Handling an e-commerce website faces dozens of headaches. The store merchant always has a scare in the rising cart abandonment rate. We all know about the solution to reduce the cart abandonment rate using the Magento 2 abandoned cart Email extension and enhancing the checkout process of the store. 

All store owners have a precise plan of reducing cart abandonment rate but the execution of that plan becomes difficult for all. Rather than selecting not required Magento 2 extensions and executing the reduction of the cart abandonment rate and making it more complicated. I am here to provide you exact steps of reducing the Abandoned Carts. Explore this article and get an effective way to decrease your cart abandonment rate.

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What Is An Abandoned Cart In Magento 2?

Basically, cart abandonment is the phrase elaborated by all the e-commerce platforms. The perfect definition of cart abandonment is the process in which the customer chooses the product to purchase and does not complete the checkout process. Basically when customers select the products by reviewing the product description and clicking on the buy now button or adding the product to the shopping cart but depart without completing the payment process. The abandoned carts will be the main reason for the decrease in potential revenue of the store. Hence, to eradicate this problem you must have a deep insight into the problem and will have to act accordingly.

Major Reasons Customers Leave Their Shopping Cart

Unexpected Shipping Costs

Many times due to extra hidden costs are the main cause of visitors that leave without purchasing the product. Sometimes due to high shipping costs also becomes a reason for the users to leave the cart without purchasing.

Having to create a new account

When spending more time in selecting the right product and after that user might need to create a new user account then it sounds frustrating if there is a complicated & lengthy signup process. To diminish this integrate Google One Tap Login for Magento 2 stores to log in or create a new account with one click. 

Long and Confusing Checkout

It is similar to the above reason (creating a new user account). Long and confusing checkout will become frustrating for customers because of unnecessary form fill-ups that indicate poor experience.

Security & Trust Issues

The priority feature for customers is the payment process must be secure. If the users will not find a safe payment process then there is no chance that they will purchase the product. Majorly the SSL certificate is mandatory for this and the standard payment process is compulsory.

Technical Problems

The rest reason includes the issues that are ignored by the store owners. The website must load in the lowest time, must not have website crashes. 

Tips To Reduce Magento 2 Cart Abandonment Rate

Integrate the Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Suite extension in your Magento 2 stores. 

Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email

Abandoned Cart Suite extension for Magento 2 by MageComp helps the store owner to remind/recall the abandoned/neglected carts of their customers by offering a discount voucher via sending Emails, SMS Notifications, or WhatsApp Notifications.

Advantages of integrating the Abandoned Cart Suite Extension in your Magento 2 store.

  • Send reminders via Emails, SMS or WhatsApp Notifications.
  • Easily send Abandoned Cart Notifications.
  • Admin can examine the campaign’s performance analysis.
  • Seamless resending at particular time periods.
  • Straight forward customization of email templates.
  • Get better CTR by offering the discount voucher in the attachment.
  • Send and examine the test emails without any difficulty.
  • Featured display popup on cart page to send discount vouchers to customers.

Wrapping Up:

Concluding that cart abandonment is the major concern for all the e-commerce merchants to think about. It will be a smart move to plan a strategy and implement various tactics to reduce the cart abandonment rate. 

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