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Today we are going to view Top 6 Tips to focus for Magento Developer when Work From Home. Previously we have explored 7 Reasons Why Online Reviews Are Important For Your Ecommerce Business How does it feel to be in a strict house-arrest? Well for the corporate executives it has become one of the most challenging tasks because “Work-from-Home” does not allow them a sign of relief.


Yes! It is probably very tough to concentrate on your professional tasks while you are locked up with your family. But at the same time it is essential to draw attention to your daily corporate activities and meet the deadlines.

In this blog, we shall refer to all the checklists we need to go through to have a productive and efficient “Work-from-Home?”.

1. Put up a smart attire!

Home is where you can roam around comfortably in your sweat-pants for days together. However, these casual night wears are only going to make you more lazy and not want to work.

Thus, it is better to get off the couch and dress up for your day at work. Dress yourselves in the smartest casuals or formals as if you were to reach your office.

Have an energized start to your days with a refreshing shower and a healthy breakfast. That’s it! You will get the same corporate vibe while selecting a proper match for your tie or for that matter combing your hair to its best.

2. Select your workplace and schedule the tasks:

Find yourselves a proper and fixed place in the house from where you wish to work regularly. It is advisable to have this space near a window or balcony from where nature’s fresh air can soothe your mind.

Prioritize your tasks and plan accordingly so that it becomes easy to keep up with the working hours as well as complete the day’s proceedings. And of course! Scheduling helps you make ways for the breaks pretty well. 

3. Diversify your work patterns:

Maybe while you were physically at the office working for your boss, you had your peers and colleagues around who motivated and entertained you. You had time to probe into the environment while on your commute or listen to music in order to prepare yourself for the day ahead.

Thus, it becomes extremely essential that your work patterns at home should not become monotonous. Instead find innovative ideas to work and play, i.e. make your work fun in these hard times by finding an alternate activity that keeps your interest intact.

You can always be one with nature or with your kids and pets when you are working from home. They could be a source of inspiration and give you ideas that could be even successful. 

For instance, The Magento Master Program includes the Master Maker, Master Mentor, and Master Mover. The Master Maker helps you by sharing ideas and innovation as well as giving productive feedback for your insights. The Master Mentors are the experts who aid in arranging for resources for effective implementation. Finally, the Master Mover coordinates every activity in the ecosystem and arranges for excellent events.

4. Eat Healthily:

While at home do not indulge in a lot of junk and snacks or for that matter try and minimize the caffeine intake. Stuff your refrigerators with healthy eating options like fruits and salads so that you do not come out of the quarantine looking like a potato. Find the perfect substitute for tea or coffee in water that shall keep you hydrated and increase the concentration levels. 

5. Keep away the Distractions:

It is extremely important to try and not indulge in activities that take your mind away from work.

Talking about the destructive elements, one must avoid bad news or conversations that may induce a feeling of stress or depression.

Also, binge-watching any series or for that matter the excessive time on social media can hamper work productivity.

6. Keep in constant touch:

While present at the workplace communication and designation becomes a lot simpler. But virtual conversations are harder and can create misunderstandings that may hamper the overall productivity. Hence, it is important to keep talking to your seniors as well as your peers to have a perfect know-how of the work and make it a habit to discuss the plan together at the start of the day, thereby reviewing it together towards the end.

This habit can avoid every obstacle and can help in constructive work-from-home. For your convenience, you always have Skype and Zoom at your service!

Summing Up:

The Quarantined COVID-19 days are rather tough. With your loved ones around it can get a bit tough to focus on the work. But this is the time where we can come together and find ways to make some productive results out of these new ways of indulging into corporate tasks And like always, for any help the Magento Masters are always there to help you with their expert advice and feedback, new events, discounts, conferencing, certification, recognition and many more by introducing you to the Magento Community. 

Have a Safe and Productive “Work-from-Home”?!

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