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Many times when there is an indexing process going on during that time there is a common issue faced by everyone which is in an error message like “index is locked by another reindex process. Skipping.” This is because of fatal error, timeout, limited memory, or disruption through other processes.

When the index type is locked then you will not be able to reindex that specific locked index type. When you try to reindex that then it will always be skipped. To overcome this situation follow the solution given below with the appropriate code.

Steps to Unlock Reindex Process in Magento 2:

Step 1: Reindex when Index is Locked

Run the below command for reindexing:

You will find the stock process is been skipped as shown below

Step 2: Get Index Types Info

Firstly you have to view the list of index types of your Magento 2 and for that run the given below command:

After running the command, you will get the output given below:

Step 3: Check Index Types Status

Now check the status of all the index types by running the command given below:

After running the command, you will get the output given below:

Step 4: Reset Index Types

For solving this issue you have to reset the index types which are locked run below given command:

To reset multiple index types run the command given below:

Here only one index type is locked so we will run the given below command:

Output after running the above command will be like:

Step 5:  Reindex Index Types 

You have to check once again the indexer status so run the following command again:

The output after running the above command will be:

You will be able to view the stock index type and it has been successfully unlocked.

Step 6: Final Reindex after Unlocking

Lastly reindex the Stock index type by running the given below command:

The final output will be like:

By following the above given easy steps you will be successfully able to unlock the reindex process going on which is very necessary for your Magento 2.

Final Words:

I hope the above explanation on How to Unlock the Reindex Process in Magento 2 will be helpful to you. You can also Perform Reindexing Programmatically in Magento 2.

And if you feel any queries related to it then you can contact our Support Team for any guidance. Don’t hesitate to comment on your reviews related to this article and also share the article with your Magento buddies for making them more knowledgeable.

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