Holiday Season is on with cool wind of winter and store owners are ready to drive more sales into their Magento store with Hot offers like never before. This year compared to 2016 Holiday Season, Sales are projected to grow up to 18 to 21% Sales. During this holiday season, your Magento store gets customers rush and it can become more difficult to manage complexities which indirectly impacts on user experience but today, MageComp has come up with the list of top 10 Magento extensions which help you to deliver great customers experience, increase trust, optimize your stores through social media, enhance functionality and provide more flexibility to both store owner and customer. Not only this, these bunch of extensions will help you to increase store conversions and converts your store user into returning customers. So, take a quick look at this list and let your store rock the floor during this holiday season.

  1. Magento SMS Notification:
    During this festival season, once the order is placed by customers, they are excited to get the products hands on as soon as possible. Once an order is placed, store owners are ready to process the order from various funnels until it’s successfully delivered to the right customer. Notifying customers of every order status change enhances customer shopping experience. There are several ways to get in touch with customers but SMS Notification is considered powerful weapon compared to E-mail. Out of the box, the extension comes with functionality to enable mobile number verification using with OTP with custom character length. Admin can use this extension for various events like contact form submission for inquiry, website registration, new order placement, return request for orders, order shipment etc. By default, Extension supports Msg91 Gateway, but you can ask for your SMS gateway own preferred integration.
    So, grab this fastest SMS notification extension ever.
  2. Magento COD Checker:
    During Holiday season, sometimes it becomes hard for store owners to deliver product to specific geolocation due to some reasons like two-way courier charges, tough cash handling or anything that creates a problem while delivering an order to the customer. At that time, it becomes necessary for store owners to disable cash on delivery for that zip code. Magento COD Checker Extension enables store owners to restrict cash on delivery for along with the custom message for availability & unavailability for a specific location. Admin can even upload bulk zip codes using CSV file from the store backend.
    So, what are you waiting for? Buy this Cod checker now.
  3. Magento Delivery Date:
    Sometimes, there is a situation when the customer is not available to receive product delivery which they have ordered in past. At that time, provide more flexibility to your store customer by using Magento Delivery Date extension that facilitates store customer pick their convenience product delivery date along with time. The store owner can also configure the extension for setting up the minimum interval days between order and delivery date, Admin can also set same day delivery or set holidays in backend calendar.
    Integrate this extension now.
  4. Magento Store Pickup:
    During this holiday season, sometimes it happens that customer is not available to receive a product. Instead of that allow your customers to pick the product from their nearest physical store at their convenience. Out of the box, Extension allows the store owner to configure up to 15 different store pickup options.
    So, don’t think much be the one to purchase.
  5. Magento Product Labels:
    This Holiday Season, Highlight the product with various labels like 60% OFF, New product, Summer Sale, highlight special offer, Christmas offer, Free Shipping or anything that you loved to grab the customer attraction and encourage them to buy products quickly. Out of the box, Magento Product Labels let you display unlimited product labels on the product thumbnail once the condition is satisfied. The extension also comes with functionality to set labels priority as well as admin can even set a custom location to place product label.
    So, Grab this sales booster now.
  6. Magento Partial Payment:
    Let your customers buy a costly product during this holiday season by allowing them to pay product price partially for their convenience. Magento Partial Payment extension allows store customers to pay down payment while purchase and remaining amount in easy monthly installments. By Offering Partial payment for the product, it encourages customers to buy a costly product as well as helps store customer to maintain their financial budget to purchase more. The extension facilitates store owner to set down payment and a maximum number of installments allowed for partial payment. Not only this but store admin can also get list of Partial Payment orders from backend and set periods of the day to collect installments from a backend.
    So, let your customer buy more in this holiday season.
  7. Magento WhatsApp Share:
    According to the recent survey, Nowadays WhatsApp is widely used messaging app when it comes to social sharing with friends & family. Generally, customers are always loved to recommend a product which they are using happily without having an issue and that’s the reason why one happy customer brings another customer to store. Utilizing this opportunity to drive more sales inside your Magento store, WhatsApp Share extension is worth to install. Out of the box, extension facilitates store admin to short product URL using Bitly API along with UTM tracking to analyze traffic generated through WhatsApp share extensions. You can even customize this extension as per your need with size, position and effects.
    Integrate & Boost social sharing of your Store products now.
  8. Magento Instagram Connect Pro:
    When it comes to Social media sharing, Instagram is standing out from the queue. This holiday season use your Instagram images within Magento store and boost your sale like never before. Magento Instagram Connect Pro fetches images from Instagram from account or hashtag as per set configuration and allows customer to purchase the product by identifying product from Instagram image. Hotspot feature is charm of this extension that allows the store customer to identify the product from Instagram by just by simple hover. Out of the box, extension facilitates you to display Instagram images on homepage, CMS page or as a widget as per your need.
    Get this extension to drive more sales using Instagram.
  9. Magento Shipping Per Product:
    Shipping price vary in terms of product height, weight, value, delivery destinations, drop shipper’s charges & So on. Adding Shipping charges directly to product price makes a product costly to buy, instead of this holiday season, use Magento Shipping Per Product extension that allows the store owner to charge separately and directly add it order subtotal. The extension let store admin set custom title along with shipping rate to charge per product. Admin can even set unavailability message for better understanding.
    Pick this extension & integrate it now.
  10. Magento Email Quote Pro:
    This Holiday Season, let your customers get the quote from you for various reasons like bulk purchase or product personalization. Magento Email Quote extension allows the customer to share their product cart with store owner for getting a quote and facilitate store owner to make further communication for product price via email. Out of the box, Pro extension facilitates store owners to create order as well as allow admin to apply coupon code from store backend. Once admin review cart and send product quote to the customer, a customer can directly check out cart by given link in mail.
    So, what else needed if no efforts are exist? Grab this quote module now.

Holiday Gift from MageComp:

Magento Snow Fall:
This Holiday Season with cold wind of winter, decorate your store with Beautiful Snowflakes effects inside your Magento store. With this freebie, you can even customize snowflake icon and make your store ready for another Season.
So, Download it now.

After integrating all these extensions, your Magento store is ready to rock the floor on this holiday season to drive more sales by enhancing store facilities. All these extensions are designed to increase customer shopping experience which directly reflects into your Store revenue.
Comment down below if you need any help or let us know which is your favorite extension among this list.
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