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Magento Instagram connect extension integrates your Magento store with Instagram and showcase Instagram images on your Magento web store.

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Compatibility: Magento CE 1.5.x - 1.9.x, EE 1.8.x - 1.14.x
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Features Comparison For Magento Instagram Extension:

Features Instagram Connect Basic Instagram Connect Pro Instagram Extension by iKantam Instagram Widget by Sashas
Price 35$ 79$ 39$ 15$
Display Instagram images and Videos on: home page, product page
Ability to disable/enable extension for different page type
You can show images/Videos even in more view section and product details section of product page.
You can show images/Videos even in product tab section of product page.
Specify number of images/Videos to be displayed on home page, product page and Instagram page.
No need of Instagram account authentication for use of the extension.
Use various hashtags and users to fetch and display images and videos based on chosen topic.
Facility to add multiple Instagram users and hashtags to the list to fetch images/Videos from.
Specify maximum number of images to fetch based on entered usernames or hashtags.
Choose one of the two views of Instagram image popup in Instagram page: Title with link or Product Blocks.
Option to show navigation in image/videos popup to navigate through various Instagram images.
Option to auto play Instagram videos in popup.
You can also show Instagram images and videos in left and right sidebar.
Specify number of images to show in left and right sidebar.
UTM tracking code can be added to product URLs to better analyze conversions through Instagram extension.
Specify campaign name, medium and source to add UTM tracking URLs to products.
A single click to update image list based on set configuration.
Option to approve images before use.
Option to delete approved images and save them back to new images section.
You can add or edit image information like title, link from Approved Images Manager.
Link image titles to redirect visitors to a particular page.
Simply drag and drop pins on images from backend to automatically set top and left positions and show hotspots on frontend.
Assign a unique product ID to each hotspot to redirect users to particular product and encourage them purchase.
Users can filter Instagram images and videos on frontend based on usernames or hashtags.
Option to show Instagram profile URL in popup on frontend.
Post media resolution type selection options available
Caption, likes and comment can be shown along with Instagram images.
Responsive lightbox popup on Instagram page to show images and videos.
Show hotspots on product image on hover of various titles or product blocks in popup.
You can use the extension as own widget to show Instagram images on any page.
You may specify tag per product.

Social media has become a major source of getting updated with the current trend. From fashion and style to finance and Ecommerce, social media has ruled the world of marketing. After Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest; Instagram is growing popularity at the rate of knots. Most of the store owners have claimed to get more traffic after integrating social media by any means. Though it may not be a top helping hand in conversion but it indirectly helps in building online reputation, branding, search results ranking and social recommendation of products.

Based on the benefits we discussed above, we have come up with Magento Instagram Connect extension to integrate social web with your Magento store and use Instagram images to display on your Magneto store in home page, product page or any other CMS page. This helps people bringing more interest in purchase with use of Instagram images and thus improve conversion rates.

Install Magneto Instagram Connect now to raise your market position, make your brand popular, earn high SERPs and bring more traffic to your Magento store.

Use this code to show Instagram images on any page.
{{block class="Magecomp\Instagrampro\Block\Homepage" template="Magecomp_Instagrampro::instagrampro/homepage.phtml"}}

If you are still confused why you should choose Magento Instagram Connect by MageComp over other competitive extensions available, check the detailed feature list below:

Flexibility to show Instagram images anywhere

Easy to configure the extension to show the images on Homepage and Product view page. You can also control the number of images you want to show there.

Flexibility to show Instagram images anywhere

Update Images By Tags or By User

Update Images By Tags or By User

There is option to select update type to choose from by user or by tags. You can even add Hashtags and Instagram Users in the configuration.

Instagram page with all approved images.

You can create one separate page for Instagram Images and showcase all your approved Images, description and likes on beautiful hover effect. On click, it is opened in a popup having titles with links, description and hotspot on product you have set for that particular image. You can even navigate to other images from popup itself.

Instagram Page in Frontend 

Edit Image Information 

Edit Image Information

Very easy to edit image information of approved images. We have created easy to manage section from where you can edit all the approved image information anytime.

