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Magento 2 Email Quote extension allows you get quote requests from customers through front-end & create, send & manage quotations from your backend.
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Have you ever needed the requirement to view customers’ shopping cart? Actually there are many reasons why such need occurs like further negotiation of prices for bulk purchase or product personalization. Magento 2 Email Quote extension by MageComp provides your customers to Email their cart to admin. This reduces time to understand the requirements of customers as admin can see all the options and quantities and other options already selected in Email.

After getting requirements through cart, admin easily knows the requirement, craft products regardingly, discuss with customers. Now after negotiation, role of Email Quote Pro begins. Admin create order from backend with required custom option, custom price, coupon code and prepare quote. After all the products being added, admin can click "Email Quote" button from backend to send quote to customers in Email. Customers can click to directly checkout the added products and thus the whole cycle gets completed.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Email Quote extension:

  • Option to set button label for Email Quote in frontend.
  • Set Email ID and select template to get customers’ cart into Email.
  • Customer can click on button to fill the details and Email Quote to admin with selected product options.
  • Admin get whole cart with selected product options on Email once customer submits details in form. 

Pro Features:

  • Customers receive thanks Email immediately after submitting quote from frontend.
  • Create order from backend and send order quote in Emails to customers.
  • Backend Option to delete unnecessary quotes from the grid.
  • Send Quote option in backend in "Email Quote Statistics" grid for the inquiries submitted from frontend form.
  • PDF can be attached with quote sent to customers through Email.
  • Guest users get auto registered while sending quotes from backend.
  • Option to apply coupon code directly while creating quote from backend.
  • Make use of custom price feature of default Magento while creating quote from backend.
  • The customer shipping adress will be display in both email and pdf..
  • Clicking Email Quote button from admin, customers get Email with the products already added to cart and they can directly checkout.
  • Admin can edit and resend already created quotes from "Email Quote Statistics" clicking "Resend Quote" action.
  • Customer can see their sent quotes list from their account section.
Quality product with great support
Review by RyanC
This module works very well with no bugs or problems. It's an excellent value at that price. It adds a much needed functionality to Magento 2 to add quotes and send email quotes via the Magento back office. The support team at MageComp is responsive and helpful.
Great Plugin
Review by Pushpendra
Easy to install and works flawlessly to get email quote request from customers. This is by far best email quote extension that I have found for Magento 2.
Saves my time
Review by Desiree
I purchased pro one and after using it for a month, I found that extension is working quite good to save time. The best part of this extension is, it even works for guest customers.
Good extension
Review by Angel copeland
Strongly recommend very smoothly on my store.
Just Loved it
Review by Caden C
This is by far best email quote extension that I have found for Magento 2. Thanks to the support team for always being there in need.
Just Loved it
Review by Caden
This is by far best email quote extension that I have found for Magento 2. Thanks to the support team for always being there in need.
Perfect Pro Module
Review by Liana Green
Easy to install and works flawlessly to get email quote request from customers. The concept of sending whole shopping cart for products quote is a unique and really amazing feature. I highly recommend any extension from this guys.
Best Business Extension Ever
Review by broderick montgomery
Selling products according to the need of customers is the best part business and this extension gives that freedom to understand client requirement and serve product according to their requirement.
Must have extension for every store owner
Review by Kylie
The concept of sending whole shopping cart for products quote is unique and must have for every store owner for knowing customer needs and bulk purchases.
Thanks, Magecomp for such a great extension.
streamlined quotation
Review by Jan
Email quote has streamlined quotation process from sending request by customers to send back order quotes in Email to customers. Very much impressed with how the whole scenario works, awesome development and unique extension.
mailing quotes for one to one engagement
Review by roy anderson
Email quote has brought customer service to one to one engagement that can make it so easy for customers to direct send their requirements and product choices. I just love this concept of marketing, 5 stars for development and 2 extra stars for amazing support.
Exactly what I needed badly
Review by m. timperley
I want this functionality to be custom built from some Magento developer and i was finding one for it. I was recommended magecomp team and they showed me this extension after my explanation. What a resemblance with my thinking and this development of Email Quote extension. I would highly recommend such a useful extension to all magento folks.
Totally amazing concept
Review by Elyse
Email cart pro is proved to be totally new and amazing concept with highly useful features. I loved this extension and installed in my magento 2.
Pro was my custom need
Review by james sprague
Today I purchased email cart pro from magecomp which is what i require for the customization. Sending quote in Email to customers is really the best way of conversion as they don't have to bother to collect products and add to cart. Really needful extension. I would like to recommend it to other magento website owners.
Fresh idea
Review by Shari
Emailing cart with selected product options to owner is the fresh idea and superb implementation by magecomp. I enjoy using this on my store, people are really using this feature well.
Ideal feature
Review by phillip naylor
Sending shopping cart in email proves to be an ideal feature in betterment of user experience. I got 30 mails just in 3 days of extension installation. Superb one.
Simple yet superb
Review by carl workman
Magento 2 email cart is simple extension with superb features. this idea brings lot of inquiries of customers. Helped me preparing quotes for custom products. Loved it in short.
wonderful concept
Review by Scott D.
sending all the product information in cart to admin email is the best way to know customer choice and idea of purchase. It makes so easier to provide quotes to them for some of my products. Really happy with the concept, bravo.
best concept
Review by irene
sending whole shopping cart to admin in email is the new and best concept i found. after installation, my users select product options and send to me to better provide price quote in reply. unique feature!
Fabulous functionality
Review by A. Hamler
I'm selling machinery with custom needs, people choose parts from available and i prepare based on requirement. Email Cart made it easy for my customers choose parts and send me mail to make one. It is work simplifier for me, fabulous.
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Version 1.0.1 - Jan 3, 2018
- Added First and Last Name in Email Quote form Popup in Frontend.
- Minor refinements and bug fixes.
Version 1.0.6 - May 20, 2019
- Multistore and Multi Currency Supported
Version 1.0.5 - Oct 27, 2018
- Customer can see their sent quote list in account section.
- Store admin can delete quote from the backend.
- Now shipping address will be display in both Email and PDF.
- Minor Bug Fixing.
Version 1.0.4 - Feb 02, 2018
- Send Quote option in backend statistics grid for the inquiries submitted from frontend form.
- PDF can be attached with quote sent to customers through Email.
- Guest users get auto registered while sending quotes from backend.
- Minor bug fixing and major refinements.
Version 1.0.3 - Jan 24, 2018
- Minor refinements and bug fixing.
Version 1.0.2 - Oct 16, 2017
- Custom options are now sent in Email.
- Product grid is now sent in Email.
- Created action change from index controller.
- Solved the issue with bundle product options in Email.
- Create quote and Emails are now sent to customers from admin.
Version 1.0.1 - May 22, 2017
- Admin can edit Email Quote from Manage Email Quotes section from backend.
- Option to send Thanks Mail to Customers for Quote Quote Request.
- Minor Bug Fixes.
  • Can I set frontend button to “Request Quote”?

