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Welcome to MageComp Blog where today I will help you all in understanding the important things you need to know when you Hire Certified Magento Developer in this article. If you are thinking of migrating your Magento 1 store to Magento 2 then look at Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration -What you need to know where there is detailed guidance before you migrate. Let’s begin?.


In the technology-dominated era, the digital space has become a tiny world with larger functional capabilities. Every other platform has become a model for E-commerce and the competitive strategies that each one upholds are over and about more superior and innovative.

Such has been in the case of Magento as well. While offering a wide range of opportunities to the trade personalities in order to carry out their activities on an online portal, Magento has emerged as the most efficient and trendy source of the digital findings. By producing customer-centric content and a customized service for all its users, Magento has largely aided the online businesses to increase its revenues and sales. Moreover, Magento has climbed the charts by fulfilling the most prioritized need of the hour; i.e. the Customer Satisfaction and Retainment.

Despite the fact that this platform has time and again proved to be the most flexible and user engaging, the complexities while choosing the best Magento developer amongst all still remain unsettled. To make most of the use of its features and technical attributes, it is essentially important to pay a critical heed towards the selection of a Magento developer for you.

In the following blog we shall learn about the necessary analytical points that we need to keep in mind while choosing the most suitable Certified  Magento Developer for our Digitalisation.

Analyze your Needs:

A Magento Developer might have a lot many extensions for you along with numerous options for offering customizations. But to narrow down, all those features might possibly not be needed for your online store. As well as, some of them could be just a waste expense for your pocket. Hence, before stepping out in search of a developer, you may first list down your own requirements and functions.

The aspects such as special features, competitors, budget, returns, and applicability should be considered before commencing the Search operation for a Magento Developer so that you need to find a perfect match in the developer.

Certification and Experience:

While hiring a Magento Developer, one must know the basics of coding, site-building, and other required techniques of saving costs. But during the process it is also important to look for a certified Magento developer who has had an authorized completion of the courses essential. These certified courses will work as a feather to his cap as he shall be more productive and dedicated to his work profile.

Another aspect along with certification is the experience and knowledge of the Magento Developer that you are about to hire. Technical, practical and theoretical knowledge altogether can make him more capable of fighting challenges and meeting the deadlines. Experience is that pinch of salt which can provide you with an extra edge over the others. Thus, these factors should make a part of your checklist.

Online Reviews and Portfolios:

Portfolios and Online Reviews of the Magento Developer can help you analyze them even better. They speak a lot about the developer’s growth and performance. Moreover, they are the most trusted source of obtaining an opinion and making a decision. They also provide you with samples and demos to go through before making a final call. A portfolio and online review can help in assessing the Magento developer in the context of their:

  • Working style and techniques
  • Commitment and Dedication
  • Productivity and Performance
  • Work delivery
  • Client Engagement
  • Ethics and values

Cost and Quality Analysis:

The perfect combination for the success of an online portal would be an economical cost and superior quality. A price analysis is a must before selecting a Magento Developer. His payment options and customization charges should be kept in mind. Also, these costs need to be evaluated in terms of whether they actually relate to your business needs or not. Proper research and communication shall help you to understand their pricing policies and charges per period well.

However, along with cost one must give a keen look at the quality offered. No compromises should be made in terms of consistency and functionality as it may backfire your business and the customers.

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Development and Post-Development Services:

Projects involving the application of the Magento features need to follow a stipulated time period. The developer must respect the deadline given to him as it may hamper the business activities, if not achieved. Also, the developer should be smart enough to plan his work and keep spare days in case of an unwanted or uncertain event so that the timelines do not get disturbed. Also, the developer must be ready to spare time for the changes that might arise after an initial testing of the functionality and applicability of the model to the business.

Another aspect to be well aware of is the post-development services that the developer shall provide in the form of updates, upgrades, and removing the bugs. These formalities should be communicated at the time of making the agreement so that no problems are experienced in the later stages.

Security Options:

Hacking the codes and invading the private space has now become prevalent on the digital platforms. Thus, it should be assured that your Magento developer has secured your model with all the latest technology and has better hacks to prevent the invasion of these cybercriminals. For this, the developer must provide timely upgrades of the latest versions, FTP, the custom path for admin, etc. to assure maximum safety of your online activities.

Build a Healthy Relation:

Last but not the least, it is extremely necessary to have transparent communication with your developer so that no misunderstandings take place. You must look forward to fostering a long term relationship with your developer so that the company’s future stays secure and updated.

Along with that, one-on-one meeting will ease the work for the developer as he shall be clear of all your requirements and personalized features. As well as an open and friendly communicative policy shall aid the company in getting the work done on time and that too in the most proficient way possible.


A company may definitely find the hiring process a bit lengthy and tiring. But once you succeed in your search for the best developer, you can visualize your future with the sweetest fruits of revenues, sales, profits, and customer experience. If you are planning to take your business online and aiming to have the best returns and clientele, invest in the Hire Magento developer. They are here to provide the best experience for your eCommerce journey.

If there is any query related to this then feel free to contact our Support Team we will be happy to help you. If you find the article helpful then do share with your Magento friends and also let us know your reviews regarding this in the comment section below.

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