Full Responsive

All Magento store owners are focusing on responsive websites due to latest Google search engine algorithm, we also do take care of that and developed this extension which will integrate seamlessly with your Responsive Magento store.

Full Responsive 

Image in Popup 

Image in Popup

On click of image from Instagram page, it opens in a responsive popup. It shows titles, hotspots on title hover and redirect links to URLs on click set from backend.

Customer Reviews

works like magic
Review by jose
just by adding my instagram account user name, it brings images to show. works well with all devices. thinking to buy pro version for more exciting features and better use of instagram on my magento. loved it.
The best use of Instagram
Review by David
I bought this extension only to bring instagram images on my magento but once i started using, the features helped me to use it at best. really amazing one to make the most out of Instagram so far.
Beautiful Instagram shop ever
Review by James Fabian
with the help of Instagram extension by magecomp, I could prepare a beautiful jewelry shop using my instagram account images. Due to this, my instagram account is gaining popularity and my jewelry getting sold quickly. thanks magecomp for this amazing development.
Buy without a second thought
Review by B. Stahl
No need to compare and test because the extension itself provides the comparison with others and proves to be the best. I searched before a lot but nothing can beat the functionality and features provided by instagram extension by magecomp. You people rock.
one of the best plugin
Review by Janet
this extension works like charme. Easy to customize and the support is fast and friendly.
That deserves more
Review by Bryant Harmon
Really nice extension saved lots of time of mine. Thanks a bunch team.
Best use of Instagram with Magento
Review by Myrtle Crosby
I have just purchased the pro version of Instagram connect extension and it works just best. I have connected my own account and fetch images to encourage Instagram addict people buy. Got a huge positive response, thanks a tons magecomp for this module.
Fully responsive
Review by denise
My store is highly customized with use of theme. I was a bit tensed about the responsiveness of the images through this extension, but to the great surprise, it has total responsive image showcase. Overwhelmed with the extension, thumbs up !
Use of hashtags rocks
Review by Leticia hoover
The option to update image list with hashtag is what I was looking for. To meet up the current trend, I change hashtags on frequent basis and update my images in store. People loved this feature and find easy to buy products. Loved it like anything, good work team magecomp.
More traffic with Instagram images
Review by Nona Braden
After installation of this extension, I noticed a huge traffic boost to my Instagram page. My customers easily get convinced to buy with the help of my daily Instagram posts. Even I got more Instagram followers due to implementation of this feature in my store.
Instagram images for detailed explanation
Review by h. myres
The more view section and product description has become feature rich after installation of Instagram connect extension by magecomp. Visitors get clear view and understanding of my products and it really reduced my support queries related to product. Loved the feature most. Bravo magecomp.
Best Instagram integration module
Review by Elisha Castillo
Best of all Instagram extension available in market. The functionality it serves is just awesome. I use it for my precious jewelry store, and it helped me improve shopping experience and conversions. Must buy module.
Making most out of Instagram
Review by frank
I have never thought before to get more traffic with use of Instagram and generating leads. Enjoying tremendous functionality with this module by magecomp. Awesome Experience.
Best use of hashtags
Review by Karen W. Nettles
Simply place the code on product page and done. I prefer to bring instagram images based on hashtags. A must have extension, I recommend it without a second thought.
Useful, worth the money
Review by Wade King
Very useful extension. It grabs customers’ attention easily and match my theme perfectly. Linking images feature saved my money and time. Worth the money extension.
Best and prompt support
Review by Grace
At first, I was having some issue with authentication, but magecomp provided me with prompt support and solved the issue with a blink of an eye. Keep the good work
Very helpful app
Review by Santiago Miller
This app is a must have if you intend to improve your shop with instagram feeds. It makes life with Magento much easier.
Great Extension
Review by Bradley Pena
The extension and support were superb. Helped us resolve a conflict with other extension. Awesome!
Excellent functionality
Review by Donna Egbert
The extension works like a charm in my Magento 1.7.2 with custom theme installation. Excellent functionality, thumbs up Magecomp
Wonderful module
Review by James Coyne
My basic requirement was to bring images with hashtags, works super awesome. Few clicks setup and a big smile on my face. Thanks guys for this wonderful module.
Highly recommend.
Review by Austyn Gert
I have bought other products from Magecomp and continue to be impressed and always search for their extensions first.
Excellent Extension!
Review by Jerrie Elmo
I had some difficulty installing this and the tech support was fast and extremely helpful! I can highly recommend MageComp, they are fantastic! Thanks guys, so much!
Exactly what I needed.
Review by Campbell
This is really what exactly I'm looking for! Authenticate your Instagram Account and approve the photos you want to show and it starts displaying the images wherever you want.
Linking pages of photos is very useful feature for me to do the marketing of the products.
Top Notch Support!
Review by Lou
I had some issues regarding the configuration, but support was great explain what would be the problems. Work like a charm and is very helpful.
You're awesome :)
Review by Timo Jacob
This extension was all that I need for my store. It works flawless and the support is absolutely great.
Mayur did a great job.
Review by Carlene
Makes the job very good.
I had no problems with installation.
Runs under 1.9.1 very well.
Great in Every Way!
Review by P. Rinaldo
Instagram Connect for Magento is the perfect add-on for using Instagram. Works perfect, easy install, easy customization. And the Magecomp team is also nice. Keep it so!
Review by Pejo
Excellent! Simple to install, works like a charm. Thank you.
Very nice
Review by Kathryn Romy
It works perfectly. Nice extension.
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Pro Basic

