A Javascript developer is a new way for pages and apps to be developed in a way no competition will pose a threat. Hiring a JS programmer is proven to ensure that your team will be able to develop a project that follows cutting-edge design tendencies and influences businesses’ returns on investments in quite a positive manner. 

Given that JavaScript is a fundamental language, JS experts are familiar with a bunch of other programming languages. This enables the process to be enriched with stronger expertise and a more complex perspective. 

A web browser is proudly wearing JavaScript as the most comfortable, yet catchy outfit, that will provoke others to try on as well, meaning it is quite trouble-free to deal with and aesthetics is always outstanding. To maintain this level, a javascript programmer for the team is the gem to hire.

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Javascript Programmers: Who are They, and What They Do

Obviously, Javascript developers’ job has something to do with knowing and masterfully using Javascript language, which according to Statista resource is the most used language globally as of 2021 (64.96% to be exact). Javascript coder is in demand due to the JS being a critical part of the web interactive features functionality. Most browsers support it and thrive on it. 

To hire a javascript specialist means to have an expert in the team who will combine the design art together with programming art, by enriching the web with impressive visuality and creating appropriate web-behavior. JS developers are free to operate various plugins, libraries, and frameworks (React, Node, Angular). This gives them an opportunity to write clean code that is safe from any intrusion and cracking. 

Javascript specialists find themselves working in close connection with front-end and back-end developers as well as interacting with the whole team while developing new features, building reusable code, creating new libraries for future uses, ensuring tech usability of UI/UX designs and optimizing existing apps for more speed. 

Also, having a JS programmer on the team ensures vivid, constantly-updating content, monitoring multimedia elements for harmonious and relevant functionality, web server building, and development of the cross-platform mobile and web applications. 

The Most Popular Companies, Which Use Such Services

Learning from previous information, it’s become clear that top Javascript developers add value to the team and eventually to the web resource by bringing more dynamics and interactivity. Users are big-time responsive to the interactive page elements, therefore there is a demand for such experience and JS tech talents can guarantee that.

The most popular companies understand that happy website users, where there is everything that fits their needs, might be the cure for their pains, and the eye candy for their eyes generates impressive revenues and maximize business potential by times. Google, Facebook, Netflix, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Uber, and PayPal are among those big sharks who saw the beneficial potential of the Javascript programming language and keep on utilizing it. 

It’s hard to find somebody in the present-day community of tech users, who has never seen or indulged in trying the features of the above-mentioned resources. They are efficiently excellent for so many reasons. Javascript tech talent is one of the mighty ones.

These are just some examples. Yet, it is hard to find a company that one way or another has not found Javascript to be ideal for making an app, a web page, or a game.

Javascript Developers Advantages 

Considering that majorly famous companies have considered Javascript as one of the means for quite a profitable business says a lot about the advantageous position of this programming language and developers who operate it like wizards. However, let’s define distinctly what pros set, the JS programmers hold.


Javascript language is simple to comprehend and grasp. Developers with JS competence make it cost-effective due to its speedy acquisition and feasibility of implementation.


Javascript developers reduce the time needed to connect to the server due to the JS feature taking less time for compilation in comparison with other programming languages.

Server Load

Javascript allows websites to update only selected pieces of the web page because data verification happens on the browser without being sent off to the server. JS developers help reduce server load. This makes the most impatient users stay and linger.


JS specialists know Javascript alongside other programming languages. JS in its turn cooperates well with those other languages and makes it a perfect environment for developing apps. They can embed it onto any page or inside another language script.

Fancy interfaces

JS developers create eye-candy and friendly to use webpages( drag and drop features, sliders, etc.). This attracts more users and enhances product interaction.

Decreased Overhead

Operating Javascript lets developers maximize the website and apps’ performance due to decreasing the code length. 


Due to rich libraries, plugins, and frameworks, JS programmers can be dealing with front-end and back-end, offering more functionality and security to the projects.

These are certainly some of the strong sides that the developers bring to the project development. Pro-rata to its constant and fast upgrade more advantages pile up on the list.

Ways to Hire a JS Developer

Getting the grip on the ways that the Javascript programmers influence the development process positively, there might occur a question: “Where or how do we hire a strictly professional tech talent who does not possess superficial knowledge of “some” Javascript, but is actually fully immersed in its peculiarity and successfully demonstrates it on the website or an app?”

Good to know that currently there are so many options on how to add the talent to the team. For that, businesses have a well-developed HR infrastructure, which has an algorithm on how to find, vet, and land the developer. Also, there is a possibility to turn for help from third-party vendors who offer opportunities for staff reinforcement. Here we can think of otstaffing, staff augmentation, and outsourcing (outsourcing HR and payroll; IT consulting outsourcing, web-development outsourcing). 

Addressing BPO companies for staffing needs can save time and money. Since it is possible to hire experts from countries that charge less but bring the same quality and efficiency. Eastern European tech pool is quite broad and offers excellent options for JS programmers to expand the team.

Outsourcing companies have access to the most talented specialists that will match the customers’ requirements, assign people for the job, and deal with all the employment burdens.


Javascript developers perform a critical role for the websites to gain their visitors turning them into permanent users. Adding to rich design and quite interactive functionality, JS programmers contribute to business growth and revenue generation. Enhancing the development team with these specialists helps to satisfy the market demand and elevate the product to the level of coveted.

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