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Trust all are doing well in this pandemic. Basically when it comes to e-commerce stores then plugins and extensions play a major role in enhancing the functionality of the store. Whether it is a custom requirement or general modification. Plugins help in customizing any e-commerce requirement and provides perfect customer satisfaction functionality.

In this article, I will explore the WooCommerce Price per Keyword plugin for WooCommerce stores. Check out the features and of the extensions and how they will be helpful to your WooCommerce store. 

WooCommerce stores that need Price per Keyword plugin.

Basically many WooCommerce store merchants were facing problems in selling customizable products. Selling the products without customization is very easy but when you have a store where you are selling all the customizable products then it becomes difficult for owners to provide the best experience of customer satisfaction. Selling customized t-shirts, mobile covers or any other customized products makes admin work harder. The admin will need to interact with the customers and will need to provide a custom price for their desired product. This becomes time-consuming and complicated for the admin.

Hence to eliminate these problems MageComp has launched a Price per Keyword plugin for Woocommerce stores.

What is WooCommerce Price per Keyword plugin?

Price per Keyword plugin by MageComp allows the customers to customize the product according to their wished text and the store admin can charge the customer for each character they add separately. The store customer can effortlessly customize the product from the front end of the store. 

Features of WooCommerce Price per Keyword plugin.

Calculates product Price per Keyword.

The WooCommerce Price per Keyword plugin calculates the price of the product on the basis of the customer’s customization. Each character has a fixed rate that will be added by the store merchant. 

Helps to reduce the admin tasks.

Admin tasks will be reduced because there is no need to connect with customers if they need customization. The customers are capable of customizing via frontend and the admin task will be diminished which eventually helps the admin to give priority time to other tasks.

Customers can customize products as per their desire.

WooCommerce Price per Keyword plugin makes the customers capable of customizing the products as per their desire directly from the front end of your store. 

Charge customers as per their customization.

The price per Keyword plugin for WooCommerce stores allows the store admin to set fix price per keyword. Hence when the customers add keywords they will be charged as per their customization.

What Are You Waiting For? Integrate the Price per Keyword plugin in your WooCommerce Stores Now.

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Wrapping Up:

However, when you integrate a variety of amazing modules in your WooCommerce store then it helps in extending the functionality and helps in boosting the customer satisfaction of your store. 

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