Version : 1.3.4 Date : 11-01-2017

- You can now show instagram images and videos in product tab section of product page in frontend.

- Specify maximum number of instagram images to fetch based on users or hashtags.

- Introduced 2 new Instagram popup views to choose one from: Title with links and Product blocks.

- You can now auto play videos in Instagram popup.

- Specify number of Instagram images, videos and show them in left and right sidebar.

- UTM tracking for product URLs to analyze purchases through Instagram extension.

- Delete approved images and save them back to new images section.

- Easy to set hotspot from backend, simply drag and drop pins on Instagram images.

- Filter Instagram images and videos on frontend based on usernames or hashtags.

- Show Instagram caption, likes and comment counts along with images and videos.

- Insert and show as an Instagram widget on any page.

- Show Instagram profile URL in popup on frontend.

Version : 2.1.0 Date : 03-06-2017

- No authentication required to use our Instagram extension.

Version : 1.3.3 Date : 21-11-2016

- Now you don't have to get permission for using Instagram extension.

- Instagram Images are auto fetched and updated on regular interval of half an hour.


Version : 1.3.2 Date : 27-09-2016

- Option to set X-axis and Y-axis from backend to show hotspot on product image.


Version : 1.3.1 Date : 17-07-2016

- Shows Instagram likes on image hover in Instagram page.


Version : 1.3.0 Date : 20-04-2016

- Support for Instagram videos along with images.


Version : 1.1.0 Date : 05-11-2015

- Compatible with SUPEE 6788


Client - Pret & Gems:

Requirements Implementations
Personalized wishlist as “Save to My Pret” and all Instagram saved images to “My Account” Client wanted us to provide a personalized wishlist for Instagram images. Whenever users click on “Save to My Pret” button on Instagram images from Instagram page, if customers are logged in, all images get saved to the “My Pret” tab under “My Account” page where all the selected images will be saved. If customers are not logged in, they will be redirected to sign up or login page.
Client wanted us to provide filters on Instagram gallery page based on user names and hashtags added from backend even if they are not available in configuration of extension. We provided 2 text areas in backend to pass user name and hashtags values to be added to fetch images either from approved images if available or from Instagram account if not. Based on this inputs, customers can filter Instagram images on frontend in Instagram Gallery page.
Rather than fixed sized image popup, client wanted image sized popup. We changed the popup size to be flexible as per the size of images to show whole images without resizing.
Layout same as Instagram app. We developed same layout from showing profile URL along with photo, likes counts, Save to My Pret button and time span of image upload just as Instagram app.
Responsive image slider on home page. In approved images manager, we added an option to show particular image in slider on home page. If client sets it to YES, the images will show up in a responsive slider we created in home page.
Client wanted to add image fetched by and user/hashtag value in backend grid of approved images manager. We added these two options to show in grid with appropriate value.