WhatsApp has been added to the lifestyle of people. This brings in broader opportunities for businesses that want to expand their reach and grow audiences.

As per the statistics by FreshWorks, more than 5 million businesses are actively connecting with customers on WhatsApp; as many as 80% are with the opinion that it helps businesses grow.

WhatsApp Business can be a game-changer for your messaging strategy and will help you to remain competitive. WhatsApp Business API helps medium and large-scale businesses to connect with their customers in a secure, reliable, and simple manner.

Use Official WhatsApp Business API or Custom WhatsApp Business API and automated send messages outside contact list easily.

Difference Between: Official WhatsApp API and Custom WhatsApp API


Official WhatsApp API

Custom WhatsApp API


$29 or 1999 INR / Month

WhatsApp us on +917990250277 for purchase

$15 or 1100 INR / month

WhatsApp us on +917990250277 for purchase

Cost per message

Automated Message cost is the same as Facebook – Click here

From February 2022 it will apply this – Click here

This means You get the first 1000 conversations per waba / month (included in our pricing). After that Facebook Conversion Charges will apply that will be charged as per actual to you (without any markup)

No Per Message Cost

QR Code

No QR Code Scan Required

WhatsApp Web QR Code based system

You will get one panel to login where you can scan your WhatsApp Web QR code once. You will get API details that you can use to configure in the plugin. Then you can close the panel. Automated notification will start sending from your own number.


Time to Onboard Approvals Required.

 1. WhatsApp business number approval required for API access. Takes max 1-2 days

2. Facebook Business Verification Required. If you have it already, it’s good,
otherwise, it takes 1-2 days parallely.

3. Template Text approval required which you want to send as an automated
notification. It takes hardly 30 mins to 1 hour.

It’s plug and play, you can start using it in no time. No approvals required.

Available Plugins

Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce

Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce

Sent/Received Messages

As this is the official WhatsApp API, as per the Facebook rules you can’t use that number as a WhatsApp mobile app. So you will get one panel where you can see sent and received messages. That panel can have 5 different agents to login and reply to the customers.

All Sent and Received Messages you can see on your Whatsapp mobile app.


You can send broadcast messages to all of your customers. You just need to get the template approved and send it to all your customers without any risk of getting banned.

You can send bulk Messages from Panel but at your own risk as there are chances of getting a number banned. We won’t be responsible for the number ban.

Auto Reply

Auto Reply Feature you can setup in the panel

Auto Reply Feature you can setup in the panel

WooCommerce Integration

Direct integration for Woocommerce stores from the panel itself.

You need to install the plugin and configure the API details for Woocommerce integration. You can download the plugin from here

Multiple Website

Cost is for Sender Number not for each website, so you can use it on multiple websites too.

Cost is for Sender Number not for each website, so you can use it on multiple websites too.

Contact Widget

Whatsapp contact widget available for your website

Whatsapp contact widget available for your website


Webhook support

Webhook support

Download PDF

Official WhatsApp Business API

With MageComp’s powerful and quick WhatsApp API, build custom solutions for your business. 

  • Team Inbox helps in connecting multiple users to answer customers’ queries quickly.
  • Send automated WhatsApp notification
  • Support broadcast WhatsApp notifications and import contacts quickly.
  • Serve your customers through WhatsApp official API
  • Support sending multimedia like Text, Image, PDF.
  • Supports buttons

Custom WhatsApp Business API

Stay always connected with your customers and communicate with them in the same mechanism they connect with their friends and family.

  • Engage with customers and send messages with your own number.
  • Automatically send and receive messages without any effort.
  • Increase brand awareness with brand logo and name.
  • Send messages to customers that are not even on your contact list.
  • Support sending multimedia like Text, Image, PDF.

Final Say:

WhatsApp Business API offers useful features for businesses to stay in touch with their customers. Increase conversion rates, interact with your customers, and increase your chances of being seen through MageComp’s WhatsApp Business APIGet Started Now 

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