eCommerce world is getting more and more competitive with every passing day. The cutthroat competition is at the next level, specifically for the Shopify platform, with a base of 4.4 million live Shopify websites.

Fortunately, with such increasing market competitors, Shopify has also been working its best to improve the tools and features to make it easy for developers to develop a Shopify store hassle-free.

Even though website development has become easy, the biggest challenge website owners face is the constantly changing consumer tastes, pushing them daily to find new ways to deliver their results to improve their customer experience. But no worries, we have curated the best-proven tactics through which you can beat your client’s competitors.

1. Offer Personalized Shopping Experience

Customers’ shopping preferences change daily, and they’ve already had enough of the traditional online shopping experiences. They want proof that businesses are interested in taking care of their requirements.

How will you offer a personalized shopping experience?

  • Offering them landing pages displaying products related to their previous searches.
  • Offering them appropriate website content by analyzing their demographic and behavioral data.
  • Leveraging the feature of retargeting ads based on their browsing or purchase history.
  • Offering them discounts and coupon codes in their subscribed emails to encourage their purchase.
  • Offering loyalty rewards or Shopify gift cards on their big purchases.

2. Attractive Product Pages

Customers cannot physically interact with your Shopify business, so your website’s virtual is everything for them. Hence, your website’s virtual appearance is the one that will help your customers know your products more accurately.

How to make product pages more engaging?

  • Upload high-quality product images focusing on every product detail clicked from every angle.
  • Upload a 360° AR video highlighting product features.
  • Providing product variants with different sizes or colors (if any).
  • Display recommended products on every product page.
  • Display the customer testimonials on the product page.
  • Use real-life human images or images your customers provide through their testimonials to make the reviews look more authentic.

3. Exceptional Customer Support Service

9 out of 10 online customers’ buying decisions are influenced by the customer service provided by the eCommerce website. Hence, it is time for Shopify businesses to step forward in making their customer support services more convenient for their customers.

Admins must provide the best of their service, or they might end up gifting their valuable customers to their competitors. As a Shopify certified, you cannot play any part in this step, but you can guide your client in ways to improve it.

How can you enhance your customer service?

  • Providing them with order statuses until the order is delivered to the customer.
  • If there is any return or refund case, ensure the reason for the return or refund is solved quickly.
  • Ensure your customer service features are responsive for all devices.
  • Customers prefer the chatbot feature for solving their queries, so provide them with a WhatsApp Chatbot for 24*7 customer support.
  • Display popups if the customer has become eligible to avail of the store’s discount or BOGO offer (if any).

4. Consider the Entire Customer Journey

One of the most common mistakes made by Shopify admins is just focusing on driving more sales and converting as many visitors as possible. But that is not how it works. No visitor will convert as soon as they land at your client’s store. A Shopify admin has to take care of every customer step from start to finish. This is where your duty starts as a Shopify developer.

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How will you look after every step?

  • Provide customers with an easy-to-navigate website.
  • Allow customers to edit their account details whenever they want.
  • Providing a simplified checkout process with multiple payment options.
  • Offer a simplified login/registration process.
  • Distribute loyalty rewards or Shopify gift cards for their regular purchases.
  • Keep on retargeting customers by showcasing related products.
  • Showcase their favorite products in their email newsletters to remind them of the product and trigger their buying decision.

5. Stay Active on Social Media

Having a social existence is equally important to have an online business existence for your Shopify store. With a huge social media user base, you cannot overlook the importance and benefits offered by social commerce.

Social media platforms offer an excellent way of connecting businesses to their customers, building strong relationships with customers and attracting more potential customers.

As a Shopify SEO professional, you have to look after all the strategies that will attract customers to your business, handle social media marketing campaigns, email marketing campaigns and all the digital marketing-related stuff.

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How to enhance social appearance?

  • Showcase behind-the-scenes photos or videos of your product being created.
  • Accentuating your best-sellers on social media.
  • Give insights about how you handle your Shopify management.
  • Show details about how your inventory is handled in storage houses.
  • Show how your products are shipped.
  • Posting about your business crew members and their experiences of working with the firm.

Social media posts offer a unique advantage over your website, providing a platform where your audience can actively engage with your content.

In addition to creating compelling posts, keeping a vigilant eye on your social media performance through regular reporting is essential. By analyzing various statistics and key performance indicators, you can gain valuable insights into your efforts’ effectiveness and identify improvement areas.

Beat Your Competition

In an era of unprecedented competition within the ecommerce industry, Shopify store owners face a growing challenge in ensuring their websites leave a lasting impression. However, the silver lining lies in the array of strategies available to Shopify site builders, enabling them to benefit their clients greatly.

By implementing the insights shared above, you can significantly boost your clients’ sales and open doors to new opportunities. This, in turn, enhances the likelihood of them recommending your services to other businesses, paving the way for an expanded portfolio and more future work for you. Contact us if you want our Shopify experts to handle your business needs, or text us via our official Facebook group.

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Happy Shopifying!!!

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