Magento 2 Banner Slider Extension

Magento 2 Banner Slider Extension is the best option that enables store owners to place banner sliders. Our Banner slider for Magento 2 extension has enhanced the conversion rate and CTR by 30.5%. The ultimate solution to carry out marketing campaign in an optimal way.

  • Display eye-catching banner sliders.
  • Place banners anywhere on the website.
  • Add appealing a series of banner sliders on category pages.
  • Customize banner sliders and general settings.
  • Set date and time for a banner slider.
  • Readily promote your marketing campaigns.

An interactive and impressive website is liked by all compared to a static website. Visualization plays an important role in the sales of your store. If you are unable to catch customers’ attention as soon as they land on your Magento website, you are giving your sales to your competitor. Website sliders and banners are very useful to append a visual effect to your website. Banner sliders are visually appealing and used to display promotions and campaigns. The attractive images of banners make the customers irresistible for the offers. Banners help to increase visitors’ engagement with your website. Magento provides the option to add a banner slider but with limitations.

Banner Slider for Magento 2 will allow the admin to flexibly add banner sliders at various pages of the website. The admin is capable of customizing the Banner Slider. With the help of Banner Slider Module for Magento 2, the admin can define the duration, position, and location of the Banner Slider. Promote your Magento 2 Offer campaigns, promotions, top-selling products, new arrivals using the Banner Slider. Attract customers, drive sales and improve the user experience of your store by using Banner Slider Extension for Magento 2.


: Banner Slider Extension for Magento 2 Features Highlights :

Attract customers with a tailor-made banner slider

Magento 2 Banner Slider Module allows displaying beautiful banner sliders on various pages of the store. The admin can select the customer groups and store view to enable the banner slider. It also has the option for autoplay, next-previous button, and dots navigation.

Determine the position and duration of a banner slider

The admin can specify the time span of the Banner Slider to be enabled on the store frontend. The admin can also determine the position of the Banner Slider with options like

  • Content Top
  • Content Bottom
  • Main Content Area
  • After Page Header Top
  • Main Content Container

Add image and content into banner slider

Using the Magento 2 Banner Slider Extension, the admin is able to add the image from the store backend and even add customized content on the Banner Slider Image.

Increase user experience with interactive banner slider

Display your top-selling products, new arrivals, promotion campaigns, events, and more explicitly on the landing page that draws customer attention and makes thor purchasing quicker. Thus, increase your conversions using the Magento 2 Banner Slider Module.

Why choose MageComp’s Banner Slider Extension for Magento 2?

  • Using the Banner Slider for Magento 2, store owners can efficiently display banner sliders on the Magento 2 website pages.
  • Bring your promotion campaigns, events, and new arrivals into the spotlight using Magento 2 Banner Slider.
  • Option to select customer groups for Banner Slider.
  • Enable or Disable Autoplay for Banner Slider.
  • Set the timings for Autoplay Banner Slider minimum 1 second to a maximum of 10 seconds.
  • Determine whether you want to display the next and previous buttons on the banner slider.
  • Specify whether you want to show dot navigation for Banner Slider on the Magento 2 frontend.
  • The Magento 2 Banner Slider Module will provide a separate option to manage the banner slider and banner image from the store backend.
  • The admin can give a custom name to the banner slider using the Banner Slider Extension for Magento 2.
  • Backend option to select the store view to apply the Banner Slider functionality at the store frontend.
  • The Banner Slider can be displayed on the various pages of the store
  1. Product Page
  2. Category Page
  3. Checkout Page
  4. Shopping Cart Page
  5. Home Page
  • The admin can also determine the position of Banner Slider within the website page
  1. Content Top
  2. Content Bottom
  3. Main Content Area
  4. After Page Header Top
  5. Main Content Container
  • Magento 2 Banner Slider Module also has the option to keep the slider enabled for a particular time period by selecting Date From and Date To.
  • Option to set the height of the Banner Slider in pixel and width of the Banner Slider in percentage.
  • The Banner Slider list is displayed in the backend Admin Form Grid.
  • The store admin is capable of adding the image for Banner Slider with the help of Banner Slider Extension for Magento 2.
  • The admin can also add content on the Banner Slider Image.
  • Specify the content position - left, right, or center, content color, and content font size for the Banner Slider.
  • The Banner Slider Image list is displayed in the backend Admin Form Grid.
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Version 1.0.1 Date : 19-07-2022

- Compatible with the latest Magento 2.4.4 version

- Compatible with Magento Coding Standards

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