As we are in the midst of the Novel Corona-Virus Pandemic, businesses and companies have to undergo a home-based working system to keep functioning their business operations while avoiding physical contact. They need to implement voluntary or mandatory work-from-home policies.

Let’s have a sneak peek at some of the key statistics on remote working shared by  Owl Labs Resources

  • 75% of employees have turned more constructive while working from home in light of the pandemic.
  • Regardless of the trying circumstances of working from home, 77% of people would like to continue working from home even after the pandemic gets through.
  • 1 out of 2 people won’t agree to take up a job that does not offer remote working after COVID-19.

But that doesn’t mean employees are always comfortable or are enjoying work-from-home at all times. Even if you have experienced it before this pandemic, this coronavirus feels like a whole new world. It was a sudden shift for all the employees. Some of the employees feel very overloaded with daily meetings and tasks and some can’t handle or balance work and life in the same space. Last year also, MageComp had shared some effective tips for working from home. you can check it out here: 6 Tips to Focus If You Work From Home For Magento Developer.

Key takeouts from this article

  • Establish a flexible Routine: – E-commuting compels the employees to establish a whole new routine for keeping the work going smooth. One of the most benefits of working from home is no longer waking up, preparing to leave home, and commuting to work. It is essential to create a day-to-day routine that functions your life properly and efficiently.
  • Take breaks: –  working from lifestyle is almost new for more than 90% of employees. You have to find out that we are conspicuously dependent on routines, schedules, and structures. It’s very difficult for many of us to stop our work and take a break.
  • Remote meetings: –  stay connected with your colleagues, team members, or clients by conducting meetings on virtual platforms regularly.

Team MageComp Aka Mavengers have shared Effective tips to stay productive while working from home! 

Let’s have a fleeting look at what our MageComp team ought to say about staying productive while working from home. 

Gaurav Jain (Co-Founder, VP Sales)


“First thing is I am more than thankful because I am working at my home and with proper comfort and not in some cubicle. I do not directly wake up and sit in front of my laptop in the morning. I get ready first, then take proper breakfast and then sit for work. I also allocate a separate space for myself and make sure to close the door of my room to stay more attentive to my work. I keep a track of my working hours and do not mix up my work with my personal life. I keep a bottle of water, a notebook and a pen at my desk. Also, I ensure drinking the optimum amount of water during the day.

One benefit I have got doing work from home is, in case I need to check something even at night, I can do it now. Almost all of us must be using some tools, music to stay productive as much as possible. 

Don’t panic, Beat the pandemic!”

Dhiren Vasoya (Co-Founder, Captain Magento)


“Working from home has eventually been more productive for me than it was before. I have started waking up half an hour earlier than before and allow myself some time to work out and exercise. As we are now always found sitting at one corner of the home, it becomes quite a lazy day after all. So giving some time to fitness before the day starts, helps me make my day even more fruitful.

I start my work hours by 9 in the morning and I ensure allocating tasks of the day to everyone within 15 minutes of starting my day. I try to designate a separate area for myself particularly to smoothly get my work done. This involves a quiet spare room that is spaced from the disturbance so I can focus on the task at hand. I commit to work in this space every day and create an office-like culture at home. I also make sure to stay connected to all my teammates via phone calls and virtual meetings and keep the office fun going.

Don’t lose hope and focus on staying well!”

 Bharat Desai (Co-Founder, Magento Thor)

Bharat Desai

“Now is the time where we have to show unity by staying together with our family, team, and other knowing or unknowing people. Right now, all the companies are undergoing troubles in one way or the other. But what gets us going is the hope that soon the pandemic will simmer itself down. It is essential to become a helping hand for our employees during these trying times and come out with new policies. 

At last as a CEO, I will just say It’s my duty to help each member of this company.

Just like a clock, keep moving forward, keep doing better!”

Mayur Sisodiya (Co-Founder, Magento Hulk)

“The COVID-19 surge has compelled each one of us to work from a distance. This situation prompted me and my colleagues to implement this policy in our company for safety reasons. First of all, I make a schedule for my daily routine because it’s very important to carry out a disciplined work ethic and I follow the same and keep myself focused more on my top priorities.

I would suggest everyone be patient because there is always sunshine at the end of the tunnel. Just try to stay connected to your employees and spread positivity all around.

Hopefully, this situation will also run out and we will be meet again with fresh air and mood to start office.

Be Well, Be Safe.”

Chirag Gondaliya (Skill Development Manager) 


“It’s quite obvious that all the fun times, parties, and entertainment that I used to have at the office are being missed but spending quality time with family while working is also of great pleasure. 

Remember to always keep positivity at the center. Team chat messaging may fall short of expressing our ideas clearly. So in that case, we must use emoticons wherever needed to express our emotions clearly. Always start your morning looking at the brighter side. Keep your mind fresh.”

Vishal Baraiya (Development Team Leader)


“In my experience, I would like to state that I strive sometimes to get on with the task while working from home, so to improve my work time to a considerable amount, I use a time management app. This makes me punctual in my timings. Many productivity apps help us track the amount of time we spend on each task. This helps me keep a watch on my productivity levels every day and can show insights of when I was most productive and on which task.

I set my daily working routine that helps to separate my professional life and personal life because this is very important to do at work.

So finally, in my overall experience at work from home, my productivity has increased, and I enjoy work from home.”

