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Hope you are going well with your Magento 2 stores. Today’s subject matter is How to Move Apply Coupon to Order Summary in Magento 2. Check our earlier published blog in case you missed out. Magento 2: How to add WYSIWYG Editor in Admin Configuration.


Magento 2 provides a default design for the cart page and checkout page. Many a time,  requirements arise to move some fields to another field instead of the default design. The apply discount code is displayed after the shopping cart items list in default Magento 2. Look at the below image:

apply coupon magento 2

The chances are customers may miss out to look at the apply coupon code section as it is displayed at the bottom. The order summary is the area where the customers definitely look up to before proceeding for checkout. Moving apply coupon code to order summary is an ideal solution to grab customers’ attention.

Let’s start 🚀

How to Move Apply Coupon to Order Summary in Magento 2?

Step 1: Move to the below path:


Now, add the below code:

Step 2: Now, clean the cache and check the output.


apply coupon order summary magento 2


Simple as that. This way you can Move Apply Coupon to Order Summary in Magento 2. Display a dropdown list of multiple coupons and manage it easily with the help of Easy Coupon Manager Extension for Magento 2. In case you find any issue while executing the code, mention in the comment part and I will be right back to you. Ensure you share the article with your friends and colleagues. Stay connected for more such Magento solutions.

Happy Coding 😊

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