There is an option to set custom button for Email Quote, simply add whatever text you want to show as button.

  • How can I get quote requests details even if I don’t check backend every day?

Extension facilitates to provide Email ID on which you want to get quote requests. Simply add a valid Email ID in Email ID of Admin filed under configuration to receive regular quote requests of customers.

  • Can I add custom fields to Email Quote form in frontend?

Yes, it’s possible with some customization. Contact Us today to get this done.

  • For which type of products I can set Email Quote?

If you are selling products with personalization, subscription, services, wholesale products where you can change the price based on customer type and requirement, you can set Email Quote. This helps you know the requirement of customers in a better way and thus negotiation becomes too easy for both the customers and admin.

  • Is login mandatory for customers to use the functionality?

No, Email Quote is used even if customers are not registered or logged in. Immediately after they click to Email Quote button from frontend, they are required to fill the form and submit. Admin gets the data of customers through this form details.

  • Is data collected from customers through Email Quote is saved in backend?

Yes, all the customers quote data stored in a separate grid under Email Quote Statistics.

  • With which default Magento product types the extension is compatible?

Email Quote is compatible with all default Magento product types.

  • Does default Magento custom price and discount coupon work while creating Email quote from backend?

Yes, admin can add custom price by checking the box and can also add coupon code if available. Customers will get both the things applied in their Email Quote from admin.

  • How can admin know if Email quote is sent to customers or not?

Email Cart pro extension facilitates with a separate grid in backend which contains customers’ details. Here the status grid shows the status of Email both sent and clicked with yellow and green color respectively.

  • Can admin edit the quote sent to customers?

Yes, admin can edit all the quotes which were created from backend. Admin can edit and resend it again to customers in Email.