Hello, Magento folks,

Let me ask you first, how was your Christmas and New Year Holidays? I am sure that you must have had a blast in the holidays. I want to thank you all for participating in the MageComp Christmas offer that ended on Dec 31st, 2019.

As the MageComp takes it really seriously that the service provided by us should always be beneficial to our valuable customers. We are not here to only make money. We are here to build relationships that last longer, so that our clients and stakeholders have a lasting impression of us. In the Last year, MageComp was able to expand its wings in the new fields. Recently, we shared the Year 2019 in Review for MageComp. In that blog post, we described how your favorite Ecommerce Brand had splendid success.

We will be coming up with new Magento 2 Extensions this month as well that will add up the performance of your store. Last month we had come up with a really cool and featureful extension that can help uplift the performance of your Magento store.

So, let’s have a look at our newly launched extension of December Month,

(Note: All of our new and updated extensions of Magento 2 and Magento 1 are compatible with the latest version of the respective Magento platform.)

1. Magento 2 Product Image Order View (FREE)

magento 2 product images

Magento 2 Product Images Order View Extension by MageComp facilitates you to view the product images of all the orders on the back-end page of the order section. After installing and enabling the extension, you will be able to see the images of all the products in the order section page in the back-end.

Let’s look at some benefits of the Extension:

  • Back-end option to enable/disable the extension. Just enable it, and you are good to go.
  • After complete installation, you will be able to view the product images of orders on the back-end page of the order section.
  • This extension will minimize the mistakes and simplify things for you.

2. Magento 2 City and Region Manager 

city and region manager

Magento 2 City and Region Manager Extension by MageComp is helpful for store owners who want to add custom shipping locations and regions. These regions and locations will be displayed in the store front-end, where store owners will be able to serve the orders shipping.

Let’s look at some benefits of the Extension:

  • Option to allow/not allow customers to add their custom location/region.
  • If customers are allowed to add shipping locations/regions, then they can complete the checkout process, or else they can’t place the order.
  • Option available in the back-end to manage the custom locations/regions based on states, cities, and zip codes.
  • Customers can see the allowed locations/regions as a dropdown menu during the checkout process.
  • With this extension enabled, the whole process becomes easy for customers to choose the available shipping location/region.

 3. Magento 2 Amazon S3?Magento 2 amazon s3

Magento 2 Amazon S3(Simple Storage Service) Extension by MageComp will be able to upload and bind all your Magento store’s images, videos, catalog, and downloadable products to the secure Amazon S3 servers.

Let’s look at some benefits of the Extension:

  • Back-end option to enable or disable the extension.
  • You’ll need to have an access key and secret key to connect with Amazon S3 Servers to save and upload data.
  • After configuration the extension, it will upload all the data file such as,
  1. Product images
  2. Generated thumbnails
  3. WYSIWYG images
  4. WYSIWYG videos
  5. Category images
  6. Favicon
  • The availability of the bucket can be checked by entering the bucket name and server region.
  • You can set the time out time manually.

4. Magento 2 First Data ICICI 

magento 2 first data icici

Magento 2 First Data ICICI Extension will help store owners to accept payments from customers when they purchase online securely through ICICI payment gateway with integration to First Data IMS(ICICI Merchant Service) omnichannel.

Let’s look at some benefits of the Extension:

  • Back-end option to enable or disable the extension.
  • You will be able to collect and accept payment online securely through First Data IMS with Integration to ICICI payment gateway.
  • Built-in sandbox to test the functionality of the extension.
  • You can set the custom title of the payment method to appear in the front-end to display.
  • You can enable the extension for specific countries if required.

Now let’s look at the updated extensions with their added features,

1. Magento 2 Recent Sales Notification Updated Version. 1.0.3

magento 2 recent sales notification

Added features and updates of the extension:

  • New Feature Added – Display Fake Orders Notifications
  • Now enable the city variable in the template
  • Bug fix to show order notification days, minutes, and hours properly.
  • Minor Bug fixes.

2. Magento 2 Surcharge Updated Version. 1.0.6

magento 2 surcharge plugin

Added features and updates of the extension:

  • Added option to calculate tax on surcharge.
  • Option to calculate inclusive, exclusive, or both taxes.
  • Now work flawlessly with PayPal to accept payments

So, this was it for December 2019. Our intention is to give you the best class services and products. And with the launch of these extensions, your Magento 2 store will have some added features and functionality, which will strengthen your Magento store. Also, to make it more powerful, Upgrade Your Magento store to its latest version.

We will be thrilled and feel proud of our work if you found any of the extension useful. If you face any problem after purchase or during installation, you can always contact us at support@magecomp.com


Note : *The name “Magento” and the logo are the trademarks of Magento®️, Inc.

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