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PWA is one of the most trending technology when it comes to mobile supportive website development. Taking advantage of that in the past times Magento has released its PWA project by adding the popular PWA technology in the Magento store. With this set, all the Magento developers are capable of creating the Magento stores mobile📱 compatible by consuming less time⏳

Check out what is PWA and working of it PWA In Magento 2: What is PWA?. For learning the integration of PWA in your Magento 2 store PWA Magento 2 Demo | Everything You Need to Know.

In this article, I will be discussing Best Magento PWA Providers for your Magento 2 Store and its importance in mobile-commerce. Look over our previously published article Magento Progressive Web Applications | Magento 2 PWA. Let’s Get Started🚀

Best Magento PWA(Progressive Web Apps) Providers:

  • ScandiPWA 
  • Tigren
  • NexPWA
  • Vuestorefront
  • Simicart 


ScandiPWA Progressive Web Apps theme that is known as one of the first solutions, that is very easy to use by all the developers as they are well-known with it. Eventually, it still provides all the benefits that are provided by Progressive Web Apps technology!



  • Fast page loading time
  • Boost of mobile conversions
  • Add to home screen option
  • Homescreen App save
  • Enhanced Offline Mode
  • Push notifications
  • Priority in organic search
  • Native app look and feel




PWA development service by Tigren offers Magento development services that include faster page loading speed, responsive design, and high-quality E-commerce functionality. 

Tigren PWA


  • Optimized for SEO.
  • Faster loading Speed.
  • Cross-platform availability
  • Provides Full-screen mode
  • Offers home screen icons.
  • Enables push notifications
  • Capable of offline mode
  • Enhanced Background sync




PWA development service by NexPWA offers a very fast & user-friendly front-end that is deployed on your Magento store the time period of just 2 weeks. Checkout Innovative features.



  • Offers A/B Testing
  • 6 Optimized Themes Available
  • Capable to deploy PWA only for mobile.
  • Includes Google Tag Manager Integration
  • Supports Multi-Currency
  • Supports Page Builder and Magento CMS 
  • Inbuilt Payment Gateway Integration
  • Publish in iOS and Android App Stores




PWA development service by Vue Storefront is a one-stop solution for eCommerce. It develops the websites by utilizing Node.js and GraphQL as a server-API. 


  • Offline orders Supported
  • Enables push notifications
  • No need to download.
  • Search engine friendly
  • Actively Works on all devices
  • Fewer data requirements




PWA development service by Simicart offers a cost-effective solution to create PWA for Magento websites. It eventually helps to boost loading speed and ranking on google.  It includes push notifications and adds to the home screen.



  • PWA responsive theme
  • Add to home screen option.
  • Push notifications
  • 3x faster-loading speed
  • App-like experience
  • Provides Offline mode
  • Effective SEO boost



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Undoubtedly, Magento PWA (Progressive Web Apps) is creating a big impact in M-Commerce development. MageComp is happy to bring more useful and interesting information for our audience who are actively looking for Magento Performance Optimization Service. Hopefully, this precise list of all Magento PWA (Progressive Web Apps) Providers will help you. 

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