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Welcome to MageComp Blog! Hopefully all of you are doing great and safe at your places. To make your days, even more, productive, Today, we are here with everything you need to know about Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs in Magento 2. Do not forget to have a look at Best Magento 2 Payment Gateways (Latest 2020). So without further ado let’s begin?.


With the rising trends in Magento and its applications, developers found a need for the customer experience to be secure, quick, and engaging. The Magento PWA is a modern web technology that aids a better growth rate and attracts more number of users, thereby keeping in check the principles of Magento and integrating E-commerce with it. Magento PWA enhances the mobile as well as desktop user experience by inviting the customer to add it to their home screens on their very first visit to the page.

The importance of Magento PWA has been highlighted time and again in context to E-commerce. Companies like Uber, Pinterest, Tinder, Forbes and many more to name have found a drastic change in the loading speed of their sites and pages after having implemented the Magento PWA. Facts prove that 53% of the users leave a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load which in turn causes a 16% fall in customer satisfaction.

Thus, the Magento PWA fulfills the basic aim of contracting the gap between native apps and web apps as well as considerably increasing the Brand Revenues. In the following blog, we shall go through every piece of data that you need to have about the Magento PWA.

Benefits of PWA:

Quick Browsing

Due to the presence of the Service workers and storage API from the client-side, Magento PWA allows fast loading, prevents reloading, aids in quick responses, and minimizes the customer traffic on the web page. Fast UI usability and Multiple cache Management makes it even more efficient.

App Downloading not required

You can run the PWA’s through a simple browser and your page may feel like an organically installed application. Also, there is no need of installing any app before using the PWA.

Work Offline

Do you face problems with poor networks or no internet? The solution is PWA!

With PWA, you can work offline and prevent hampering productivity. All your commands shall be on a stand-by mode until the PWA goes online again.


One can easily add the PWA to the home screen so it makes the customer engagement easy as he does not have to time and again visit the store for browsing the items. The PWA can work in full screen too and appears to be the same as the application that you use.

Boosting Customer Conversion rates

The customers feel a sense of reliability and fast service. Hence, they get attracted to your store and make repeated visits. This leads to gaining customer loyalty and the conversion rates improve positively.

Magento PWA Implementation: 

  • Develop a PWA from the outset if you are building a new website or redesigning it for your Magento Store. This shall help you get acquainted with all the functionalities since the inception and make things easier for you.
  • If you are not developing your website from the outset, then you need to just create a simple version of your website that possesses the basic qualities of the PWA and you are good to go.

The most prime note while working with the PWA is to fight the few challenges that it poses and adapt to it. A PWA might not work with all the devices and cross-app logins may fail sometimes. But there is always room for the solution to every hurdle that arises and one must probe into the positives to overcome them.

Magento PWA in Nutshell: 

Progressive Web App (PWA) is the most latent technology of all and may help your E-commerce reach newer heights of success and proficiency. 

MageComp in association with the very respectable names in the industry, Tigren offers the best and quality services for the Magento PWA. Tigren has over 8 years of experience in creating and maintaining Customer Experience with user-friendly online stores and a varied range of Magento Services. 

Magento PWA Compatible Extension:

Associating with one of the most unique Magento service providers, MageComp’s Magento 2 extensions Email Quote and Email Quote PRO are completely compatible with our Partner Tigren’s PWA themes for Magento 2 which makes the tie-up even more exciting and successful. The two Magento 2 extensions by MageComp help in receiving the various quote requests from the customers through the front-end as well as create, send and manage quotations from the back-end, making it totally compatible with the Tigren PWA theme.

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Get equipped with the PWA today to experience the best of E-commerce practices and do contact us in case you need any guidance through the process!

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