In this blog, I will illustrate How to Setup Redis for Magento 2 on an EC2 server. Make sure you have visited previously published illustration fo Magento 2 Configuring Cloudfront CDN for Nginx Server. Let’s Get Started🚀

You can follow these steps to Improve Magento 2 performance with AWS CloudFront☁️.

What is Redis?

Mainly, we can say that redis is an in-memory data structure store. It is well known because it’s a high-performance database and it’s open source. It is very prevailing within the Magento Developers🧑‍💻. And there are lots of applications that use redis directly or indirectly. 

Why is Redis Fast?

Here, redis utilizes the memory to store the data. The whole data set means the Memcached is stored in-memory that means it is exceedingly fast. According to all the performances, we can conclude that redis is a remarkable selection if you need an exceedingly scalable data storage that is collectively shared by more than one process or multiple servers.

Steps to Setup Redis for Magento 2 on EC2 server📡:

Step 1: Install redis using the below command

Step 2: Utilize the below code to add it to the start services.

Step 3: After the above steps we will move forward to secure it:

Step 4: Now open the config file and assure that the binding line is not commented. Also, uncomment the password line by entering a secure password as demonstrated below.

Step 5: Now we will create a powerful and secured password by utilizing the below-given command

Step 6: Now, this step is very essential because this password could be brute-forced.

At last restart the service

After the above implementation, we have successfully installed the redis and also secured the same. Now we will be required to enable it in Magento to follow the below-given commands for that. Make sure you haven’t forgotten to enter your redis password in the command else you will face difficulties by getting 500  errors.

For more information check official Magento Developer Docs: Use Redis for session storage

There it goes. You have cached your all sessions with redis successfully.


Hopefully, all are able to Setup Redis for Magento 2 on the EC2 server successfully by implementing the above-given illustration. In case of any difficulties you face in the above implementation then let me know in the comment section below I will be happy to help.

Till then Stay Safe and Keep Developing

Happy Configuring🙂.

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