Magento 2 Duplicate Categories Extension

Magento 2 Duplicate Categories - Copy Magento 2 categories your store saving saving precious time. It simply adds "Duplicate Category" button to category pages that clones the entire category configurations (like assigned products, subcategories, child categories etc.) & makes the replica the same as the source category.

  • Quickly create a replica of the present categories
  • Select the parent category while duplicating the category
  • Create a new category with the same product relations
  • Duplicate subcategories associated with the original category
  • Copy categories and child categories rules 
  • Set your desired name for the duplicated category
  • Save admin time for store management


It is very time-consuming for websites to create new categories, assign products and apply other settings, especially for websites with large catalogs. Creating new categories manually also there are chances of inconsistency and errors. Catalog management becomes tedious when you have multiple stores and you need the same category in both stores. MageComp has a splendid module to manage store categories easily and save admin time and effort.


Magento 2 Duplicate Categories Extension allows copying existing categories and their subcategories, products, and rules. Replicate categories in just a click and customize them according to your requirements. Copy categories and subcategories swiftly using the Magento 2 Duplicate Categories Extension. This will save a lot of admin time and consistently improve the store management process.


Benefits of Magento 2 Duplicate Categories Extension


Duplicate categories in a blink of an eye

Magento 2 Duplicate Categories Extension allows quickly creating a copy of categories from the category page in the admin panel. The new category is created instantly with just a single click and a few settings.

Modify category settings from the Duplicate Category page

The Magento 2 Duplicate Category module adds a Duplicate Category button on the category pages. Using it, the admin is redirected to the Duplicate Category page, which provides various setting options to customize the category.

Select the parent category for the duplicate

The Duplicate Categories Module for Magento 2 allows the admin to set a distinct parent category as compared to the original category. The parent category selection option is available on the Duplicate Category Page.

Specify product relations and categories rules

Magento 2 Duplicate Category extension enables the admin to determine whether or not to inherit product relations and categories rules. It also has the settings to include or exclude subcategories and their rules in the duplicate category.

Set distinct names for the duplicate category

The admin can also change the category and subcategories name for the duplicate category from the Search and Replace setting option. The original category names must be added to the search column while adding the new category names to the replace column.


Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Duplicate Categories Extension?


  • Magento 2 Duplicate Categories Extension allows the store admin to copy categories quickly.
  • The duplicate category option is added to the backend category pages.
  • Duplicate product relations, subcategories, and categories rules using the Duplicate Category module for Magento 2.
  • Admin can select the parent category for the duplicate category at the creation time.
  • The duplicate category page also has the option to set different names for categories and subcategories.
  • Save admin time and effort in the manual creation of categories.
  • Magento 2 Duplicate Categories Extension provides smooth and consistent store catalog management.
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Customer Questions
Can I select the original category as a parent of the duplicated category?
Yes, you can select any category as the parent of the duplicated category.
Will this module also duplicate subcategories and products?
Yes, all its subcategories, products, and rules are inherited when you duplicate a category.
Can I update the content of the duplicate category?
Yes, you are free to customize and change the content of the duplicate category.
Is it possible to rename the duplicate category?
Yes, at the time of duplication, you can search for the original category name and replace it with the new name you want in your duplicated category.
How does this extension work?
Once you install the Magento 2 Duplicate Categories Extension, a Duplicate Category option is added to all your category pages in the admin panel. You can duplicate any category you wish just by applying a few settings.
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