In this day and age, websites are using more visuals in order to catch users’ attention. Websites have hundreds and even thousands of images. Images affect the loading speed of websites. This can be a hindrance to a website’s user experience, SEO performance, and increased bounce rates.

Regardless of the optimized website, images are the elements that decelerate the speed of your website. One of the best ways to get rid of slow-loading websites is to optimize the images. Once the image is optimized, its file size will be smaller and it becomes faster to load.

Merchants of WordPress sites can use WP Compress to optimize images. WP Compress is a WordPress plugin used to optimize image size, faster loading times, and boost conversions.

Let’s know more about WP Compress for WordPress

WP Compress for WordPress

WP Compress is a free and premium plugin that is efficient to use along with optimizing the image size without losing its quality. WP Compress allows optimizing, compressing, and resizing images of the website thus saving space per image and improving loading speeds.

WP Compress is an affordable way to increase the page load times of your WordPress website. WP Compress will increase image loading that will decrease bounce rates, increase conversions and website ROI.

Features of WP Compress

WP Compress can help in optimizing images for faster loading. It can help in a variety of ways as well:

  • Optimize all the images in a single click.
  • Optimize new images as soon as they are added to the website with auto-pilot mode.
  • 3 levels are available for image compression: Prioritize maximum compression, Prioritize retention of detail, and Custom.
  • Protection against over compression to avoid reducing image quality.
  • Store image files in CDN for faster loading.
  • Automatically resize image dimensions within a certain size.
  • Able to restore images back to original.
  • Compare before and after optimization with quick preview mode.
  • Optimize up to 50 images for free. For more credits, subscribe for $5/month.

Final Words:

WP Compress is a great way to optimize your images for your WordPress site. With great features, it becomes an ideal choice for WordPress merchants to optimize their website images for faster loading. It is a cost-effective way to speed up your WordPress website and avoid frustrating your customers with slow loading speed.

Alternatively, Hire a WordPress Developer to custom develop your WordPress website.

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