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How is your quarantine going? Take a look at the MageComp Contribution for Magento Stores in Corona(COVID-19) Pandemic. The recent past has been quite a tough time for the world due to the severe outbreak of the Coronavirus. COVID-19 has proved to be a deadly pandemic that has endangered many lives and is affecting humanity on a large scale. People all over the globe have been under a strict lockdown and the normal routines of every sector have been extremely disturbed.

Along with the non-commercial sectors, the commercial sectors(private and public) have also been at a huge loss. Be it the online businesses or the retailers and industrialists, the COVID-19 has led them all to a long shutdown now. The trade events, conferences, restaurants, transports, etc. are being closed down and the entire business sector has been going through a low Sales-Revenue period.


At this crucial point in time, when it has almost become inevitable to make efforts in order to keep the Ecommerce alive, it becomes advisable to gain maximum benefits by investing in the Magento 2 and avail its amazing features. Magento 2 gives you an extra edge in attracting good sales and revenue. The engagement of customers can be increased and if you are still a retailer who hasn’t gone online, this is the time for you to utilize the platform and gain the B2B advantage.

While the global market is at a huge risk this summer, it becomes the best time to get in touch with a Magento developer and upgrade your business efficiencies. In this blog, we shall thus talk about 

Smart Productive Magento 2 packages by MageComp: 

This will help you carry a constructive and novice business strategy.

Smart Stock Notification:

It is important to probe into your customer’s choices and analyze the demand, thereby arranging for sufficient stock and making it available to your clients.

The Magento 2 Stock Notifications thus helps you understand the demand and maximize your profits, know about the subscriptions list and the most liked product, helps you send out price alerts, refill your products at the proper time and many more benefits ahead.

Visit Magento 2 Stock Notifications to know more and purchase the extension right away!

Smart Mobile Experience:

Magento 2 Mobile Login Extension by MageComp benefits your store customer with a quick login facility using their registered mobile number by sending a One Time Password (OTP) for login. You can log in with OTP or Password in this. There is Integrated with SMS gateway to send OTP on registered mobile number. Most importantly there is also Email Notifications to customers for each login attempt you are into big business and want to manage security, you have a wonderful helping hand Magento 2 Mobile Verification.

Smart Notifications:

You can give try to Magento 2 SMS Notification Extension by MageComp helps you to notify store customers & admin regarding different status activities. If you want to send BULK MESSAGES, this extension will help you the fullest. It helps to send order notifications to both the parties i.e. customer and admin. You can also send dynamic notification using object & variable fields

Check this out at Magento 2 SMS pro Extension and grow and manage your business.

Smart Delivery:

Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Verification extension by MageComp helps to avoid bogus & fake orders by verifying customers information like mobile numbers when they choose COD payment method.There is also Integrated SMS Gateway API to send OTP confirmation messages.Moreover it also works with the guest checkout to verify billing number

So what are you waiting for? Go get your smart extension at Magento 2 COD Verification and do secure business.

Final Words:

We listed and talked about 4 very efficient packages of Magento 2 that shall help you in productive Ecommerce during these tough times of quarantine. These extensions will make your business lives a bit easier and keep you motivated to make profits even during this pandemic. Buy the following extensions to gain specific advantages:

 There is a superior package of a special combination of Supercool extensions,

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Apart from installing these extensions, there are numerous anti-crisis solutions that you can adopt to overcome the business challenges during COVID-19. Do have a look at Best Magento Ecommerce Blogs to learn about the simpler strategies in order to cope up with the difficult times.

Comment down the challenges you are facing during this COVID-19. Feel free to Contact Us in case of any queries.

Till then Stay Home, Stay Safe! #MageCompWithYou

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