easily find & filter products of their favorite brands. It offers enhanced shopping experiences boosting conversion chances. Display brand slider on homepage, category, product & checkout pages.

  • Effortlessly display brand slider on frontend.
  • Choose customer groups to permit them shop by brand.
  • Set custom title for brand slider.
  • Resize width & height dimensions of brand images.
  • Determine number of brand images to include per slider.
  • Configure miscellaneous settings of slider like auto play timing & position.
  • Option to place slider at different sections on website.
  • Manage brand slider via Brand Slider Manager.
  • Customize the style of brand slider.
  • Set custom redirection URL.
  • Set order of brands to display on frontend.
  • Allow customers to easily find products.
  • REST API Available / GraphQL API Available.
  • Hyvä Addon Available.

Stores that sell items of multiple brands need to showcase all brands distinctly to attract customers. Also, many customers are addicted to specific brands and never prefer to switch to other brands. Those customers must find their desired brands quickly when they land on your website. To help customers locate their brand immediately, you can show slider that allows to shop by brand.

MageComp's Magento 2 Shop by Brand extension allows customers to easily find their favored brand and shop quickly. The admin can display Shop by Brand slider on store frontend to help customers reach their favorite brand. Shop by Brand for Magento 2 module allows the admin to customize the appearance of brand slider according to their choice. The admin can manage the brand slider easily from the Magento 2 store backend.


Benefits of Magento 2 Shop by Brand Extension


Display Brand Slider on Various Pages

Shop by Brand module for Magento 2 provides with the option to display the brand slider on the following pages.

  • Homepage
  • Category Page
  • Product Page
  • Shopping Cart Page
  • Checkout Page

Admin can decide how many brand images to accommodate per slider.

Display Brand Slider on Various PagesDisplay Brand Slider on Various Pages
Customization of Brand SliderCustomization of Brand Slider

Customization of Brand Slider

Styling the brand slider according to your requirements. It allows to configure the following options.

  • Set custom title
  • Adjust width & height
  • Number of images per slider
  • Auto play slider & auto play time
  • Display position

Set Redirect URL & Category

Enter a custom redirection URL that takes visitors to the destination brand URL when they click on it. The admin can also set a category for redirection.

You're allowed to specify the order of a particular brand in the slider by setting value for Sort Order option.

Set Redirect URL & CategorySet Redirect URL & Category
Brand Slider Manager to Manage Brand SliderBrand Slider Manager to Manage Brand Slider

Brand Slider Manager to Manage Brand Slider

From Brand Slider Manager panel, the admin cancreate a new brand slider from the backend. He can also edit & delete the existing brand sliders effortlessly.

Simplified Customer Navigation to Favourite Brands

With Magento 2 Shop by Brand Slider, customers can comfortably reach their favorite brands and purchase right away. This option is especially required when you sell products of various brands.

Simplified Customer Navigation to Favourite BrandsSimplified Customer Navigation to Favourite Brands


Why Choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Shop by Brand Extension?


  • Showing brand slider on store frontend.
  • Allow specific customer groups to shop by brand.
  • Set width & height of the brand images.
  • Configure the number of brand image to incorporate per slider.
  • Enable or disable the autoplay mode for the brand slider.
  • Select the page to display the Brand Slider from the following options:
    • Product Page
    • Category Page
    • Checkout Page
    • Shopping Cart Page
    • Home Page
  • Select the position of the Brand Slider from the following options:
    • Content Top
    • Content Bottom
    • After Page Header Top
    • Main Content Area
    • Main Content Container
  • Add, edit or delete brand sliders via Brand Slider Manager panel.
  • Set redirect URL to send users to desired web location.
  • Sset the order of brands to showcase them in sequence..
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Version 1.0.3 Date : 25-05-2024

- Compatible with Magento 2.4.7 version

Version 1.0.2 Date : 28-09-2023

- Added REST API and GraphQL API

- Compatible with Magento 2.4.6 version

- Minor bug fixing

Version 1.0.1 Date : 11-07-2022

- Compatible with the latest Magento 2.4.4 version

- Compatible with Magento Coding Standards


Customer Questions
Once we buy this extension, can it be used on 2 websites?
You are allowed to use the extension in one production website and 2 development websites.
You can enter all as comma-separated in the domain field while purchasing the extension on our website.
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