CHARGIFY Product Fee Surcharge

CHARGIFY Product Fee Surcharge app allows merchants to charge extra costs on orders for additional services like gift wrapping, custom packaging, quick delivery, etc.

  • Charge additional processing fee on shopping carts.
  • Calculate additional fees as either a fixed amount or a percentage-based amount.
  • Set rules and conditions for deciding when and how the fee should be applied.
  • Set custom label of the surcharge amount on the front store.
  • Increase average order amount with additional costs.

Merchants may need to apply specific fees or surcharges based on unique business requirements. Merchants often incur additional costs for various services, such as expedited shipping, gift wrapping, or custom orders. Adding these costs into the product amount makes the product expensive. This Shopify app helps manage surcharges on orders.

CHARGIFY Product Fee Surcharge plug-in provides merchants with a comprehensive solution to implement and manage additional fees on their Shopify store. Charge fees as a fixed amount or on a percentage basis. Set rules and regulations to apply additional charges to shopping carts. Show custom titles for additional fees in order to build the transparency and trust of customers. Additional checkout charges can increase the average order value of your store.


: CHARGIFY Product Fee Surcharge for Shopify Features Highlights :


Apply Additional fees to Customers' Orders

CHARGIFY Product Fee Surcharge Shopify add-on can help include additional charges on your store orders effortlessly.

Accepted Fee Type - Fixed or Percentage-based

This CHARGIFY Product Fee Surcharge Shopify plugin provides with the option to charge extra fees as a fixed amount or on the basis of percentage value.

Apply Rules for Charging Extra Fees

Store owners have the ability to set conditions based on which the additional costs will be charged on orders.

Descriptive Title for Surcharge

The backend settings include setting a custom and understandable label for additional charges to create transparency with customers.


Why Choose CHARGIFY Product Fee Surcharge App by MageComp?


  • Easily charge extra fees on orders.
  • Display additional charges at the checkout page separately.
  • Set fee type as fixed or percentage based on your store requirements.
  • Define rules and conditions to determine how and what charges to apply..
  • Set a custom label for the surcharge amount.
  • Increase AOV (Average Order Value) of your Shopify store by adding extra charges on orders.
  • Boost store revenue by strategically using surcharges.
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Once we buy this extension, can it be used on 2 websites?
You are allowed to use the extension in one production website and 2 development websites.
You can enter all as comma-separated in the domain field while purchasing the extension on our website.
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