Every person uses many applications on their mobiles and computers that help them with their everyday tasks. Therefore, having specific software can make the challenging process of starting up a new business, or even running one, much more manageable.

Here We bring an updated list of Best Apps For Small Business in 2022!


Quickbooks is accounting software that gives a sense of your business’ financials. It can be used to keep track of the profits, losses, business reports, unpaid invoices, and sales, as well as paying employees and minimizing tax reductions. You can connect a bank account, credit cards, online wallets, and several other financial services, to easily monitor their usage.


Square is really good for small business; it doesn’t matter if it is mobile or brick-and-mortar. You will be given a portable card reader on signup, which can be used to accept credit and debit card payments. You can get a point-of-sale system from the company, which can be used to monitor sales and inventory very easily. You can even get help with setting up your online store.

Document Handling?

SodaPDF is an excellent software that is gaining fame in business people. It can be beneficial to create and edit PDF files. You can even use it to convert other formats to PDF, which is more widely accepted. It is also great to sign documents digitally; the conventional method is more time consuming and expensive for the long run.


Slack’s instant messaging platform can be used to organize your team’s conversations into public or separate private channels, and you can even send direct messages. You can share images, PDFs, or any other files, using the handy drag-and-drop method. You can also archive any chats. The app offers an unlimited number of accounts to every user.



If you are looking to enhance the collaboration and communication within your business, then you should consider getting Asana. It lets you share notes, files, and easily communicate with other members. You can also view any tasks, projects, and keep up with the progress on the Asana board. You can either download its app on any mobile device or use the online website.


If you are looking to organize the hiring process in the business accurately, you can check out Proven. You can perform many tasks with it, like post job listing on several platforms. You can seamlessly sort through any number of applicants and mark “yes” or “no” or “maybe” to easily follow up. It can save a significant amount of time during the hiring process.

3.Time Management

RescueTime is an excellent option for keeping track of time. It gives you detailed reports of the time spent on each application and website. You can even block specific pages, track any offline activity, and get alerts if you have spent more than a set period in a certain place, for a premium. It is compatible with almost every PC, Android, Mac, or Linux device.


Hubstaff is a time tracking tool that streamlines several aspects of team management like productivity monitoring, project budgeting, timesheets, and payments. You’ll be able to see the apps and URLs that your team accessed, their activity rates based on keyboard and mouse input, and which projects are consuming the most resources. It also lets you automate your team’s payroll through multiple payment platforms like PayPal, Payoneer, and TransferWise.


Nimble is excellent for businesses that have to update their social media pages routinely. It is a great customer relationship management software that takes data from your contacts’ social profiles and uploads itself. It can also be connected to Outlook, Gmail, and many other services to analyze mutual interests.

Over to you,

We think these apps will help you manage different professional workflow in a more smart way. You think we missed any best apps for small businesses, let us know in the comment section.

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