Instagram marketing is a real powerhouse of social media marketing for any Ecommerce business. Instagram has over 1 billion active users per month, and more than 60% of users come in contact with businesses and brands on the platform.

Now Instagram has become much more than just a photo-sharing app. With its features like products tagging in posts and shopping stories, it has become a social network to a serious network for Ecommerce businesses.

In last We have shared article about how to use-Instagram marketing for the e-commerce store, But just by being on Instagram won’t make much of a difference to your business, you need strategic planning and tools to power up your sales. Below we have come up with 7 tips you can use to power up your Ecommerce business with the right use of Instagram.

1. Build your social proof

Social proof is literally a great strategy that you can apply to your Instagram stories and posts to make potential consumers purchase your products when they see other customers are happy with their purchase. It is the psychological concept you can apply, which indicates the power of consumer opinions.

With high-quality content and regular posting, you can get high-quality followers on Instagram, which can help build an excellent social report for your Ecommerce business. And once the word gets out, the sales will start to come, and conversions will happen.

2. Optimize your profile and bio

The first thing you should do is change your profile to a business profile. You can enable this by going into the settings tab. It will enable few options such as promoting your offers and posts, sell your products, and you can look at the insights and analytics of your posts.

Your profile picture should contain the logo or relevant image of your Ecommerce store. People on Instagram will only be able to remember you by the logo or the products you sell, so make sure that you include that in your profile picture.

If you don’t have more than 10,000 followers on Instagram, then there is only one place you can promote the link of your Ecommerce site, and it is your bio. The space for bio is also short, so make sure that when customers arrive at your Instagram profile, they should be able to know who you are, what you do, and the products you sell by writing a short and compelling bio.

3. Maximize the use of shoppable posts

Not everyone will be able to use the shoppable posts in their posts or sales on Instagram, which is an expansion of Instagram’s shopping ability that lets consumers buy the products from discovering to checkout without having to leave the Instagram app.

This added feature to send traffic directly from the Instagram posts to purchase will help Ecommerce businesses to connect with their followers and new audiences and will streamline their purchase journey. Also, your users will be able to browse to your Instagram shop feeds from your profile. If you are on the Magento Ecommerce platform, then you can use Shoppable Instagram extension to make your Instagram post into the shoppable post.

4. Start the giveaways and contests

One of the best ways you can build trust and connect with your audience on Instagram is to start the giveaways and contests occasionally. It is a no-brainer that everyone loves free things, and giveaways are one of the best tactics to improve your sales.

Contests help draw lots of attention to your Ecommerce business. You can ask your followers to tag their friends and use particular hashtags, which can increase the reach of your business on Instagram.

First, make a post in the form of an image or graphic, clearly stating the rules of participation, and then ask your followers to like, follow, and repost to their account with your @mention using specific #hashtag for that contest. But before you create any event, make sure that you follow the promotional guidelines of Instagram.

5. Use effective stories

Instagram has owned the stories segment, and Ecommerce businesses are taking full advantage of this feature. There are numerous ways you can deploy the powerful story feature for the benefit of your Ecommerce store.

  • Repost the user-generated stories to your Instagram stories feature. This will make your existing customers happy that you care about them while building social proof for your potential customers.
  • Promote your events and special deal through the stories. It is an excellent way to boost your Ecommerce business awareness.
  • Live stream the new product launch event on your Instagram’s stories. Your followers will be more excited and are more likely to engage with your products when you live stream to them.
  • Run more frequent Q&A sessions on your stories. The chances of people engaging with you are high when you choose to answer the most common queries of your followers.

6. Do get the most out of relevant hashtags

One of the most impressive ways you can reach to the organic audience on Instagram is through the use of hashtags.

  • Hashtags in Instagram are similar to the keywords you use to rank on search engines. Use the specific Hashtags related to the niche of your Ecommerce business.
  • If your Ecommerce business is brand in itself, then use the branded hashtags in your post’s description and stories. And even if your business is not a brand yet, then don’t worry because hashtags will maximize the reach of your posts.
  • If you are running a contest, then personalized that contest with a relevant hashtag. This will help you differentiate the content entries from others.
  • Generalized hashtags such as #instamood, #instagood, etc. are trendy on Instagram. So, make sure you use them in every Instagram feed.

7. Run limited-time promotional and seasonal offers

Running limited time offers still works. They give significant rise to the conversion rate because people get a sense of missing out from these eye-catching deals, which drives them to buy the product within a certain amount of time.

According to studies, more than 80% of the purchases prompted by promotional sale offers around the holidays and festival seasons are the result of the impulse personality traits like emotions and self-identity. Ecommerce businesses and brands very well know this fact and use this psyche behavior of humans to prompt them in buying just for special holidays.

Also, one another way you can benefit your Ecommerce business is running seasonal offers on Instagram. But keep your offer simple, brief and to the point. Try to come up with offers specifically for your Instagram followers and make them participate in those offers.


If you are just starting off, then you should be more consistent in posting quality content. And before you start selling products on your Instagram page, try to increase the organic reach of your Instagram profile. Also, try to build social proof for your potential customers.

And when your reach of followers gets higher, maximize sales by using shoppable posts, contests, giveaways, etc.

Use of hashtags is the most powerful way you can use to increase the reach of your posts and stories. Make it a habit of using relevant hashtags. And also, you can maximize the conversion rates by running limited-time seasonal offers.

How to sell on Instagram


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