Just log in to the internet and you will find a plethora of ecommerce sites selling one thing or the other. Moreover, there are so many sites selling the same thing that at times you will find yourself in a dilemma as to which site you will choose to make a purchase.

Here in comes the success of the ecommerce sites. The sites need to allure you towards them and for that they will need to follow a proper and immaculate marketing strategy. They will need:

  • To have a better Search Engine Optimization or SEO
  • Do everything that they possibly can to gain a higher rank in the Search Engine result pages or SERPs
  • Post meaningful and attractive content, both textual and visual and
  • Make the best use of the social media channels.

In order to ensure all these falls in the right place, there is no better way than to use Instagram and integrate social media with their business marketing efforts. This will surely produce better results, better SEO and a higher rank in the SERPs.

If done properly, Instagram marketing can really become the key to ecommerce success, which is why most of the businesses hire experts in Instagram marketing such as Blastup to make sure everything is in accordance to the prevailing trends. This helps them in many different ways such as to:

  • Win a large number of free Instagram likes, comments and new followers
  • Drive them towards their official website and increase the organic traffic count to their site
  • Increase the rate of conversions of visitors to prospective clients and in turn
  • Increase their sales volume and business revenue.

What more of a success is required by an ecommerce site? And all these are provided by Instagram marketing, if done properly.

A preface of Instagram

In order to make sure that you do Instagram marketing just as the way you should, you must follow the definitive guide so that you can stay current with the marketing trends followed in 2019 and at the same time stay ahead of your competition.

To start with, you should know a little about Instagram and its background. This will help you to have a clear idea about the power of Instagram.

  • Instagram, essentially a photo and video sharing app, first came into existence way in 2010 and at that time it was just like any other social media channels that included selfies, pictures of petsand food and
  • Moving nine years ahead in 2019, Instagram has transformed from a simple photo and video sharing app to a powerful, effective and popular full-on marketing channel loved by all business owners, large or small.

Back then, Instagram came with the basic features. Looking now in 2019, you will be overwhelmed at the newest features that are included into the platform.

Features and functionality

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Talking about inclusion of features in the platform, last year alone Instagram has launched nearly a dozen of new tools for businesses including some of the most useful and effective ones such as:

  • Advanced Instagram analytics tool
  • Shoppable Instagram posts tool
  • Instagram Stories tool and
  • IGTV or Instagram Television, the new standalone video platform.

All these tools are extremely powerful and new ways to drive more traffic towards the site from this platform.

These tools and innovative features of Instagram will enable you in ways more than one such as:

  • Build a better presence on Instagram
  • Create a better impact on the viewers
  • Increase the rate of engagement amongst them and eventually
  • Raise the interest in them to click on the link on your profile bio to visit your site and know more about your business and product.

This is an essential feat to achieve for all businesses irrespective of its type. Whether it is education, ecommerce, media and publishing, it is essential to build a fan following as that will pay rich dividends for the marketing efforts.

Know your audience and more

However, in order to make the best use of the platform and to be ahead of your competition, you will need to need to know our audience, the platform and more, inside and out. You will need to know other things such as:

  • The kind of content to post on Instagram platform so that it resonates most with your specific type of audience
  • The ways in which you can build a more effective, appealing, meaningful and interesting Instagram Stories strategyand
  • The exact ways in which you can track your metrics and Key Performance Indicators to know whether your marketing strategy is moving in the right direction.

The experts in Instagram marketing say that the best ways to use this platform to ensure ecommerce success is:

  • To know the fundamentals of creating a well-rounded Instagram marketing strategy
  • To design the best and most effective Instagram profile bio along with a clear and easy to understand link in it
  • To run Instagram influencer marketing campaigns for a better and wider reach to the audience and increase the number of followers in this platform
  • To know the ins and outs and how to make the best use of the Instagram analytics
  • To create the best Instagram Stories for your business adding a human touch to it and
  • To know the right time to post your content on Instagram so that you are sure that it will be seen by your followers easily and surely.

There is so much more to do on Instagram and knowing it all will ensure that you make your Instagram marketing efforts more effective for your ecommerce business in particular.

The last tip

Posting your content on Instagram at the right time is the most important factor to make your Instagram marketing efforts a success. What is the point in posting images and videos with so much time and effort that will be overlooked by your followers as they scroll down mindlessly through your feed?

To make sure you post these at the right time, use the free Instagram Scheduler tool. This way you will spend less time posting on Instagram and more time to other areas of your business to grow it.

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