Magento 2 Custom Stock Status

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Magento 2 Custom Stock Status Extension by MageComp allows store owner replacing default Magento 2 stock status with precise and understandable stock statuses and your custom message about product availability.
Magento 2.1, 2.2, 2.3




Looking for an easy-to-use tool to expand default Magento 2 stock status functionality? Are you looking for an easy way to clearly showcase stock status to inform your customers? As native Magento stock statuses are precisely described, you still need to showcase some additional information like quantity, show products that are currently out of stock and create any specific status according to your needs.

Magento 2 Custom Stock Status Extension by MageComp allows the store owner to display understandable stock status with a custom message to make the product page look more informative about product inventory status. Even you can replace default “Out of Stock” status with expected availability date and time with your custom message like “Coming Soon” etc. Once the products get back to stock, the custom stock status and message get changed automatically. Also, the extension comes with a built-in setting for setting up Limited Stock Threshold, Custom Availability Text and other shipping related options depending on different product types including Simple, Configurable, Bundle, Grouped and Virtual Products. Backend Custom stock status shipping options will help you to set shipping countdown or message by specifying days of order processing time and shipping related stuff.
Displaying this kind of promotional or low stock message encourages your purchase quickly without waiting or having a second thought. So, upgrade your default Magento 2 stock status functionality now!

Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Custom Stock Status Extension:

  • Display informative stock statuses along with custom message:
    • Ships Today if Ordered in Next 2 Hours
    • Ships Tomorrow if Ordered in Next 23 Hours and 3 Minutes!
    • Delivered by
    • Coming Soon
    • Next Day Delivery
    • Free Shipping
    • Ships by Today Evening
    • Only Few Left
  • Option to show expected stock availability date and time for out of stock products.
  • Show pre-order date for preorder products.
  • Option to hide expired expected dates.
  • Apart from product pages, you can show custom stock status on category page as well.
  • Show shipping countdown based on order cut-off time.
  • Exclude holidays and weekends from shipping date.
  • Set custom threshold value and show messages like “limited stock” or “hurry up, only 3 available” when quantity gets below a threshold value.
  • Auto updates the shipping and availability information based on selected settings from backend.
Great product price relation
Review by Jerry
Solved my problem very fast and accurate.
Will be purchasing soon other great modules from here, price is very
cheap compaired to others.
Best ever customer and tehnical support!
Review by George
Bought this great module for our store. Run in few troubles, but the tehnical support was the best.Solved my problem very fast and accurate.
Will be purchasing soon other great modules from here!
Thanks magecomp
Review by Meranda barron
After installing the extension there was a conflict with another extension and the support team took care of everything for me.
Excellent Support
Review by Breonna f.
Really loved the way they always supporting us while integrating and setting up an extension in Magento store.
Excellent Module Development
Review by Raquel wade
Custom Stock Status extension is really helpful to provide easily understandable stock status to customers. after a short survey, i found that my customers are really enjoying this functionality
Fund and helpful Extention
Review by Zalman
I love this add-on to our Magento 2.2.1 store. It add a flair of the big-guys and worked flawlessly.
Mayur and the team @ MageComp are quick to respond to issues and overall I'm very pleased I found this great team!
very good module
Review by Max
That was exacly what i am looking for. Magento itself have no solution for various stock possibilities. This module solves all my problems. Thank you MageComp for doing this!
Perfect extension
Review by Frédéric
Exactly what we would like, the developper solve issue with custom theme in few times.
Great extension but also great support !
Supportive Team
Review by Raquel Lopes
I had some difficulties while customizing this extension but the developers supported very enthusiastically and kindly.
Excellent Extension
Review by Hayden Elliott
I was looking for such extension since long and finally found this one. after using it for a month, I found it very useful in terms of adding custom stock status along availability msg, because of some products always comes with limited stocks at that time, this extension is very helpful.
What we were looking for ...
Review by OMAR
Exactly what we were looking for, our B2B site/clients require this way to handle stocks, installing was fast an easy.
Must have for all store owners
Review by Johnson
Great Extension that helped my customers to know more about stock availability and estimated date for the upcoming stock with a countdown.
understandable statuses
Review by Eddy
replacing native magento stock statuses with understandable ones is amazingly introduced with this extension. People can easily recognize the real world stock statuses.
informative stock statuses
Review by Sergio J.
with magento stock status extension, i could setup informative stock status easily understood by my customers. It works like a charm.
communicative stock statuses
Review by zachary
Default Magento stock statuses are less informative to understand for my customers and this module help me to overcome this problem by showing informative and communicative stock statuses. Good job magecomp (y)
easily understandable stock statuses
Review by travis
custom stock status is proved to be helping hand to let my customers inform about inventory of each product. Overwhelmed with the extension and development.
Highly informative stock statuses
Review by Benny
My customers appreciate custom stock statuses i added in my magento 2 using this extension. After a survey, i got lot of positive feedbacks saying statuses are proved to be very informative. Really liked this extension.
highly useful
Review by Jeffreis
The module works as described and inform customers well for stock statuses. It helps reducing support questions regarding product inventory.
Brilliant development
Review by Clifford
We purchased at the very first date of the extension launch. It works well on my Magento 2. Showing shipping dates based on product availability helped me to improve conversion rate in my store just in few days. Loved it and looking forward to get more benefits!
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Version : 1.0.1 Date : 12-06-2017

- Solved compilation error.

- Minor bug fixes.

  • For which products I can show custom stock statuses?

You can show stock statuses for both in stock and out of stock products.

  • How can I inform customers about expected stock date for out of stock products?

Extension facilitates to show expected stock arrival date for out of stock and pre order products.

  • How to show stock statuses on category page along with product page?

Simply set YES to configuration option “Show On Catalog Page” to show on category page.

  • How can I show stock with inventory number for products?

You can add threshold value and set Yes to “Show More Than – In Stock” to show inventory numbers for products based on threshold.

  • How can I disable shipping holidays like thanks giving, friendship day etc. where holiday date keeps changing?

Simply add comma separated dynamic holidays with specified format to exclude from shipping. The format is: Enter the date as "day of week(1 = Monday through 7 = Sunday)-which week it occurs-month". For example: Thanksgiving is celebrated on fourth Thursday of November. So for it, 4-4-11 should be entered.

  • Can I specify timings for same day order processing?

There is an option named “Order Cut-off Time” under shipping Options where you can specify time before customers have to place orders for same day processing. Every order placed after this time would be processed the next day.

  • Can I show original stock along with the products?

Yes, each product type settings for stock status provides option to show stock level. Simply set yes to this option to show original stock quantity in frontend.

  • How can I show estimated shipping date and time?

Simply enable “Show Ship Date” option and enter ship date text to show estimated shipping date and time on product page.

  • My category page design is messed up due to showing stock statuses there, what should I do?

If the layout of category page got messed up, it can be due to custom theme, follow below steps to sort it out.

Go to app/design/{{Theme Namesapce}}/{{Theme pckage}}/Magento_Catalog/templates/product/list.phtml

Find: <?php echo $block->getProductDetailsHtml($_product); ?>

Put code below there:

 <?php // Custom Stock Status ?>

                     <?php echo $this->helper('Magecomp\Customstock\Helper\Data')->getListStatus($_product->getId()); ?>

                    <?php // End Custom Stock Status ?>

Comment below code:

Go to: app\code\Magecomp\Magecomp_Customstock-1.0.0\app\code\Magecomp\Customstock\view\frontend\layout\catalog_category_view.xml

<referenceBlock name="category.products.list">

      <action method="setTemplate">

          <argument name="template" xsi:type="string">Magecomp_Customstock::product/list.phtml</argument>