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What’s the drizzle going on? Welcome to the How-To series where I will help you How to fix Magento 2.3.5 Installation Error? If you have not visited the most recent solution of How to Add Available Quantity Per Product in The Catalog On Magento 2.3.


Magento is leading in the Ecommerce business and also makes appropriate updates regularly. The latest release of Magento where Magento 2.3.5 was released which was on 28th April 2020. And for a detailed understanding of release updates of Magento 2.3.5 do visit the published article All You Need to Know about Magento 2.3.5.

Every time the installation is not smooth but many times it causes issues during the installation of the new version and for solving the issue in the installation of Magento 2.3.5 here is the below easy step for that.

[Error] InvalidArgumentException: Wrong file in m235\vendor\magento\framework\Image\Adapter\Gd2.php:64

Magento 2.3.5 Installation Issue

Steps to Code:

Step 1: Find validateURLScheme function in vendor\magento\framework\Image\Adapter\Gd2.php file. at line 96. Replace function with this:

That’s it you will be able to solve the installation issue with Magento 2.3.5. 

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 I hope the above-solved issue will help you during the installation of 2.3.5. For any queries facing do contact our Support Team for guidance. If you feel the blog was helpful to you then do share with your Magento friends and help them. Also, comment on your reviews in the comment section below. Till then Stay Home Stay Safe! 

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