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Hope you all are doing well. I am here with a very useful subject, How to Convert image png to jpg with Magento 2. Look back to our former published blog, How to Configure Price Scope in Magento 2. Let’s start with our today’s topic 🚀


Every E-commerce store is well equipped with different types of images. But it has an adverse impact on the performance of the store if the image is greater in size or not supported. The page load speed increases which in turn increases the bounce rates.

Same way, PNG is an image format that is bigger in size compared to the JPG image format. PNG is also not supported by all web browsers. On the other hand, JPG files are smaller in size in spite of maintaining the quality of the images.

Convert png to jpg is a way out for the above problem. PNG to JPG image convert will improve your store performance without compromising on the quality. Let’s convert png to jpg in Magento 2.

How to Convert image 🖼️ png to jpg with Magento 2:

Follow the below code to convert png to jpg :

That’s it.

Final Say:

Therefore, with the afore-mentioned code, you can successfully convert png to jpg image in Magento 2. Enrich your store with WebP Image Support Extension for Magento 2 to provide better quality images with reduced page loading. The module supports  WebP images format in product pages, category pages, and CMS pages.

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