Sanjay Shiyal (Developer Training Manager)

“The work from home policy that our company has implemented is a very crucial and respectable decision because what exactly comes down at the end of the time is one’s safety. I enjoy working from home because there is no worry about wake-up early and reaching the office on time. You can have a flexible routine at work. Sometimes we face problems also doing work from home. No other employees or team members are with you. But in due course, you will get familiar with it.

In this work from home, my cooking skill has improved because cooking is my passion and in this situation, I spend lots of time cooking and daily I cook my lunch. I cook healthy meals for myself and it helps me stay sane and fresh during these times of testing, 

Rutu Shah (Magento Developer)

Rutu Shah

“My experience so far at work from home is not bad, but not so good as well. Working at home brings along various advantages and disadvantages. The first few days come with difficulty focusing on work and reestablishing the work atmosphere altogether at home. You start to miss your colleagues. When you have your friends by your side, work gets a lot easier and you start to see more productivity in your work and eventually, your confidence level boosts. 

But still, as they say, your friends are just a call away! I regularly stay connected via video calls. And we share the same chit-chats and gup-shups that keep me going through the day. You are mostly more comfortable at home working than at the office. You can work in your PJs and eat something very frequently.”

Vishal Solanki (Digital Marketing Team Leader) 

Vishal Solanki

“A lot of people today, including myself, are relishing the advantage of working from home. Flexible working hours can be great for you. Time spent on telecommuting can be saved to a great extent and you can be fully independent and try to inculcate self-discipline on a day-to-day basis. But this privilege can become a hurdle to your work sometimes. If you fail to inculcate self-discipline. One plus point is that you can save a lot of money. I used to spend a lot on junk food during office hours. Now, I get my fav homemade food at my work table. Thanks to my mom.

If I get some important work to do in between the office hours, I have the option to adjust it by extending the shift later on. You are relaxed, you don’t have to rush to the office to be on time. Sometimes I wake up at 9:00 and attend my meeting call at 9:30.

Tips to focal point on, while working from home to improve your productivity!

  • A designated place of work.
  • Don’t forget that you need to eat healthily.
  • Keep Interacting with your colleagues.
  • Do not swallow all that the news channels mention”

Punit Andhariya (Senior Graphics Designer)

Punit Andharia

“From My Experience of Work From Home, I would like to share some tips that might help you to work more productively in these testing times, and I am also sharing my daily routine. 

Let’s start with my daily routine

The first half an hour in the morning gets a little hard at work because I have to discuss with the team & give tasks & start my tasks as well. After 10:00 AM, I start working on my tasks. In between this my little son comes to talk who is as talkative as me.

Sometimes it gets hard to focus on work in the afternoon but at the end of the day when the tasks get completed, you get a feeling of relief like no other. I also devote myself to tea breaks in between work just as I used to do at the office. I also try to follow up on my fellow mate Avi’s tasks so he doesn’t get stuck up in his work. Then late afternoon, my focus is completely on finishing the task of the day smoothly and efficiently.  After that, I schedule the tasks for the following day and delegate them to my mates so they can kick start their day without having to wait for me.”

Bhavyata Navadiya (Q-A Tester)


“It is an exciting decision for the company to work from home. I make a reward system for myself. After completing a specific amount of work, I take a short break, or take a stroll down the streets or even give myself a snack treat in between. That helps me boost my work as I try to complete that specific amount of task in the given time and with more efficiency.

At work from home, I try to maximize my productivity by avoiding TV and other digital distractions and trying not to watch videos on Netflix, Prime videos, Hotstar, etc. And I try to stay focused by tuning onto some good music and work.”

Dimple Parmar (HR Executive)


“One bonus point of working from home is not getting up early in the morning and rushing out to go to the office. But that does not mean I skip the morning routine. I move out of the house to get the fresh air and the calmness of the early morning. 

Then, I start my office work and try to split my work into two halves. I make an agenda to finish half of my tasks before taking lunch. And the remaining in the second half. As an HR of the company, I finish my important meetings and interviews when there is less disturbance around me and designate myself a separate workspace for that.

Multitasking is not my thing. I complete one task, then and then move forward to another. As I strongly believe, we are more productive when we try to focus on one thing at a time. And, then jump on to another.“

Zoya Scoot (PR Manager) 

“I set my work hours before the day starts and ensure completion of all the assignments as per the schedule I set for the day. I jot down all the tasks that need to be done at the start of the day itself. After the accomplishment of each task, I check that off the list. It is both fulfilling and effective. 

Even if you are at home, You need to dress up as if you are going to the office. In addition to that, I cut down on watching television, opening any of the social media apps, or talking to my family when I am doing serious assignments.

In spite of the fact that taking breaks eventually does not go with productivity, I would still suggest taking short breaks in between work. Doing this refreshes your mind and gives you newer levels of energy to begin work again.

Instead of social distancing, let’s call it virtual connecting!”


So, this was Team MageComp Aka Mavengers’ Work from Home Tips to Stay Productive in this unprecedented time. We anticipate this gets beneficial to you all to stay sane and stay rational while e-commuting. Share this article with your friends and help them boost their work at home. If you are looking for an opportunity to join our team, MageComp Looking For Passionate Developers – Apply Now has all the a to z of our current openings.

Stay safe, Stay home, Stay productive!

Happy Reading!

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