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We are back with “How-To” Magento Tutorials. Today’s topic is Magento 2: How Knockout-es5 Library Work.

Knockout-es5 is a plugin by Steve Sanderson to simplify the syntax. The knockout-es5 plugin adds support for ECMAScript 5 properties. With knockout-es5 you can use simpler syntax with your code and bindings. Knockout-ES5 works in ECMAScript 5-capable browsers.

Magento 2 provides a knockout js library to make our variable observable. Along with that one advanced functionality is given like knockout-es5, using it we can make all variables observable in bulk using the tracking method.

Observable is helpful to fulfill MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) architecture.

How Knockout-es5 Library Work in Magento 2

Let us take an example,


Further, to access the value, it is necessary to call it like a function: varMyName()

So here varMyName automatically works like observable


Hence, this was all about How Knockout-es5 Library Work in Magento 2. For any queries or help feel comfortable reaching me via the comment part. Do not forget to share the article. Stay informed!

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