Building a Shopify website is not rocket science but an incredible art. The term user-friendly is much wider than we think, as many things go into making a Shopify website user-friendly, attractive, engaging and accessible. One must not forget that visual impact is an important part of making a Shopify website user-friendly. Attractive website visual effects help convey your business message more effectively.

With numerous factors influencing the Shopify store design, like the Shopify theme you choose and the Shopify features you access, like videos, GIFs or carousels, the correct use of a color palette is also one of these influencing factors.

Why do Colors Matter?

According to a report, the following are the reasons why color palettes are important to consider while developing a Shopify website.

The Best Color Palette Generators For Shopify Designers

How to Choose the Best Color Palette?

After considering the statistics mentioned, it becomes clear why colors are so important. Before delving into the best color palette generators for Shopify designers, it is necessary to understand what makes a great color palette. A color palette is a distinct collection of colors representing a brand.

It is surprising to know that there is a color for every business. It requires to be chosen correctly. A wrong selection of color palettes can fail to convey your business message to your customers. Here are the tips when choosing the right color palette for your Shopify website.

1. Simple and Sober

While selecting the appropriate color palette for your Shopify store, it’s essential to remember that an excessive amount of different tones and shades can be visually overwhelming.

It is recommended to adhere to a limited number of colors for a more straightforward and cleaner aesthetic to maintain a modern and fashionable appearance in eCommerce. Doing so can ensure that your store looks more professional and provides customers with a more relaxed shopping experience.

2. Color Psychology

It’s crucial to learn the significance of color psychology in marketing. This is because various shades can stimulate distinct consumer responses. For instance, red is usually linked with passion and excitement, while blue has a calming and professional effect.

Before finalizing your color palette, it’s vital to contemplate the message you want to convey and how cultural differences may influence your selection. So, it’s always a good idea to conduct thorough research and analysis to ensure that your choice of colors aligns with your marketing goals and resonates well with your target audience.

3. Easily Visible

Ensuring sufficient color contrast and legible fonts are used throughout is important when designing a website. In addition, it is a good practice to highlight important website components to guide users and draw their attention to key elements. This can be achieved using different colors, font styles, or graphical elements. By paying attention to these details, you can create a more user-friendly and accessible website that is easy to navigate and understand.

4. Know your Target Audience

When deciding which colors to use in your designs, it’s important to consider your intended audience’s preferences. Depending on your target demographic, different shades and hues may appeal more and resonate more strongly with certain genders, communities, and groups. By taking the time to consider these nuances, you can ensure that your visual messaging is effective and reaches the right people in the most compelling way possible.

Best Color Palette Generators for Shopify Website Designers

1. Coolors

With the simplest interface, Coolors has reserved its position at the top of our list. The color palette generator allows you to create your new color palette or choose any one you like from its huge range of pre-designed templates, helping you get a clear idea of what color palette you need for your Shopify store.

The Best Color Palette Generators For Shopify Designers

Coolors lets you select your preferred base color or browse various color palettes by hitting the spacebar. Once you find a color you like, select the lock button to save it.

You can customize the number of colors in your palette by adding or removing them. Lock in your preferred colors and press the spacebar until you find a perfect palette that complements your design concept. You can save the generated palettes to Coolors for others to use.

2. Adobe Color

Adobe Color is another designer-friendly tool offered by Adobe. The palette generator tool was formerly known as Kuler. This palette generator is surely a to-be-bookmarked in your browser.

A useful feature for professional designers who utilize the Adobe Creative Cloud platform is the ability to save customized color palettes and seamlessly upload them as swatches into programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator. This allows for greater efficiency and consistency in design projects and the flexibility to incorporate unique color schemes into future works easily.

The Best Color Palette Generators For Shopify Designers

With the assistance of Adobe Color, you can effortlessly discover a color scheme that matches your preferred color harmony rule. This includes various options such as monochromatic, analogous, complementary, and more, ensuring you can create a visually appealing and cohesive design.

When selecting your color palette, choose a color harmony or create a Custom one. Afterward, adjust the circles on the color picker until you find a suitable scheme for your needs.

3. Paletton

If you’re a designer working with a client’s brand colors, Paletton can make the color palette discovery process much easier. With this tool, you can create a complementary scheme perfect for the business. Additionally, Paletton has a great feature that generates a mockup to show you how the colors will look on your website.

The Best Color Palette Generators For Shopify Designers

Paletton allows users to select from pre-existing color harmonies or create a custom color scheme. It displays various shades and tints of each color in the palette to assist in finding the ideal hue.

4. Colormind

Another color palette generator on our list is Colormind, the most basic and similar to Coolors. Colormind has been counted as the best palette-generating tool for beginners willing to practice their skills.

The Best Color Palette Generators For Shopify Designers

To begin, click the “Generate” button to view a range of color schemes. Alternatively, you can input the hex code for your primary color and click the lock button to receive a color scheme that complements your selected hue.

Ensure that a color remains in your palette by clicking the lock button whenever it appears. Be sure to take note of the hex code for each color so you can effortlessly refer to your new color scheme. This will also be useful when sharing your color choices with graphic designers creating your logo or other brand assets.

5. Canva

If you’re a business owner or designer looking for a free and easy way to generate color schemes, Canva has got you covered. Canva color palette generator sets itself apart from others on the market by utilizing an image you’ve uploaded to create a personalized random color palette.

The Best Color Palette Generators For Shopify Designers

You can test it out with a demo image or import one you love and watch as the tool generates a similar color scheme to that of the original photo. Click on the color square to easily copy the hex codes and save them for a logo or website design reference.

Choose The Best Color For Your Shopify Store

Finding the best color palette generator is not an easy task, but it will not be daunting too. Considering all the “choosing the best color palette tips,” you can surely nail finding the best color palette for your Shopify website, no matter which color palette generator you use.

Hope our mini informative guide provided you with the valuable information you were looking for. If you need more information about this topic or any other Shopify topic, you can contact us through our official Facebook page, or if your Shopify store is in need of some technical servicing, you have our experienced Shopify developers at your service.

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