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Hope all are doing well. last time we have shared How to Install Magento on Amazon Web Services (AWS). With an eruptive global competition amongst the brands today, it becomes essential for you to convince the potential customer to add your company’s product to his basket.

The human tendency to analyze alternatives based on other’s experiences is quite prevalent. And to assure that the customer is aware of your product’s approval and performance, paving a way for online reviews helps your business in  positive branding and favorable market.

Here are the seven reasons you should look upon as benefits to Online Review System: 

You Approve; I Buy!        

Human is a social animal and his behavior is mostly influenced by the people around him, be it known or unknown. Therefore, the feedback of existing customers and the star rating essentially have an impact on the buying behavior of the incoming customers and the product’s demand.

Spiegel Research Center has published in one of its reports in 2017 that nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase.

Come close to your customers

Online reviews not only aid feedback but also facilitate the company to interact with their customers. Brand executives can always appreciate the positive reviews and gain customer loyalty as well as rectify the negative reviews and save themselves  from repercussions.

There is a stream of alternatives to incorporate the online reviews in your business of which a highly efficient extension in this is the Google Customer Review for Magento 2. The Google Customer Review for Magento 2 allows you to store your reputation on Google as well as offers the customers to review your store; thereby collecting extensive responses. Moreover, it makes E-mail sending easy and smooth and the Google Badge on your store adds the brand goodwill. 

These personalized responses can further create transparency and improve your brand-face.

Brand Credibility and Faith

Online reviews can induce a feeling of trust  in the minds of the customers as they shall be introduced to product brilliances as well as the critiques.

Product Description and features might seem way too fancy and advantageous to the product surfers and thus the honest reviews of your existing clientele can help them build a sense of credibility for your brand and induce repetitive purchases.

As per the statistics published by Bazaarvoice, 41% of consumers say that brands replying to reviews makes them believe the company really cares about their customers.

Accelerating your Brand Reach

To decide whether it’s a real review system or not, Google also relies on the genuine feedback done by people on the site of the company.  So by hook or crook, reviews will create a Brand Recognition at a very large scale.

Thus, additional expenses on Brand Awareness can be eliminated.

One-to-one peer recommendations, original research, and product reviews are the most influential content in affecting purchase decisions as put by the Content Marketing Institute and SmartBrief, 2017.

Online Reviews are central to Decision-making

Buyers may visit numerous sites to analyse the product and in order to make your brand more visible, it becomes inevitable that your brand name should be spread among people and a varied range of platforms. This is because, only a positive word of mouth for your company can effectively influence the purchase-decision of a new buyer.

Buyers may visit numerous sites to analyse the product

The sources to Boost Sales

As per the recent trends, traditional selling techniques won’t work that effectively. References and reviews are the best sailor to your sales’ boat. Reviews are indirectly the most productive sales-man for your brand.

Authenticate sources preach that more than 15% of sales growth  are just achieved with the help of reviews and nothing else.

And of course! Feedbacks improve SEO

Nowadays, SEO is essential for every E-commerce platform. Many business personalities fail to understand that people are less into WHAT THEY SAY but deliberately want other people’s viewpoint on their activities.

Incorporate and interconnect customer reviews with your product keywords. Increased reviews will lead to high search rankings and eventually the potential buyers will end up clicking on your landing page.

In experts’ view, online reviews make up more than 13% of how Google and other search engines rank to the local search results (Chatmeter, 2017)

As per the reports from Broadly, 78% of customers who read reviews were satisfied with their purchase.

What do we conclude:

The Google Customer Review for Magento 2, an efficiently authentic alternative for casting in the reviews also offers the following features:

  • Convenient to install and configure.
  • Supremely Trusted.
  • Enhances Click through rate and helps in better Conversion.
  • Smooth integration of business review to M2 store.
  • Easy to Show-off your customer testimonials to derive Quality customers for your Business.

Marketing a positive Brand Image amongst your existing and potential customers is a sure-shot way of uplifting your business and achieving the pinnacles of success.What are you waiting for now? Invite the online reviews of your store today itself by integrating Magento 2 Google Customer Review in your Magento 2 Store!

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