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Welcome to MageComp Blog! I hope all of you are in the pink of your health and enjoying this lockdown. To make your days more interesting, I am here with some stupendous facts about Magento and its unstaggering lead in the world of E-commerce. If you are thinking of hiring a Magento developer for your Business then look at  7 Important Things to Know While Hire Magento. So without further ado let’s begin?.

Since the inception of Magento in the year 2008, it has gone through a bundle of highs and lows in the world of online businesses. The 21st century emerged as the most innovative Digital era and to keep up with these novice trends of trading, Magento has always tried to develop some amazing features. 

Magento has time and again proved to be the most efficient, open-source, reliable, and customizable platform but there are certain characteristics that still remain unexplored. In this blog, we shall surf and ponder into those underlying features of Magento which shall make our E-commerce a bit more exciting and profitable.

Let’s dig into the bowl of some tangiest Magento Facts!

Leading like a Boss!

A recent study shows that about 2,40,000 retailers are using Magento for their online businesses and earning a combined net worth of about $25. This statistics clearly goes to prove that Magento leads the market with about 12% of its share. 

The platform has enriched E-commerce and helped it in reaching the pinnacles of success, thereby portraying a unique edge in front of other CMS platforms.

A variety of platter of Themes and Extensions!

You get to select from a number of attractive themes and designs. Magento makes sure that it has got every taste in its pantry to cater to every choice of its customers. As well as the Magento developers have come up with over 9,000 extensions to offer to you.

For each new feature, you have got a separate extension which makes it even more efficient and cost-friendly. Check our Best Magento 2 Extension by MageComp. 

We’ve got all the Big Names added to the list

The fact that Magento not only aids the small and medium scale firms but is also the proud supporter of all the big brands you want to hear about. Nike, Ford, Land Rover, Pepe Jeans, Samsung, Bulgari, and many more are the faces of this platform.

To manage such faces of mighty goodwill is a giant task and that’s where Magento is successful in proving its metal in the market.

Our Global Partners and Developers

No matter where you carry out your business from! Magento has its wings widespread throughout the world with an extravagant collaboration with 1300+ companies and agencies. Moreover, the selection of Magento partners is on a genuine frontline basis and after a tough training and orientation. 

Also, Magento is well-equipped with 2,00,000  skilled developers at your service who work day and night to encode and decode your problems in order to come up with a more constructive and innovative feature that shall make your lives easier.

You download and We trade!

According to the calculations, over 1,50,000 downloads are done per month which shows that it can now achieve the total downloads in the year of its inception, i.e. 5,00,000 just in a span of 3 months in the current period. This amazing fact goes to prove the inevitable success of Magento and its productivity amongst the users for a very long time. And to your surprise, these downloads only include the ones made from the official site. We’ve left out the pirated ones from consideration!

In Spite of being home to lakhs of retailers, stores, and firms, Magento is simply awesome in managing the finances, receipts, and sales without any drawbacks. It makes a whopping transaction of $155 billion every year which gives an account of its security. Isn’t it the most exciting thing to know?

Have you heard of the Adobe fact?

In the year 2018, the business world was only talking about the most unanticipated acquisition that proved out to be one of the most productive collaborations. 2 years preceding, a creative multimedia application company Adobe took over Magento for $1.68 billion which furthermore enhanced the Goodwill of Magento.

The Future is here!

The number of people looking to buy online is increasing in huge numbers and Magento is not failing to stand up to its customer’s expectations in any possible ways. Hence, it is expected that the number of Magento users is expected to rise by 200% in the year 2020 making it one of the most fast-growing platforms in the E-commerce industry.

One Platform, Many Activities

Magento aids the users to run multiple stores from a single dashboard. Hence, the users need not have the haste to manage different domains for a varied line of products. It also helps to differentiate the product on the basis of region, languages, and currency which makes it simpler to interact with the audiences.

We sell nothing but the Truth

Magento facilitates the UGC, i.e. the user-generated content like Online Reviews and Testimonials. These customer feedbacks are 100% authentic and thus they generate the most rational information to attract potential customers. We pledge to never manipulate the customer’s mind. Google reviews are very important to grow your business.know why Online Reviews are important for enhancing your E-commerce.

And Yes, we’ve got all the Fame!

Magento initiated the certification program for Magento developers in 73 countries which produced over 3,800 certified Magento developers. This program of Magento spread the word worldwide and thus today Magento is the most searched platform on the Google search Engine.

Magento helps you find the most right keywords and Google Analytics that help your firm to be ranked in the Top 10 of the Google Search Engine. Thus, Magento adds the cherry to the cake by improving your SEO as well!

Over to You! 

Along with providing the widest range of certified and skilled developers, themes, and extensions, Magento has also aided by acquiring a huge market share and making a high level of transactions on a yearly basis.

Not only on a national level, but Magento has had the fortune to conquer the global markets, thereby adding more and more value to its name and expanding its customer base. So if you are planning to start your business or wishing to take your firm to newer heights, it’s time now to make your smart choice and join in the trusted list of the Magento users!

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