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How are you all? Hope I have reached you healthy. In this article, I am going to brief you all about Accelerate Your Move With Magento 2 Migration Loan by LoanBuilder. So without further ADO let’s begin.

Quick Intro:

Still, surveying on Magento 1? Aren’t you afraid of security issues or hackers attack on your webstore? June 2020, End of Life of Magento 1 and those who are still using might risk their store so this is the time to Migrate to Magento 2.

Including the security, Magento 2 offers many other advanced functionalities compared to Magento 1. After migrating to Magento 2 you will be eliminating all the security threats of your Magento 2 store. Are you ready to migrate?

The major challenge for all the Magento merchants is the security of their data and budget that keeps them away from migrating.

No Worries! Magento 2 Migration Loan will help you all. Let me elaborate What is Magento 2 Migration Loan.

What is Magento 2 Migration Loan?

LoanBuilder is a PayPal initiative for helping the businesses in this financial crisis for migrating their Magento version. It helps in simplifying the migration process by providing business loans.

Essential Features:

  • Straightforward competitive pricing
  • Bespoke terms as per your budget
  • Immediate access to cash after the eligibility test.
  • Zero hidden fees/charges.

Are you eligible Magento 2 Migration loan:

  • Your business must be located in US states or DC?
  • The minimum time in business must be more than 9 months.
  • Does your business earn $42,000+ in annual revenue?
  • Must be serving 500 different industries

If you are fully filling the above statements then there is a big YES to get Magento 2 migration loan for your store.

Process of applying for Magento 2 migration loan:

  • Fill out a questionnaire form online.
  • Personalize the approximate loan terms and change the amount as well as the period of time.
  • Submit the application form.
  • After the clearance, you need to just send the electronic signature for contract purposes.
  • You will receive an email including the document with it and the bank formalities for getting the direct payment in your business bank account 
  • The money will be transferred directly to one business day or two.

That’s it you are ready to Migrate your Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Quick Wrap Up:

What are you waiting for hire Magento 2 migration service now and make sure you implement the above steps for Magento 2 migration loan. The business who is not eligible for the Magento 2 migration loan or the business who is not fitting in the criteria of the loan then they can go for Magento 2 Migration Service by MageComp at very low costs. 

In case of any issues related to the above information then you are free to ask me in the comment section below. 

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