Required Login

Required Login Shopify App by MageComp will allow only logged-in users to access a restricted part of the content. 

  • Restrain customers to access the website without a login
  • Make login mandatory to access some categories
  • Request users to log in for accessing specific product
  • Redirect customers to the login page

If you are in need of forcing users to log in to access website content or you want to restrict access to some products and categories for guest users, MageComp has a solution for your Shopify store.

Shopify Required Login App by MageComp helps to add login compulsion functionality for accessing some products, categories, or whole websites. Shopify admin can restrict the content from the dashboard according to the requirements. Once the restriction is enabled from the admin dashboard, a login is required for users to access the content. If the user tries to access the restricted content, it will display a login page. Once the Required Login Shopify App is enabled from the admin panel, the admin can go to settings to restrict the content. You can limit access to the whole website, product, or category for not logged-in users.

: Required Login for Shopify Features Highlights :

Limit users to access the entire website without login

Required Login Shopify App will restrict the shoppers to access your Shopify website if they are not logged in.

Request users to login in order to access the collection

The Shopify store admin can also enable restrictions on accessing categories without login by using Required Login Shopify App.

Restrict access to some products for not logged in users

Required Login Shopify App will enable the admin to limit the accessibility of some products if the user is not logged into your Shopify store.

Redirect to the login page when a user attempts to access restricted content

When the user tries to access private content, he/she is redirected to the login page. The page or product can only be accessible after login.

Why choose Required Login Shopify App by MageComp?


  • Required Login Shopify App supports login compulsion to access the store content.
  • Shopify admin can restrict the access of some categories for not logged-in users using Required Login Shopify App.
  • Access to some products will require login using the Shopify Required Login App.
  • When the user attempts to access the restricted page, it redirects to the login page
  • This Shopify App also shows the number of products and collections restricted.
  • Secure your Shopify Store content and product from guest users.
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