Shopify Zipcode Check & Validate

ZOX Zipcode Check & Validate Shopify app is useful for businesses offering services in specific geographic areas to ensure they only accept orders from customers within their service area. The app assists merchants in targeting a local audience for their products or services.

  • Customers can check shipping availability by entering zip codes.
  • Merchants can restrict delivery to specific zip codes.
  • Upload postal codes for products & collections.
  • Manage large sets of postal codes by importing them in bulk via CSV files.
  • Show the list of zip codes served.
  • Target local audiences by restricting orders to specific regions.
  • Customize the appearance of the zip code validator.

Sometimes, businesses offer products and services that are not available for all geographic locations. At the same time, some products may be restricted in some regions. Moreover, business plan out marketing campaigns applicable to certain areas only. You can be stress-free if you are a Shopify store owner with any of the above situations. ZOX Zipcode Check & Validate plug-in can help you immensely.

ZOX Zipcode Check & Validate addon helps businesses define specific geographical boundaries by associating postal codes with products and collections. Merchants can upload zip codes in bulk from admin using a CSV file. Customers can easily check if their region is eligible for product delivery or serviceability by entering their residence postal code.


: Zipcode Check & Validate for Shopify Features Highlights :


Shipping Availability Check

Customers can enter their zip code during the checkout process to check if the online store delivers to their location.

Bulk Upload via CSV

Merchants can efficiently manage large sets of postal codes by importing them in bulk using CSV file for both products & collections. This feature streamlines the process of updating and maintaining serviceable areas.

Apply Settings for Pincode Widget

Owners can determine the appearance of the pincode widget. Choose an icon, title, placeholder text, border style, and color.

Show Number of Postal Codes Served

The Zipcode Check and Validate app shows a number of active zip codes associated with products & collection from the Shopify admin.

Download Zip Codes File

It allows downloading of active postal codes as CSV file. Moreover, the admin can download a sample CSV file for importing new zip codes with the correct format, avoiding any potential errors.


Why Choose Zipcode Check & Validate Shopify App by MageComp?


  • Allow store merchants to restrict shipments to specific regions.
  • Shoppers can check shipment availability by entering the postal code.
  • Merchants can upload CSV files of zip codes from the backend.
  • Customers can quickly confirm whether the business offers services in their local region.
  • Help build trust with buyers & ensure a positive customer experience.
  • Useful for merchants who offer services in limited regions.
  • Beneficial for businesses that target local audiences.
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You are allowed to use the extension in one production website and 2 development websites.
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