Mobile app and mobile eCommerce trends are the fastest-evolving trends till now, and upcoming years will not be an exception to this. The latest user behavior and technological changes have made mobile app developers’ life both challenging and exciting. 

According to Statista, the number of mobile app users worldwide will increase to 7.5 billion by 2025.

Why Is Mobile App One Of The Hottest Trend For Businesses In 2023 by MageComp

Along with this number, Statista has also stated in its report that the number of mobile app downloads will increase tremendously by the year 2026.

Why Is Mobile App One Of The Hottest Trend For Businesses In 2023 by MageComp

This large number of mobile users and mobile app downloads has made top-notch businesses turn their business strategies to mobile app development and provide their business customers with an enhanced and impeccable shopping experience.

Mobile App Market Trends

The advancement in technology has improved current mobile app features and functionality. According to the stats showcased above, we can easily conclude that by the end of 2026 or 2027, the number of mobile users will definitely cross the number of eight billion. Here we have collected some market trends that will surely affect eCommerce mobile app development in 2024.

1. Introduction of 5G Technology

The United States was the country where FCC first launched the 5G technology, which is currently available in every country. 

Faster internet speed, low response time and enhanced connection reliability have made 5G the most popular and useful mobile app development trend of 2024. 

The benefits provided by 5G technology have the ability to open a new world of opportunities for mobile apps and mobile eCommerce sites.

Why Is Mobile App One Of The Hottest Trend For Businesses In 2023 by MageComp

2. Adoption of Metaverse (AR & VR)

Augmented and virtual reality technology has been in this world for a long time. But the advancements in mobile apps and their services have benefitted AR and VR the most. 

The results provided by AR and VR will be richer and exceptional. The 2024 technological changes in AR and VR technology will truly increase the popularity of mobile app development. 

Popular brands like Lenskart, IKEA, Nykaa, and many others, such as popular games like Pokemon Go and Harry Potter’s Wizard Unite, have started using AR and VR technology.

Why Is Mobile App One Of The Hottest Trend For Businesses In 2023 by MageComp

3. Mobile Payment and Wallets

Technological advancements have made world economies go cashless. Online and mobile banking features have made individuals turn their heads towards mobile wallets, from which online payment mobile apps like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and many others. 

The number of online transactions handled by mobile apps has been continuously increasing i.e., in 2019, around $6 billion in transactions were handled by mobile wallets, which is estimated to be increased to $14 billion by the end of 2024.

Why Is Mobile App One Of The Hottest Trend For Businesses In 2023 by MageComp

4. 24/7 Support of Chatbots

The credit for AI chatbots popularity and rich functionality goes to the iOS (iPhone) application trends. As businesses are willing to interact with the business whenever they get some time, they have to develop a robust strategy that is available 24/7 for the customers. 

The AI chatbots work like human agents but are robots. They solve customer questions with the answers installed in the chatbot. These chatbots answer the question perfectly, eliminating the use of any specialized human agent.

Why Is Mobile App One Of The Hottest Trend For Businesses In 2023 by MageComp

5. Cross-platform Application Development

Cross-platform app development is a process where a fully developed mobile application can be launched on multiple different platforms, including Android, iOS and many others. This feature of cross-platform app development services reduces app development costs and time and keeps its look and functionality consistent throughout all platforms and devices.

Why Is Mobile App One Of The Hottest Trend For Businesses In 2023 by MageComp

6. Voice Search

In this digital era, people are getting busier and busier, but their craze online has not deteriorated. People are so busy that they place orders while driving their automobiles. To cope with this insane craze of online shopping, businesses had to develop a voice search feature for their mobile application. 

Almost 58% of users prefer voice search for ordering food or shopping online. If businesses need to beat their tough competitors and stay one step ahead of them, integrating the voice search feature into their website is the best eCommerce solution they can provide their customers.

Why Is Mobile App One Of The Hottest Trend For Businesses In 2023 by MageComp

What is a Mobile Commerce App?

A software application that is specially designed to be operated on small screens and wireless mobile devices is known as a mobile application. This mobile application cannot work on desktop devices like computers or laptops. 

Additionally, mobile apps offer unique features like QR scanning to their mobile users, and desktop users cannot enjoy this feature. 

