Magento 2 Save Cart

Magento 2 Save Cart extension by MageComp helps website visitors to save items in shopping cart to purchase in future or to duplicate previous orders.
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Compatibility: Compatibility: Magento CE 2.x.x, EE 2.x.x




Many times visitors come to your store, check products, think to buy and thus add products to cart and couldn’t buy due to many reasons like inefficient money, products not available in the quantity they want to purchase, product gets out of stock before purchase and many other inconveniences. The next time, when they come back for purchase, they have to remember the name, search for, and add quantity to purchase. This whole repetitive process creates bad shopping experience and may lead to no conversion. Magento 2 Save Cart by MageComp allows customers to save cart for future purchases while they add products to cart with selected custom options. These saved cart can be seen in their “My Account” section which can be used next time to directly purchase. The extension thus saves customers time and improve user experience.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Save Cart extension:

  • Customers can add products to cart and click “Save My Cart” button to save it for later purchase or modification.
  • At the time of saving cart, customers can also provide a unique name to it.
  • Customers can see all the saved cart in their “My Account” section.
  • For the next time for making purchase, customers can simply modify or directly add selected product carts.
  • If the quantity of products while updating cart exceed inventory, it shows error message.
  • Customers also can edit and delete saved carts from their "My Account" section.
  • Customers can multi select carts and restore them directly from their "My Account" section.
  • The extension is compatible with only simple products, it will not show up "Save My Cart" button if other products than simple is added to cart.

Customer Reviews

excellent customer service
Review by Mohd
very good support and quick response.
Thumbs up
Review by Noel Hahn
Got so many positive feedback and review from my customer.
awesome concept
Review by emilio
after implementing this extension, my customer started saving their cart for later purchase and also they loved this functionality.
Fabulous Cart Feature
Review by key
My customers really love the feature of saving the cart for the for later purchase using their own name, an extension is also highly developed with very good support.
Fabulous Cart Feature
Review by Armand
My customers really love the feature of saving the cart for the for later purchase using their own name, an extension is also highly developed with very good support.
Best Save cart module
Review by dixon
After Seeing this feature in one Store, I have put a lot of efforts to find this feature and I have also reviewed several similar extensions but this extension is comparatively easy to install and provides more functionality. Such a great development.
New cart feature
Review by D Strickland
I am really amazed at Functionality of this extension that easily allows customers to save product cart for further use, it's really helpful extension for optimizing store
enhanced version of whishlist
Review by Raymond
Save cart is what we can say enhanced version of whishlist. Users browse products, like, save cart and directly purchase when they are ready. Amazing feature and wonderful development.
saves time for order creation
Review by William C.
allowing users to save their products in a cart for later purchase is what saves a huge time in creating orders when decided to purchase next time. It's really a time saver and better experience provider extension. Thumbs up for the development.
wishlist to purchase
Review by Zoe
It works just as wishlist and stores the cart to customers account. Whenever they made up their minds to purchase, they only need to restore cart and done. Wow with the new concept and functionality.
save now, purchase later
Review by Kate Grubb
totally new concept which is highly appreciated by my visitors. they can save products liked and save it in their account and later purchase whenever they want. Awesome extension it is!
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