As a business owner, planning to take your website on a digital platform is very important. But if you think that having an eCommerce website is your ultimate destination, then you are wrong. Today’s digital world has moved way past mere eCommerce websites. Having a mobile-optimized website and a mobile app is the hottest trend in today’s digital decade. In fact, the time has gone when eCommerce websites used to rule the digital world; it is the M-commerce era.

A statistical analysis shows that the number of mobile users is estimated to cross 7.5 billion by the year 2025. Because of this increasing usage of mobile devices and the level of convenience provided by them has made eCommerce business owners have responsive websites and launch their mobile applications.

As we know, Shopify is the first choice of every business owner when it comes to launching an online store, which is why MageComp has combined both the best eCommerce platform and the hottest digital trend and developed the Mobile App Builder for Shopify users.

What is MageComp’s Mobile App Builder?

Mobile App Builder is a valuable Shopify add-on that helps Shopify store admins create a customized and feature-rich mobile app for their Shopify eCommerce store. This app builder aims to provide with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing admins to design and configure their mobile app without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

The mobile app builder offers an expansive range of customizable templates, functionalities, and integrations to enhance customers’ mobile shopping experience, ultimately boosting sales and engagement. All in all, MageComp’s Mobile App Builder for Shopify users is a must-have tool for online retailers that are planning to expand their reach and provide a seamless mobile shopping experience.

Functionalities of Mobile App Builder

To start using the functionalities of the Mobile App Builder, you need to enable the add-on from the Dashboard section after installing the add-on into your Shopify store. Once you have enabled the app status, you can start designing your mobile app.🤗

A. Design App

1. User Greeting Text

MageComp ‑ Mobile App Builder

This is the field that allows you to add a greeting text for your customers/visitors when they open your mobile eCommerce shopping app. The greeting text serves as a friendly welcome note that helps create a positive first impression on your visitors or customers. By displaying greeting text, you can engage visitors, make them feel valued, and ultimately enhance their overall shopping experience.

2. Banners

MageComp ‑ Mobile App Builder

This is the field that allows you to add banners to your mobile shopping app. These banners can be used for multiple purposes for sales promotion activities like advertisement of new arrivals, highlighting discounts, store events, or conveying important information. These banners grab your visitors’ attention and encourage them to explore the site further, ultimately driving engagement and conversions by directing customers to specific products or promotions.

3. Brand Images

MageComp ‑ Mobile App Builder

This is the field from where you can add the images of the brands whose products you sell. You can choose to add brands’ logos, product images, or other graphics. By displaying the brand images, you can build brand recognition, trust, and credibility among online shoppers. Consistent and appealing brand images help create a cohesive and memorable online shopping experience, which can lead to increased customer loyalty and sales.

4. Search Box

MageComp ‑ Mobile App Builder

This field allows you to add the search box on your home page from where your customers can search for what they are looking for. You can customize the text of the search box (text inside the search box).

5. Products

MageComp ‑ Mobile App Builder

This field allows you to showcase your products. You can use this field to promote your best-sellers, new arrivals, products with heavy discounts, etc. You can also choose to show them in a grid form or a slider form. By displaying your products on your homepage, you can immediately grab your visitor’s attention and create a strong first impression, encouraging them to explore more products.

Additionally, featuring seasonal or promotional products on the homepage can drive sales and capitalize on current trends. Overall, strategically showcasing products on the homepage can improve UX and engagement and ultimately lead to higher sales and revenue for your business.

6. Collections

MageComp ‑ Mobile App Builder

This field allows you to showcase your store collections. Showcasing specific collections on your app’s homepage is a strategic way to engage visitors and promote featured products or categories. By highlighting curated collections, you can capture the attention of your target audience, offer a glimpse of your product range, and guide potential customers toward items that match their interests.

This approach helps improve UX, drives conversions, and increases the chances of visitors finding products that resonate with their needs and preferences, ultimately boosting sales and customer satisfaction.

7. Collection Products

MageComp ‑ Mobile App Builder

This field allows you to highlight products from a collection on your home page. By adding this section, the app will fetch your product description and display it on the homepage to attract visitors. This not only helps promote specific products but also enhances user navigation, driving more engagement and potential conversions directly from your homepage.

8. Text

MageComp ‑ Mobile App Builder

Apart from your logo, if you want to add your brand tagline or any other creative text on your homepage to accompany attractive visuals with tempting text, it can be done from this field. Incorporating a compelling tagline on your website’s homepage is crucial for grabbing visitors’ attention and conveying your brand’s message succinctly.

A well-crafted tagline should encapsulate the essence of your business and what sets it apart. It should be clear, concise, and memorable, instantly conveying the value you offer to potential customers. By prominently showcasing this tagline on your homepage, you can make a strong first impression and help visitors quickly understand what your website or business is all about, encouraging them to explore further.

9. Countdown Timer

MageComp ‑ Mobile App Builder

If you have any ongoing sales on your website that will be ending shortly, then alerting your customers or visitors with a countdown timer can benefit you greatly. Displaying a countdown timer on your website’s homepage can create a sense of urgency and encourage visitor engagement.

It is a versatile tool for promoting limited-time offers, product launches, or events, enticing users to take action quickly. By highlighting time-sensitive opportunities, a countdown timer can increase conversions and drive interest in your website’s key offerings.

B. Push Notifications

MageComp ‑ Mobile App Builder

If you want to send push notifications to your visitors every time they open your mobile app, then this mobile app builder allows you to do that, too. Using push notifications in your mobile shopping app allows you to engage customers effectively. Whenever they visit your app, you can send targeted messages, promotions, and updates, enhancing UX and driving sales.

Sending push notifications to your customers is a real-time communication strategy that keeps customers informed and encourages them to stay connected with your brand, increasing their loyalty and retention. With this app, you can create multiple push notifications and also configure them.

C. Product Review

MageComp ‑ Mobile App Builder

This is the field that keeps track of all your customer reviews posted on your products. The review log includes product ID, product name, ratings the customer has given, customer’s name, review status, and other action options.

D. Get APK

MageComp ‑ Mobile App Builder

This is the section from where you can request your mobile app’s APK file with all the required details for testing purposes. You just need to enter your name, email address, WhatsApp number, store URL, and Apple ID (if you are an iOS user). After filling in all these details, you can request your test app’s APK, and you will receive the APK within 24-48 business hours.

Final Say

MageComp’s Mobile App Builder is a powerful M-commerce solution for Shopify businesses that are planning to set their feet on the grounds of the mobile market. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, this tool empowers merchants to create and manage their own mobile apps with ease.

Whether you’re a small startup or an established brand, MageComp’s Mobile App Builder can help you tap into the growing mobile commerce sector, enhance customer engagement, and boost sales.

If you have any queries regarding this Shopify tool, kindly mail us at or contact our Shopify experts and get all your queries solved within no time.

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