When you discover your WordPress website has been compromised one morning, you know how serious online security is.

Infringement can happen at any time and you often won’t know it until some parts have already been damaged in your website. There is nothing that can stop the person with your login information from running riot on your website once they have it. Passwords can be stolen, intercepted, guessed, and once they have it, there’s nothing stopping them from stealing everything.

Then what to do in such cases? Shield up your site from unnecessary access with the extra safety of two-step verification.

Well-known websites like Google and Facebook have one incredible facility of two-step authentication. Have you seen that yet?

Surprisingly, two-step authentication is now available for WordPress websites too. This will guarantee top security for both WordPress websites as well as the registered users. 

So, this is a comprehensive guide on why you should opt for two-factor authentication in your WordPress website. 

Why add Two-Factor Authentication to your WordPress website?

In the world of hacking, brute force attacks are one of the most common tricks. In order to break into a WordPress site, hackers use automated scripts to speculate the username and password.

Your website can be at great risk of malware if it goes into the hands of hackers.

Two-step verification is the only way out to get rid of stolen passwords. With 2FA, even if the password gets stolen, the hacker would have to enter a code that will be sent to only the admin’s phone. 

Advantages of Two-Factor Authentication

Apart from the added security, two-factor authentication has many more advantages which should be taken into consideration. 

Let us check those pros:

#1 Share safely with 2FA

The two-step verification capability enables the sharing of confidential data securely. It is very advantageous for the firms with many people working at long ranges. 

By enabling 2FA for employee logins, they can at distance access confidential data and the tasks can be thoroughly secured without compromising regardless of their location. 

#2 Cost-Effective Security Solution

The two step verification process is becoming increasingly popular among online functions to protect industry softwares, because of its fairly lower charges as against other security options, like securing data in a physical place.

#3 Single Sign-On and 2FA

This functionality provides users with the capability to enter the username and password only once over many diverse WordPress sites.

Once you have logged into one account, you can access accounts across multiple websites without having to log into them one at a time.

The single sign-on normally has a changeable timeout period so that when it expires, the user will be required to log in again in order to access the accounts. 

In contrast, using only SSO diminishes your online protection, making it easier for a hacker to gain access to your details and do damage. So, having a two step verification along is a must for your WordPress site.

#4 Google Authenticator 2FA Solution

To enhance the user convenience with the two-factor authentication service, Google has developed an authenticator app for smart devices that operates along with third-party software. Install it on android as well as iPhone. 

During this setup process, users will create a shared key which can then be linked to their website using the Google Authenticator application.

The users will then be asked to fill in the username and password details and then run the google authenticator app. After that, the application will provide a single-use code which it also privately sends to the corresponding site. 

After the connection is established, the user will then be asked to enter the code generated by the app when they enter the site to prove their identity quickly and securely. 

#5 WordPress 2FA Plugins

The WordPress plugin repository has a massive amount of plugins available to users in order to enhance their website, and many of them are geared toward integrating two-factor authentication into your website.

Learn more about Top Two Factor Authentication Plugins for WordPress


Serious WordPress website owners must ensure their hard work is protected from malicious attacks. It’s a sad fact that there are an abundance of individuals who enjoy the opportunity to bombard your site.

Therefore, two step verification is evolving to be increasingly essential when it comes to web protection, and you don’t want to regret your lack of proactive actions once it’s too late.

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