The increasing popularity of mobile apps made developers create apps for every possible industry. There is an app for everything. Thanks to mobile app development software, which made mobile app development super easy.

Mobile apps belong to two categories, free apps and paid apps. The payment received for paid apps is distributed between the app store and the app developer.

How Mobile Apps Help Increase Sales

1. Improved shopping experience

You should also be aware that most companies have developed mobile apps today since they recognize their importance for business growth. You must offer the user a flawless and worthwhile experience to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Collecting user data is made simpler, and each user’s buying experience is customized by built-in mobile app software. For instance, you might notify users if an item on their wishlist is back in stock or the price has dropped.

As a result, you can increase sales for your company by using a mobile app to advertise, engage directly with clients, and collect user data more effectively than when using a website.

2. Easy data collection

It is simpler to make quick, educated judgments and modifications that will have a stronger influence on future sales with the help of collected data. This skill can also improve customer satisfaction by promptly resolving grievances or issues. 

With the app, you can do in-the-moment customer happiness and experience research, which is a terrific method to boost your business’s reputation and keep clients who are already loyal to you. Based on data gathered from mobile devices, the immediate nature of this information can also inspire fresh ideas for how your business can develop.

3. Support Marketing

Your app has the potential to be a priceless marketing resource. It advertises your company, portrays who you are, delivers push notifications, and informs your clients. You can contrast your purchasing patterns, prices, and other factors with your rivals to illustrate other market values.

Furthermore, you can conduct marketing research using mobile sales apps. You can learn more about your customers’ needs and thought processes by looking at their search history. You can quickly develop a personalized offer based on the client’s behavior, prior purchases, and real-time requirements forecast.

4. Enhance the Loyalty Program

Businesses using mobile apps are more likely to grow their revenue than those without compared to traditional websites, but a mobile app allows you to develop a quick and direct connection with your clients and win their loyalty.

In the present era, everyone has a smartphone in their palm, from young children to teenagers to adults. Because of this, having a mobile app makes it simple for them to locate the precise goods anytime they want with a straightforward purchasing alternative using their mobiles.

5. Enable an omnichannel approach

Omnichannel allows store merchants to sell their products and services via various channels. Hence, mobile app development enables an omnichannel approach and provides customers with an excellent user experience across every electronic device.

As merchants can sell their products via various channels, customers can also purchase from anywhere worldwide. A mobile app improves your omnichannel approach and enhances your customer’s shopping experience.

6. Brand Awareness

Consumers will see the brand logo more frequently after an application is loaded on a mobile device, increasing visibility and awareness. Users tend to buy a brand’s products and use their services sooner, the more frequently they use the brand’s app.

You must ensure that your app has all the features your target audience wants if you want people to speak about how unique it is and download it.

The application ought to be engaging and encourage repeat usage. Ultimately, it all comes down to effective frequency: the more users there are exposed to and engaging with an app, the more likely they will make a purchase.

Your Most Trusted Mobile App Development Services

MageComp has 10+ years of experience in building native apps for Magento and Shopify stores and has completed thousands of mobile app-building projects for worldwide customers belonging to various industries.

MageComp understands the requirements of every business and issues with its current mobile app and then builds the perfect and fully functional mobile application.

What unique will you get choosing MageComp’s Mobile App Builder?

  • Ready-to-launch mobile app on both Android and iOS.
  • No coding skills are required to build a fully functional mobile app.
  • Attractive features like brand and banner sliders are pre-integrated into the app to promote sales.
  • Mobile app built supporting multi-language and currencies.
  • A mobile app supporting all types of payment gateways and 3rd party integrations to provide customers with a smooth shopping experience.
  • A mobile app allowing you to send unlimited push notifications to your customers.
  • Access to a huge collection of amazing mobile app themes to enhance your brand image and increase conversion rates.
  • Get 1-year free development support even after the completion of your mobile app.


Advanced technology has contributed significantly to making our lives easy and fast going. The invention of smartphones is one of those advanced technologies. If businesses want to survive in the market for decades and decades, they must not overlook the importance of smartphones and the million-dollar benefits it has to offer. 

But, building a mobile eCommerce store is not as easy as it seems. You need an expert mobile app builder company like MageComp to build a perfect app store for your business because, ultimately, a featureful mobile app store with a smooth user interface and attractive user experience will help you get along your long and successful business journey.

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