The digital world is ever-evolving, and to stay ahead of the competitive game, one must be aware of the present-day trends. eCommerce businesses must be wide awake to stay ahead of the curve to outshine in this competitive world.

Shopify is a huge eCommerce platform, and learning Shopify thoroughly is difficult. However, Shopify is built for non-technical persons; you can slowly and gradually learn Shopify on your own. There are many sources available to learn Shopify, like online courses, Shopify blogs, Shopify tutorials, YouTube videos, Podcasts, Join communities, books, GitHub repositories, and more.

Among these learning resources, Shopify blogs offer an excellent opportunity for Shopify developers to stay informed about the latest updates, trends, and changes in the technology landscape. Here, we have hand-picked some of the best blogs for Shopify Developers.

Best 5 Blogs for Shopify Developers

MageComp Blogs

MageComp blogs are a complete package to learn Shopify, whether it is technical assistance, marketing insights, development, and more. MageComp provides blogs related to Shopify admin settings, how-to guides, tutorials, comparisons, listicles, Shopify marketing, and Shopify app insights. Developers can learn about solving technical issues by following Shopify blogs from MageComp.

One can even get the latest Shopify news, updates, and releases through the MageComp blogs section. Shopify developers can even ask queries and receive quick solutions from the team. Following MageComp blogs, you will also learn Shopify business strategies for store success and growth.

Shopify Blogs

Shopify Blogs are the official documentation of Shopify, providing insights on technical aspects of the platform, including updates, best practices, and in-depth technical articles. It also covers various topics related to app and theme development, as well as business strategies for success on the Shopify platform. You will get tutorials, tips, and guides for creating and customizing themes.

Shopify App Developers can get insights into app development, API updates, and strategies for creating successful apps. Besides this, they continue to provide relevant and valuable content for Shopify developers and business owners. 

Web Designer Depot

Web Designer Depot is a place where you can find the latest trends in the eCommerce and designing industry. Developers must stay updated with the new trends, releases, and updates. You can find loads of UI/UX and design information through Web Designer Depot blogs. Developers can know what designs are in trend, designing tactics, and methodologies.

They also provide useful listicles for the best Shopify websites in terms of designs so that developers get an idea about what is currently happening in the market. Their unique part is that they provide monthly updates for design trends, which are completely fresh.


1-800-D2C blogs provide blogs on various categories with real-life stories. You can find inspirational stories of business leaders sharing their journey from zero to hero. One can find guides on various tools that help developers to improve Shopify stores. Their expert guides are worth reading; taking those tips into consideration for your business will take it to the next level.

You can find various brand category blogs where you can get in-depth information about what other brands are doing. Shopify developers must consider regularly reviewing 1-800-D2C blogs to get useful business insights.

Storetasker Blog

Storetasker blogs are another all-in-one blog place for Shopify developers. You can find a wide range of blog topics related to Shopify. They offer how-to guides, tips, Shopify SEO, marketing, and everything you can think about Shopify. Shopify developers can easily learn the admin settings by following their blogs.

Developers can also find customer story blogs that help them understand what kind of problems clients face and how they can help out the customers. Shopify developers can also get design tips to improve the user experience.

Wrapping Up

Being a developer, education and learning is a never-ending process. Shopify developers must stay informed to keep abreast with the latest technologies, best practices, and trends in the eCommerce and web development field. Follow these blogs to get access to the latest information and solutions on Shopify.

To start adding blogs to your Shopify store, check out the below guides.

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