Magento 2 Extra Fee Extension [PRO]

Magento 2 Extra Fee extension [PRO] allows store owners to flexibly add, manage, and handle various types of extra charges like payment fees, small order fees, group fees, product fees, country/region fees, etc.

  • Charge various extra fees.
  • Use a fixed amount or percentage for extra fees.
  • Refund extra fees easily.
  • Additional fees on payment methods.
  • Add small order fees.
  • Add surplus charges for specific customer groups.
  • Include country/region specific extra fees.
  • Extra fee based on product, order, and quantity.
  • Option to charge tax on extra fees.


An eCommerce store may offer additional services to customers in order to improve the UX and provide better product delivery. These services incur additional costs for store owners.

Additional charges like shipping fees, payment fees, express delivery fees, gift wrapping, small order fees, etc, need to be added with product prices. The customer must be aware of these excess charges. To manage extra charges for Magento 2, MageComp’s Extra Fee extension [PRO] is the ideal extension.


Magento 2 Extra Fee extension [PRO] allows store owners to charge multiple extra fees. The extension supports various fee types, such as fixed, percentage-based, or both. Add a custom title for extra costs to show on frontend for clarification to customers.

Store owners can charge fees for various scenarios like cart total, specific product, customer group, country/region, etc. Also, define whether to include tax on extra fees or not.


Benefits of Magento 2 Extra Fee Extension [PRO]


Effortlessly Charge Multiple Extra Fees

Magento 2 Extra Fee extension [PRO] allows store owners to charge additional costs based on conditions like quantity, product type, order, customer group, country, region, payment gateway, and more.

Apply Additional Fees on Specific Payment Method

Some payment methods may incur extra charges that the store owners collect from customers. Admin can apply settings for extra charges on payment methods from the backend. The admin can add custom titles, payment fee types and customer groups.

Charge Small Order Fees at Checkout

The admin can set the minimum order amount from the backend. If the customer’s order total is less than the minimum order amount, the small order fee gets added to the order subtotal. 

Include Extra Charges According to the Customer Group

The admin can set extra charges based on the customer group. If the customer belongs to the selected group in the backend, they are charged additional costs on their orders. The admin can set charges for customer groups as fixed, percentage, or combined both.

Additional Costs Based on Country/Region

Magento 2 Extra Fee module allows store owners to charge additional costs based on the customer’s delivery country or region. The admin can select countries and regions from the backend for which the extra charges will be added to orders.

Specify Tax Calculation on Extra Fees

Extra Fee for Magento 2 extension also allows the admin to charge tax on the extra fee amount. The admin can determine whether the order total in the front end displays tax separately or not. The admin can set tax class from the backend for tax charges on extra fees.

Apply Product-specific Extra Charges

The admin can set extra fees separately for various products in the store.  The CSV file containing the product ID and extra fee amount can be uploaded in the backend. The product-specific extra fee can be applied in bulk using a CSV file, saving admin time. The admin can even define extra product fees separately from the backend product edit page.

Extra Fees Based on Product/Quantity/Order

The admin can even set extra charges based on the number of products in the cart, product quantity, and per order. The extra fees are displayed in the front end so that the customer knows the additional costs.

Charge Additional Cost as Fixed or Percentage Amount

Magento 2 Extra Fee extension provides the admin with a backend configuration setting on how the extra fee is calculated for each type of extra fee. The admin can set a fixed amount for the extra fee, use the percentage value to charge extra fees or use both types of methods.


Why Choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Extra Fee Extension [PRO]?


  • Include additional costs on customers’ orders.
  • Charge various extra fees like small order fees, payment fees, delivery country/region, specific customer group, and product-specific fees.
  • Enable/disable refund extra fee functionality if needed.
  • Options for calculating extra fees
    • Fixed
    • Percent
    • Combined
    • Fixed minimun
  • Charge extra fees for products in the following scenarios:     1.
    • Per Order
    • Per Product
    • Per Quantity
  • Set a custom title for an extra fee to display on frontend.
  • Calculate extra fees on orders by various factors listed below:
    • Payment gateway
    • Customer group
    • By country
    • By region
  • Charge small order fee on order below the minimum order amount set.
  • Enforce minimum amount to avoid extra charges.
  • Determine the tax charges based on the tax class applied on extra fees.
  • Show extra fees tax as:
    • Excluding Tax
    • Including Tax
    • Including & Excluding Tax
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Customer Questions
Which type of fees are included in your extension?
MageComp’s Magento 2 Extra Fee Pro Extension allows charging various types of fees like payment method fees, product fees, order fees, quantity fees, country/region fees, small order fees, and fees based on customer group.
Can we add multiple fees at a time?
Yes, you can include multiple extra fees on various conditions by using the Magento 2 Extra Fee Pro Extension.
Can I calculate the extra fee on a percentage base for my store?
Yes, our Magento 2 Extra Fee Pro module supports calculating extra fees as a fixed amount, percentage, or both.
Can I add tax on the extra charge?
Yes, you can include or exclude tax on extra fees by choosing your desired tax class.
Is there any easy way to set separate fees for all products?
The Magento 2 Extra Fee Pro Extension allows uploading a CSV file to add separate extra fees for all the store products making the work of admin easy and quick.
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